Updated: May 04, 2023
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Cleaner will not pick up, bags of suck from top of tube, but nothing at bottom

loud noise from bottom end, brush will not rotate. motor fine.

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Please, could you specify what device you're referring to?

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upright cleaner DC33


What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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have checked all the airways, cleaned filters. there are no blockages anywhere.

Okay, understood
Have you emptied the bin as well?

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Please, try the following to fix the problem.

  1. Remove the entire brush bar from the bottom of the Dyson, this means pulling the bar out of the drive belt.
  2. Once the bar is out grasp hold of the two plastic end caps on the brush bar which the brush bar spins in. These two caps are connected by a slim metal rod which runs through the brush bar.
  3. Place one hand on each side and begin to twist and pull until one of the caps comes off. Once the cap is off of the one side you can pull the other cap from the other side through the brush bar as this cap will be the one attached to the slim bar. You might see a lot of dirt/hair wrapped around these caps and inside the ends of the brush bar. Clean them out as best as possible.
    After you clean it out, run the cap with the rod back through the brush bar, attach the other cap, and twist and push together. Make sure the caps line up with each other just like they were when you pulled it out. You'll notice how much more freely the brush bar spins between the two caps than before you cleaned it. Now, pull on the drive belt and feed the brush bar back through and attach as it was.
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I will follow your recommendations

Okay, keep me updated

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have done as you recommend. No change. It is if the connection between the motor and the mechanism that drives the roller is seized. There is plenty of suck at the top of the machine, but zero at the bottom

I see
How could you describe the noise: whistling, popping, ratchet etc.?

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eureeka. there is a control on the bottom which when turned allows everything to work. thank you very much for your assistance.

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That's great!
You're welcome!
Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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hopefully no

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