Updated: March 27, 2023
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by Jahed Torres
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Cannot open an account

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
What account you can't open?

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A Payoneer account, I do not receive a txt or phone call


Is that your first time creating an account?

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As far as I remember

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Are you sure, that the phone you have provided is typed correctly?

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How many times you have tried to request the code?

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Got it.
Okay, can I ask you, are you using an app or a website to create your account?

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Got it, I will need you to refresh the page completely and start all over again. With putting your information, etc.

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Just done that, I think I now know why. Lost my old phone & have new one with new Ph No.

Are you putting in your old phone number or a new one?

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No idea what Ph No I signed up with, must have been years ago

I'm sorry, so you don't create an account, you already have one?

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I said before I was not sure.

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Right now, are you putting in your new phone number?

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yes I was, as I do not know what the old Ph No was

Got it. Can I ask, can you receive any other SMS, calls?

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Thank you!

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In 10 minutes I have an apportionment to go to.

Please, reboot your phone and then try to log in again using your new phone number

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Thank you, that worked. Cheers

I’m glad I was able to get that sorted out for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

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No thanks, have a great day, cheers

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