Updated: March 18, 2023
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Can someone without an ID receive money through western union?

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To collect cash from a Western Union branch, you'll need to bring with you a government-issued form of ID that can confirm your name matches the name given by the sender, as well as the MTCN tracking number that was given to the sender when they made the payment (you'll need to ask the sender to give you this).


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I have someone who needs money and doesn't have an ID do you have a security question or something to use for identity?

So you are receiver, right?

No I'd be the sender

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Got it.
The person who is sending the money should go inside a Western Union and make a password there for when the receiver goes and pick up the money, he will give them the password that the sender gave him and they will give you your money without the ID.

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Thank you very much

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