Updated: March 28, 2023
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Caller can not leave a messge says get voice mail from your phone company

I have a Panasonic line phone

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Press the button below the word “Menu” on your display screen and then press the # key.
Then enter the numbers 3-0-2.
Your screen will display the question “Record now?”

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Where can I see the word Menu?

On the display.

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I dont see it

May I ask you to name the exact model of the phone?

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GCYC001327 XKTGF97058


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Oh, thanks! I really appreciate it!
Please, turn your phone off and then back on again.

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I did

In that case the only way is to contact your phone company, cause they're responsible for voice mails.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.
The Panasonic GCYC001327 XKTGF97058 is a cordless phone, and the voicemail settings are typically managed by your phone service provider.

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What should I do Someone has to call first so I can see the message right Hold on
I tried calling using my cell phone and it says messge is full and I have to get a phone access from my phone service

Yes, that what I said before. Please tell me the name of your phone service provider.

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My phone provider is comcast

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Please, dial *99 from your Comcast phone.
This will take you to the voicemail system.
Follow the prompts to set up your voicemail account, including creating a password and recording a greeting message.

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Thank you I got an answer
I am creating a password and greetings

Have you recorded it?
You can check it again with your other phone.
By the way, if you want to change the password or change the greetings - just do the same steps, I mean *99

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I tried calling from my cell phone and it says the messge is full I think I am in the right track .I will call Star 99 again later so I can answer the requirement password etc. Thanks for your help

You are very welcome!
In other cases you can contact us again! We are 24/7 available for you!

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Thank you .I think my issue is resolve

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That's fine!
It's a pleasure to help you!
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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