Why does mic echo happen and how to solve it?

If you are wondering “why is my mic echoing?”, congrats, you are not alone! From the very beginning of the pandemic, people all around the world got familiar with remote work, as we all witnessed the mass transfer from office desks to zoom applications. However, even after two years of living in this new reality, people are still facing the same issues during their business meetings.

Mic echo

One of the most common in that case is a microphone echo, that not only annoys but distracts from work calls, friend’s talk, or gaming. There might be several reasons for such a problem, so let us have a closer look at all of them and then we will answer the question of how to stop a mic from echoing.

Table of content

  1. Check the distance between your microphone and the speakers
  2. Check if there are any other mics connected
  3. Check the connection of your recording device
  4. Check the PC sound settings to reduce an echo
    4.1 Windows
    4.2 MAC OS
  5. Hardware tips
    5.1 Reset the device and update the drivers
    5.2 Disable speaker effects
  6. Other known gaming issues
  7. Conclusion

1. Check the distance between your microphone and the speakers

Depending on your settings you can use either a smartphone with/and headphones, a separate external mic, or a laptop with an internal microphone. Modern headsets are distinguished by their high sensitivity. That, for example, might become handy for a clear and stable audio transmission while having additional sounds in the background, like music, movies, or game streaming. However, if those background noises are too loud, the mic might transmit them from your speakers as well, which will lead to the appearance of an echo. Such a barrier applies to all the devices you might want to use.

Check the distance

In that case, to stop your mic from echoing is extremely easy, just put your microphone away from your speakers, to reduce the duplicate sounds. Another possible option is to lower the volume of the speakers to reduce the pickup sensitivity of your microphone. You can find an optimal audio level by turning the volume down and gradually increasing it until you get rid of an echo on a mic. The third option is to use headphones; thus, all the volume output will be totally isolated from your microphone.

2. Check if there are any other mics connected

You might hear an echo if you’re a podcaster, YouTuber, gamer, musician, etc., as all these content creators usually use a lot of equipment attached to their PCs. For example, multiple microphones might be turned on at the same time, which is the simplest explanation for your problem.

Check if there are any other mics connected

However, one should not forget that nowadays there are a lot of modern smart devices, computers, and laptops, which have built-in microphones. So, double-check your settings and disable all additional devices, if necessary.

3. Check the connection of your recording device

The easiest way to stop echo on a mic is to replug both your microphone and headphones. At first glance, such a solution may seem too easy to fix the mic echo problem, however, poor connection indeed might cause the echo effect on your system. It might be caused by the port itself, as they wear out over time, so if you have several ports, try connecting your mic using another port.

Check the connection of your recording device

In addition, don’t forget that echoing can be due to a bad Internet connection. You should just reset the Internet, if lucky that`ll be enough to fix an echoing mic.

4. Check the PC sound settings to reduce an echo

As a rule, if none of the solutions mentioned above didn’t help, then to fix the mic echo on the PC you should check your PC settings.


Without a doubt, Windows 7 and 10 are the most widespread systems on the market, that’s why we will look at the settings of these two systems to fix an echo on a mic.
While using Windows 7 you might be able to reduce echo on a mic by turning off a Microphone Boost, Follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the “Control Panel”;
  2. Choose the “Hardware and Sound” settings;
  3. Select the Sound settings;
  4. Open the “Recording” and choose the microphone that is selected as your main recording device;
  5. Select the Level tab and lower the Microphone Boost.
Sound check in Windows

Next, let’s clear up how to stop mic echo using Windows 10 settings:

  1. Open the “Windows” icon
  2. Search for the sound control panel
  3. Go to the “Recording” and tap “Microphone” then choose “properties”
  4. Navigate “Listen” and make sure that the option “Listen to this device” is unchecked
  5. Select “Level” and lower down the “Headset Microphone” not higher than 10dB
  6. Select the “Enhancement” tab and clear all the options.


Enabled by default sound-correcting features are common on Macs, but they can sometimes lead to artificial echoes. This might be fixed if the “Use ambient noise reduction” will be unchecked. If it is turned on then it might occasionally result in audio delays, which in turn leads to echo occurring. To fix mic echo for MAC OS you should:

  • Open the “System Preferences” icon, then navigate to the “Sound”
Sound for MAC OS
  • Choose the “Input tab”, then search for the “Use ambient noise reduction” option and make sure that it is unchecked.
Use ambient noise reduction

5. Hardware tips

Reset the device and Update the Drivers

Make sure that you are using the most recent audio drivers for your device to avoid any incompatibilities that could cause issues with both microphone and audio, as outdated drivers can lead to such problems. If you are a user of Windows 10, then follow the instruction below:

  1. Open the Start menu/Windows icon
  2. Go to a Control Panel and search for “device manager”
  3. Open “Sound, video, and game controllers”
  4. Right-click on the needed device
  5. In the pop-up box, select “Update driver”

If you are a user of Windows 7, then check the further steps:

  • On the Control Panel go to “Device Manager”
Device Manager
  • In the pop-up window, go to the “Sound, video and game controllers”
Sound, video, and game controllers
  • Right-click on a needed driver and select “Update”
Driver update

Remember to regularly update your audio drivers!

Another easy way to make your mic stop echoing is just to unplug and replug your headphones. If your headphones aren’t properly linked to the output, you can get an echo, thus double-checking is a good idea. If your headphones are giving you audible feedback, removing and replugging them will eliminate the echo.

Disable Speaker Effects

Audio enhancements in speaker playback can cause echo effects. To disable additional effects, go to the “Playback” / “Recording” tab, right-click on the needed device, then tap “Properties,” select “Enhancements” and mark the “Disable all enhancements”.

6. Other known gaming issues

How to fix XboxOne Mic echo

If you are thinking about “why does my mic sound echoey on Xbox?” then this paragraph is for you.

Fix Xbox One Microphone Echo
  1. The echo on Xbox One mic is primarily caused by excessive volume. If the other players complain about your end having too much echo, consider lowering the volume.
  2. If your Xbox has “output party audio conversation” settings turned on to your speaker and your headset. Enabling this feature might lead to an echo, thus you’ll have to disable it to avoid that.

Change the next settings:

  • Open the “Guide” menu.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then choose “All Settings”.
  • Then, open the “Display & Sound”.
  • After that, move to “Volume” settings.
  • Navigate to “Party chat output”.
  • Select the “Headset” output.

How to fix an echo on a PS4 Mic?

A flaw in the “Microphone setting” is one of the most common causes of repeating sound or echo in the PS4 headset. The repeating sound can be highly annoying and take away from the fun of gaming with your friends. That’s why you might want to take care of it as well. Fixing headset echo on PS4 can be done in four simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Devices” in the Quick menu.
  2. Select “Audio devices”.
  3. Next, open “Adjust microphone level”.
  4. You need to change the microphone’s level to “Good”.
Fix echo on PS4 microphone

That should stop your microphone from echoing. You can always change the volume setting from that menu if you think it’s too low or too high.

Echoing in the PS4 mic could potentially be caused by an unsuitable audio setting. You can fix the problem by adjusting the sound of the headphones. Just follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen push the UP button.
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Select “Sound and Screen” and click on “Audio output settings”.
  4. Click on “Primary Output Port” → “Digital out”.
  5. Search for the formats that your headset might support.
  6. Change the format to “Priority.” Then, select “Dolby”.

An out-of-date system may be a reason for echoing in the headset. You must determine whether an update is available and then apply it to the system. Using an older version will result in a variety of difficulties, including mic echo.

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Choose the “System Software Update”.

Updating the software will solve the issue.

7. Conclusion

It’s quite annoying when speakers or headphones echo, and it has to be rectified. Here’s a step-by-step approach to doing so, depending on the device you’re using. To remedy the problem, you must first determine what is causing it and then hunt for a solution. Each reason has its own set of reasons that must be addressed.