The iPhone screen was broken, what to do?

Updated: March 12, 2023
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The iPhone screen was broken, what to do?
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We are used to having our phones at our fingertips. We communicate through them at work, home, and on vacation, visit social networks, and take selfies. It happens, we drop them.

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The replacement iPhone glass is not easy. Even if special additives make iPhone screens stronger than those of the competitors, falling on a hard surface will likely lead to damage.

At first, the screen is covered with a network of small cracks, which do not significantly affect the phone’s operation. That is why we postpone the visit to the service center.

But is it a good decision? Should you postpone the visit to the specialists or not? Read our article, and you will find the answers.

Why the delay causes additional damage?

Minor scratches and chips on the screen are difficult to notice at the start. The surface still responds to touches, and the colors are fine. But in one or two months, the touchscreen suddenly fails. It includes:

  • the display loses responsiveness, the response time elongates;
  • the screen becomes partially or completely non-functional;
  • there appear yellow spots or colored stripes, and the image is scaled incorrectly.

The reason the problems “delay” to show themselves is connected with the peculiarities of the pixels' nature, namely, their reaction to the air.

A crack, even a small one, depressurizes the display module. Under the influence of oxygen, the pixels slowly burn out. The damaged elements can no longer interact with the broken glass's touch layer.

For this reason, delaying repairing a damaged iPhone screen is not recommended. Since replacing the iPhone glass with a scratched or cracked touchscreen separately from the matrix is impractical, so the change the display module is often considered.

What happens to a phone with a cracked screen?

Let's start with prevention. Buy a protective case if you do not want to visit a specialist about replacing the iPhone 11 screen.

If the replacement iPhone glass has already been cracked, replacement of the screen is obligatory. Don’t use a phone which screen resembles a spider's web. You can’t see the image; some functions do not work; moreover, the broken glass can cut your finger.

Even if you see one small crack not affecting the functions, do not delay the repair. It will continue to deteriorate, getting larger and larger. After a few weeks, pieces of glass will start to fall out of it, leading to severe problems.

The touchscreen sensor is the first to suffer. After a while, it will stop responding to presses. Other parts will be affected too, as the broken screen ruins the device's integrity. The matrix becomes vulnerable to dust and dirt since the protection is absent. Other components start to rub against each other and eventually get damaged.

Therefore, the best option is to have the screen replaced in a specialized service center. We describe how to do it further.

When is the screen replacement obligatory?

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Minor defects, scratches, and chips can be covered with a protective film to save the display from burnout. Keep your device away from hard and sharp objects.

In any case, go to the service center to fix an iPhone screen if:

  1. The glass of the screen is separated from the matrix.
  2. Cracks and spider webs grow rapidly during use and ruin the looks of the gadget.
  3. The screen sensor fails or delays responding.
  4. There appeared graphic distortions, color spots, and artifacts.

The tech specialists of the service center will do everything they can to fix your phone’s screen.

How do they fix my iPhone?

Specialists use professional equipment and certified consumables to repair or replace a touchscreen. For instance, they remove fasteners with miniature screwdrivers to fix iPhone elements or disconnect glass with touch polarization with an industrial fan.

The entire replacement procedure is complex and consists of many stages, including:

  1. At the preparation stage, technicians apply a fixing film to fix an iPhone screen in place and avoid fragments scattering.
  2. Then they warm the glue under the defective screen with an industrial fan. It helps to  detach the display module.
  3. They disconnect wires, free the mounting frame, and remove the display.
  4. After that, the Installation of a new module is possible. The process is the same, except carried out in reverse order.

If only a cracked glass, not all the modules, should be repaired, the works are fulfilled in this way:

  1. The touchscreen is heated with a technical hairdryer, and the broken glass is fixed to an iPhone screen.
  2. A transparent film is temporarily applied to the screen matrix, so the edges can be cleaned from dust and adhesives.
  3. The module is placed in a vacuum chamber. In it, the expert installs a new glass using 3M mounting tape.

Now it is possible to assemble and test the device.

Where am I to go to get iPhone screen fixed?

Head to an Apple Authorized Service Center. These centers are authorized, as they use genuine Apple spare parts, and ultra-precise equipment to fix an iPhone screen. It ensures that your screen will look like new after the repair.

Will AppleCare+ be able to cover the replacement of an iPhone screen?


Yes, by having AppleCare +, you get up to two cases of accidental damage coverage.

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If you drop your device often, upgrading to AppleCare+ is a good choice. In particular, for the replacement of an iPhone 11 screen in the service center, you will pay $99. To compare, the two-year coverage of AppleCare+ fee costs $199 or $9.99 per month.

In addition, after the repair, the two-year warranty came into effect, while the standard warranty included a year's worth of repairs and replacements, as well as 90 days of free support.

Does the manufacturer’s warranty cover the replacement of a cracked iPhone screen?

Apple provides a one-year warranty to repair your iPhone from the date of purchase. The warranty covers damage and breakdowns that were caused by improper use. The repair and replacement of the screen are included.

Check your eligibility status online. Update your proof of purchase if necessary.

You will have to pay for the repair if the warranty is expired.

What can I do to fix my iPhone screen myself?

get iPhone screen fixed

Replacing iPhone glass is possible only in service centers. But it does not mean that you can do nothing. Read the following simple steps to protect your smartphone from further damage before you visit the authorized specialists.

  1. Glue a protective film to prevent moisture, dirt, and oxygen from getting into the device. This will slow down the destruction of the screen and reduce the risk of corrosion. Furthermore, a protective film will secure your fingers from cutting.
  2. Do not delay the repair, and as soon as possible contact the service center.
  3. Refrain from using your phone.

Do not clean your phone screen with wet wipes or solutions. Use a dry cloth instead to clean a damaged screen. Be careful not to damage the glass even more.


Can I fix my cracked iPhone screen at home?

You can easily fix the phone screen yourself if you have at least minimal technical skills. Moreover, you can always turn to Howly for quick assistance or watch tutorials on YouTube. You’ll also need a repair kit for your iPhone model to make the process easier.

Does a screen protector really help protect my phone from cracks?

A screen protector can prevent scratches on your display, but it's unlikely to keep your screen from cracking if you drop the phone hard. Also, the film can work well as a temporary solution when your iPhone is already cracked. It’ll protect the screen matrix and save the device from liquid penetration.

Do I need to replace the iPhone screen due to a small crack?

Even a small and seemingly harmless crack exposes your phone to danger. So you should contact the service center to replace the screen on your own. If you don't have such an opportunity for some reason, use a screen protector to make your device less vulnerable.


Phone screens are easy to break, despite all the engineering efforts. One careless move, one sudden drop, and your phone screen has a nasty web of cracks on it. Don’t get sad; this defect is as easy to eliminate as to cause.

Since the replacement iPhone glass requires professional tools and expertise, refrain from attempts to repair it at home. Go to a trusted service center to keep your device safe.

It will help to use your manufacturer’s warranty or AppleCare+ service. The latter covers the cases like this as well.

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