What to do if your iPhone screen is broken?

Updated: September 23, 2022

We are used to having our phones always at our fingertips. At work, at home, on vacation, we communicate, visit social networks, take selfies. This can lead to falls of the gadget. It should be noted – that the replacement iPhone glass is not easy to break. Special additives make it stronger than competitors. But when falling on a hard surface, the damage is quite possible.

At first, the screen is covered with a network of small cracks, which do not significantly affect the operation of the phone. We postpone the visit to the service center. But is it all so unclouded? Maybe you should not postpone the visit to the specialists? Read our article, and you will find answers to all your questions.

Let’s start with prevention. If you do not want to visit a specialist about replacing iPhone 11 screen with glass, buy a protective case, it will reduce the risk of damage to the screen many times.

What causes the damage?

Causes of the damage

Minor scratches and chips on the smartphone glass usually do not show up in any way within a certain period. The touch surface responds to touch, and there is no color distortion. But after 1-3 months, the touchscreen fails, namely:

  • The responsiveness of the display decreases, the response time to presses reaches several seconds.
  • The screen is partially or completely non-functional.
  • Yellow spots, colored stripes appear, and the image is scaled incorrectly.

The reason for the “delayed” manifestation of the problems can be explained by the peculiarities of the nature of pixels, namely, the reaction to the usual air. A crack, even a small one, leads to the depressurization of the display module. Under the influence of air oxygen, the pixels slowly burn out, and the damaged elements are no longer able to interact with the touch layer of the broken glass. For this reason, it is not recommended to delay repairing a damaged iPhone screen. Replace the iPhone glass with a scratched or cracked touchscreen separately from the matrix is impractical, so often change the display module.

Methods to repair a cracked screen

Repair a cracked screen

If the replacement iPhone glass is cracked, replacement of the screen is necessary. You do not need to use a phone whose screen resembles a spider’s web. You will not be able to fully see the image, some functions of the smartphone become inaccessible, and the broken glass can cut your finger. Even if you see one small crack that does not affect the functions, do not delay the repair. The crack will continue to deteriorate, getting larger and larger. After a few weeks, pieces of glass will start to fall out of it. The problem is that one small crack can cause a lot of serious problems.

The sensor will be the first to suffer. After a while, it will completely or partially stop responding to presses. Other parts can also suffer. As long as they are in the case, they are immobile. When the glass is broken, the unity of the structure is broken. The matrix suffers, it loses the protection of the glass. The components also rub against each other. Now, every careless touch can cause breakage. The risk increases during transport travel or sports.

So don’t be surprised if, after damaging the glass, the sensor, matrix, or other smartphone components suddenly fails. Therefore, the best option is to change the display in a special service center, most likely such a pleasure will not be a little, be prepared for this.

Will AppleCare+ be able to cover replacing the iPhone screen?


Yes, by having AppleCare + you get up to two cases of accidental damage coverage. If you drop your device often, upgrading to AppleCare + is probably worth it. In that case, you’ll probably need AppleCare +. And even if you don’t think so, hey, unexpected things happen – AppleCare + can only be good for your peace of mind. For the replacement of an iPhone 13 screen, you had to pay $99.

In any case, it allowed smartphone owners to save a lot of money because the most common problem was replacing a scratched or cracked screen – a very expensive part, you must agree. In addition, after the repair, the two-year warranty came into effect, while the usual warranty included a year’s worth of repairs and replacements, as well as 90 days of free support.

Which of the suggested paths should be taken?

It’s worth trying the above. The more you try, the better the results. If nothing came out after all the attempts, you should contact a special service center to replace the iPhone screen, they will tell you the reason and what you can do in this case. Replace iPhone glass in the case of damage to the glass, which is possible only in the service center. You should not change the screen yourself, but you can try to protect your smartphone from moisture by a visit to the service center.

Glue a protective film

The only thing you can do that nothing happens is:

  • Glue a protective film.
  • This will protect your fingers from cuts, also protect the matrix and fix an iPhone screen. To some extent, this will slow down the destruction of the screen.
  • The film will prevent the penetration of moisture, reduce the risk of corrosion.
  • Buy a waterproof case.
  • The front of such a case consists of a transparent film. The cover will protect against damage and moisture penetration inside. Buy such a case can be in a brand store.
  • So if there are cracks on the fix an iPhone screen, do not delay with the repair, try not to use the phone, immediately contact the service center.
  • Forget about wet wipes. A damaged screen can only be wiped with a dry cloth. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the glass even more.

In what cases is screen repair inevitable?

Glass and matrix on iPhone

Small defects, scratches, and chips can be covered with laminate and avoid further burnout of the matrix. Significant damage, in which the repair is inevitable:

  1. Through cracks with separation of glass from the matrix.
  2. Cracks and spider webs grow rapidly during use and spoil the appearance of the gadget.
  3. Problems with sensor response, no reaction to touch.
  4. Graphic distortions, color spots, and artifacts caused by damage to the protective glass.
  5. In aesthetic cases: tuning and modding to fix an iPhone screen.

Keep your screen intact with a screen protector. Also, keep your device away from hard and sharp objects.

How to fix broken glass in the phone

In the process of touchscreen repair, as well as a full or partial replacement, specialists use professional equipment and certified consumables. Miniature screwdrivers are used to remove fasteners and fix my iPhone elements. To disconnect glass with touch polarization from the matrix a technical hairdryer is used, and for reverse installation a special 3M adhesive tape is used.

The replacement procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Preparation of the smartphone. A fixing film is applied to fix an iPhone screen to avoid the scattering of fragments.
  2. Removal of the damaged glass. The master evenly warms the defective covered with a technical hairdryer, then gently lift the display module.
  3. Disconnects cables, free the mounting frame, and removes the display.
  4. Installation of a new module in reverse order.

If the repair involves replacing only the cracked glass, you will need to disassemble the display module:

  1. The surface of the touchscreen is heated with a technical hairdryer, the broken glass is fixed to an iPhone screen.
  2. A translucent film is temporarily applied to the matrix, edges are cleaned from dust and adhesive residue.
  3. To avoid dust and air entering, the module is placed in a vacuum chamber, where the expert installs new glass using 3M scotch tape.
  4. Assembly and testing of the device.

Branded components

You can go to one of the Apple Authorized Service Centers to have your cracked get iPhone screen fixed. Using this agreement, you can cover screen repairs at an AppleCare+ service center.

These centers use genuine Apple replacement parts, and ultra-precise equipment to fix an iPhone screen ensuring that your screen will look new after the repair. When you call for services, the service center can be set up the day of the call or the day after.

Does the warranty cover a cracked replaced iPhone screen?


In the event of a device malfunction, Apple provides a limited warranty to repair or replace your iPhone and Apple accessories for one year from the date of purchase. At this time, there are limitations in the Consumer Protection Act on the warranty for devices that have been purchased from fixing an iPhone screen.

The warranty only covers damage and breakdowns that were caused by improper use or safety violations during repair work. Read more about that here. Check the status of your eligibility online and update your proof of purchase in the event of an error in our records. If the repair is not covered by our warranty and the replace iPhone screen manufacturer’s agreement or consumer protection law, you will have to pay for the repair.



You should only go to a trusted service center to keep your device safe. First, you need to find out the cause of the failure, try to fix an iPhone screen yourself, but if nothing works, then go to a specialist.

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