How to delete Twitter search history on mobile and PC

How to delete Twitter search history on mobile and PC

Updated: January 8, 2023

Twitter search history is crucial for quick access to profiles, hashtags, etc. Instead of monotonous type searching, you can access the same content with a few taps. But although it has significant advantages such as quick access, it also has several disadvantages. For example, some unnecessary searches that a user does not need anymore are also saved, and deleting these searches is sometimes impossible due to Twitter errors. 

Instead of using outdated methods shared on the internet to get rid of them, try the most up-to-date and useful method for 2023 that we share below.

Delete Twitter search history

The Internet has now become the center of our lives. Thus, it helps us do many things. And while completing our tasks, we leave our fingerprints on remote or local computers. These traces are given names such as browser history, search history, or activity log. Thus, every single search you make on the Twitter platform is recorded and will be saved unless you attempt to delete your Twitter search history.

The most common issues with deleting Twitter history are caused by Twitter-based problems. This common Twitter search history problem has been lasting for years already. When it occurs, users who perform the deletion process continue seeing their history again. And it is quite surprising that Twitter developers didn’t devote their time to solving this issue over such a long period. 

To get rid of this error, try the method we describe below.

How to delete Twitter search history on mobile

Follow the steps below to delete Twitter search history for mobile apps on iOS or Android devices:

  1. Open the Twitter mobile app. Tap the magnifying glass icon, i.e., the “Explore” button.
  2. Tap the search box above that says “Search Twitter“. Then tap the “x” button just to the right of where it says “Recent“. 
  3. Tap the “Clear” button on the “Clear previous calls” prompt that appears.

How to delete Twitter search history on PC

If you want to delete your search history via the website, you will need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit After logging into your account, click on the search box at the top right.
  2. Click on the “Clear all” button directly opposite where it says “Newest“.
  3. Answer the question “Should all recent calls be cleared?” by clicking on the “Clear” button.

What if you can’t delete Twitter search history?

If you face problems while trying to clear Twitter history with the above method, try making a few changes to the solution. Any application you use to access Twitter may keep a cache/cookie record. This could be a web browser or Twitter’s mobile app.

Thus, try clearing the apps’ history, cache, and cookies and test again to see if the method we shared works.

To view Twitter search history, simply tap/click once on the search box. There is no other section on Twitter where you can view or delete search history.


In this article, we’ve shared the most up-to-date solution for 2023 on how to delete the Twitter search history. Don’t forget that you can always solve additional questions you may have about Twitter with Howly experts.

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