Wireless network disabled in Windows 10

Wireless network disabled in Windows 10

Updated: January 6, 2023

Many users have a problem where they just can’t turn on the Wi-Fi network. The driver is installed, and everything seems to work, but the wireless network is disabled.

The problem is as follows: the icon in the notification panel shows a wireless network with a red cross. When you click on it, it says, “Wireless Network – Disabled”. The “Wi-Fi” button is active, though. You press it, and nothing happens. When you press a few more times – the button becomes inactive.

In the settings under the “Network and Internet” section, there is a Wi-Fi tab. The network is disabled there. In the folder “Network Connections“, there next to the adapter “Wireless Network,” the status “No connection” is shown.

When you run Windows network diagnostics (by right-clicking on the connection icon in the system tray), you see the message: “Turn on wireless”. With a description: “Use the switch on the front or side panel of the computer or the function keys to enable wireless communication on the computer.” But when you click “Check if the problem is fixed“, you get the following result: “Wireless is disabled – Not fixed”.

And that’s it. Wi-Fi does not turn on, the laptop does not see the available networks, and nothing works.

Why can’t I turn on Wi-Fi on my laptop, and how to solve the problem

It turns out that the problem is that Windows 10, for some reason, “thinks” that the Wi-Fi module is disabled. This is reported after completing the troubleshooting. But it is on and working normally.

You may try hitting the F7 button. It is responsible for turning on the “On Airplane” mode. If it has no result, reboot the laptop, and after the reboot, everything can work. The laptop will see the available Wi-Fi networks and connect to your home network without problems. Here are some additional tips on how to fix the problem:

  1. Reboot the laptop.
  2. Check if the WLAN Auto setup service is running.
  3. Try to rerun the installation of the Wi-Fi adapter driver and reboot after installation.
  4. See if your laptop has a separate Wi-Fi switch. On newer models, function keys are used for this task. For example FN + F2, F7, etc. It all depends on the laptop. On the function key should be a picture of the wireless network or the plane (mode “On the plane”).
  5. Install all the drivers for your laptop model from the official website. Also, take a look at the utilities. Especially the utility that is responsible for the function keys. Something like Utility for Windows 10, System Interface Foundation for Windows 10, Energy Management, Hotkey Features Integration, and ATKPackage.
  6. Try replacing the driver.
  7. Remove the Wi-Fi adapter from the Device Manager and restart the laptop.

Solution through the Windows 10 Mobility CenterWireless network disabled in Windows 10

Another solution presupposes running wireless through the Windows Mobility Center.

  1. Launch it from the Control Panel.
  2.  There should be a “Wireless” setting. And the message: “Wireless is disabled”. Just click on the button “Enable…”.

Everything should work. 

Running all services

The cause could be disabled services. This usually happens because the WLAN service is disabled. In Windows, it is possible to run all the services.

Press the Win + R key combination, enter the command msconfig, and press Ok. Set “Normal Startup“, click on “Apply” – “Ok” and restart the computer.

Update your BIOSWireless network disabled in Windows 10

There are reports that this problem was solved only by updating the BIOS. Look on the manufacturer’s website, strictly for your model. Perhaps there is a new version of the BIOS. Update it. But do everything strictly according to the instructions. It should also be on the manufacturer’s website. After the update, do a BIOS reset.

Make sure Wi-Fi is always on

 If all else fails, there is one workable but not very easy solution. The idea is to tape a pin on the Wi-Fi module that allows the system to disable Wi-Fi. After that, the wireless network will always be on. Even the function keys, settings, and utilities will not be able to affect this.

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