Why has the sound gone out on the TV?

Updated: May 21, 2023
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Why has the sound gone out on the TV?
by Yelyzaveta Tsyplenko
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Television has become a part of almost everyone's life. But even when you buy an expensive model of a popular brand, many factors can cause the technique to malfunction. One of the most common situations is a failure in playback, namely when the sound on your TV does not work. This can be caused by improper connection of additional acoustics equipment, or by a faulty sound card. By analyzing the factors that may have caused the failure, you can quickly locate the problem and determine the method of fixing it.

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Causes of sound issues

Causes of sound issues

Audio transmission failure is a serious defect that requires timely intervention. Especially today, when the TV is used not only to watch TV channels but also to play video files from various sources and Internet resources. Additional equipment is connected to the technique: a receiver for cable TV, a camcorder, a game console, and other gadgets. Any breakdown resulting in a lack of sound may have a number of features that allow you to diagnose the problem.

Sound disappears during TV operation

This usually indicates a serious malfunction. It is advisable to turn off the TV immediately, especially if it smells like burning. If this happens to a CRT model, de-energize it immediately to prevent a fire hazard.

The TV turns on, but there is no sound

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This is most often caused by a broken, deformed, or dirty external speaker connector. The system thinks that the plug has been plugged into it. In this case, it is recommended to disconnect all external devices, check the integrity of the connector and, if necessary, clean it (with the TV turned off).

The sound does not appear immediately

This problem most often occurs when the power supply system parameters have been changed. The TV needs the PSU diagnosed. This problem can also be caused by bad contact. It is possible that the solder is damaged at some point in the circuit or connector.

Important: This problem can be safely ignored. But in the case of problems with the power supply unit, sooner or later it will have to be repaired. And with a bad contact, the repair will not cost much, so it is wise to do it as soon as possible.

The volume is very low

This always happens due to wrong settings.

  • The first option is that the user just needs to add a level.
  • The second group of causes is more complicated. It is possible that the TV does not remember the past volume state. You can try doing a reset and updating the firmware of the device.

Important: Repair is necessary if the sound is quiet when you turn on your TV and then jerkily the volume is restored. This indicates that the TV should be sent to a professional for inspection and necessary repairs.

No sound when connected via HDMI

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This is a standard problem with the wrong cable version. You should also inspect the cable for breaks, oxidation of the connector, or other damage. Finally, you should check the correct signal source selection in the TV settings.

Important: Many users forget that by connecting to the TV with a VGA cable, they can not get sound. This interface does not transmit an audio channel. Therefore, if you want to watch a movie with a laptop or PC – it is worth using an HDMI cable.

The sound is distorted

All of these problems in playback from external sources are due to kinks or other damage to the cable. For instance, a piece of furniture may have jammed the cable. Inspect all cable connections and replace damaged areas if necessary.

Pressing the MUTE button does not block the sound

This problem exists on Smart TV models and is associated with failures in the operating system. It is recommended to reset the TV to factory settings and update the firmware of the device.

No sound when an external audio device is connected

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This can indicate either a speaker failure or a complex problem. Sometimes during a failure of the external speakers, the audio shaping chip fails at the same time. Less often it is due to overloading at maximum volume.

Often it is due to a broken signal output connector on the TV. Then, the connector is inspected and replaced if necessary. The speakers can be tested on another device. For example, connect to a PC or phone with a suitable audio jack.

If the connector is okay, but there is no sound on the external speaker, you need to check the condition of the wires. If there are kinks on them, the speaker cable should be replaced.

If the sound on your TV is lost, you can try to determine the cause yourself using the ruling factor method. The TV is a powerful electronic device with built-in systems and applications, and sometimes just a reboot, like a normal computer, is enough. Situations may arise where there is a possibility of damage to the elements involved in transmitting the audio signal. In this case, a consistent investigation of the cause and location of the problem – in the TV or additional hardware – is required.

How to troubleshoot

Causes of sound issues

If your TV is malfunctioning, you need to analyze and identify the factors that may have caused the lack of sound. Failure can also be caused by a mechanical impact, such as a bump or fall of the remote control, or audio playback equipment. To rule out the malfunction of additional equipment connected to amplify the acoustics, you must disconnect the equipment and check the sound through the built-in speakers of the TV.

Do the same to check the remote control for proper operation.

If there is no sound, first of all, you should disconnect the TV from the mains, as well as check the connection of cables at the accessory connection points. After all, the reason can be elementary in the lack of contacts, which can happen with improper connection.

Checking the speakers

If the sound is played on an external speaker – it is recommended to reconnect it, check the condition of the wires, and finally make sure that it is turned on. In other cases try:

  • Add volume from the remote control;
  • Press the MUTE button to exit silent mode;
  • Install new batteries in the remote control and try the previous two points;
  • Add volume with the buttons on the TV body.

You can try adding volume with the buttons on the body

Finally, you can connect external speakers to the TV to make sure that the sound is not produced by the built-in speakers.

Increase the playback volume

If the TV has very little sound, the problem can be solved by connecting an external speaker. In the case of SmartTV do a reset and firmware update. In regular TVs, check the sound parameters, especially in the processing effects section. If none of these options helped, it is recommended to address a professional.

Cable check

There are a number of problems that can occur with HDMI cables.

  1. The connectors are oxidized. If cleaning does not help, the wire is replaced.
  2. Version mismatch. It is worth looking into the documentation of the equipment you are using and buying the right cable.
  3. The wire is damaged. It is inspected and replaced if necessary.
  4. If the sound is off on the TV or external device, it is worth checking the settings.

On TVs with soundbar connectivity, it is necessary to properly set the parameters of interaction with the sound system when using HMDI.

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June 22, 2023
I had a similar issue with my TV's sound last month. It turned out to be a faulty HDMI cable. Maybe check your connections too
Crystal Falcon Flight
June 17, 2023
I followed every step carefully, but my TV sound still won't work. Frustrating experience!
May 21, 2023
I followed your steps and now I can enjoy clear audio again. Great explanation!
Ava Hayes
May 14, 2023
Hmm, I tried these steps, but the sound problem persists
May 13, 2023
I followed the troubleshooting steps, but unfortunately, the sound issue remains. Any other suggestions?
May 10, 2023
👌 This article was a lifesaver! Fixed my sound problem in no time. Thanks! 😊

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