Ways to fix lost sound on iPad

Updated: February 28, 2023
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Ways to fix lost sound on iPad
by Mia Green
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There's no need to rush to the service center if you face the loss of sound on your iPad. There are several ways to manage the problem yourself without damaging the device.

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Before you start solving the problem, it is important to understand why the iPad has lost sound. There may be no sound when you try to play it through headphones, or conversely, there is sound in the headphones, but the iPad speaker does not work.

Most of these problems can be caused by a tablet crash or a software failure. The first thing to do if your iPad has lost sound due to a crash is to reboot it.

What to do if the sound does not work

Sound not working on iPad

If the sound on your iPad isn't working, try turning up the volume using the volume control. The volume slider will also help if your headphones don't work or the sound is quiet when you watch movies or listen to music.

If the volume button and rebooting the gadget didn't help, open the sound settings on your iPad. Try restoring the tablet as follows:

  • Deactivate the "Mute" function (submenu in the "Basic" settings) - when this function is active, the playback of any sounds from the tablet can be blocked, respectively, causing sound problems.
  • Check the side switch - as a rule, it locks the auto-rotate screen, but if you see a red dot, then playback and adjustment of all sounds on iPad Mini, iPad Air, or other iPad models will be disabled. Set the switch to another position to solve the problem.
  • Turn off "Volume Limitation" - to do this, select "Basic" in the settings menu, open the appropriate tab, then move the slider on the screen to the right position; if the iPad sound is quiet, the volume drops, and it can not be adjusted. Also, check the function "Enable restrictions" in the menu item "Basic", and if the item "Sound Limitation" was activated, then move the slider to the "Off" position.
  • Deactivate the "Mono Audio" function - to do this, select the menu item "Universal access" in the settings and disable the function, very often this helps to eliminate problems that have arisen as a result of failure.

If you have lost sound on your iPad after the update, try resetting all settings (to do this, select "Reset All Settings" on the "Reset" submenu).

If manipulation with the settings did not help, and your iPad still has quiet sound, then you need to contact a professional.

Why choose a qualified craftsman

If your tablet has lost sound due to being dropped or wet, you will need expert help to solve the problem. Order your gadget repair consultation from specialists registered on Howly. Working with them, you will get many advantages:

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To start a chat with a Howly expert, leave a description of your problem in any convenient way in the window on this page. We will immediately match you with the best-fitting expert who will further clarify how the sound on the iPad was lost and offer options to solve the problem.

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