Track your mood swings with the app Daylio

Updated: April 05, 2023
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Track your mood swings with the app Daylio
by Hanna Finley
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The app Daylio is not exactly conventional and will suit those people who are emotionally reserved and want to abolish this feature of character.

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Its main focus is on emotional states. It also analyzes statistics and builds graphs that can be used to track mood dynamics over the week and the month.

My way, or when Daylio became my best solution

Daylio is the best solution

Depressed state was a complete collapse. It felt like everything was very bad, the bottom of my life had hit, and I had missed the moment when everything went wrong.

Keeping a diary helps in such situations, but there was no time or desire to write texts, so something simple was required.

I'm basically prone to emotional jumps, so I've wanted to start an emotion tracker for a long time, but I needed help finding the right way to do it.

I tried to google mobile apps. But it turned out that there was almost none, so I had to do a long and good search for different queries.

Main benefits of the app

So what are the pros of Daylio? How to use it?

  • At the end of each day, you must choose an emotional state, and the app reminds you to do it.
  • You can add activity and a text note to your mood. Text notes are a mini diary in which you can record your thoughts or feelings.
  • The app graphs your mood, looking for correlations between mood and activities (that you can add regularly).
  • The algorithm calculates which activities correspond to good emotions or bad ones.

How did this app help me

How this app helps

I could see from the charts that everything was not so bad. The peak of emotional hell came in the most difficult month: I had to change jobs, there was a long business trip to another city, moving to a new apartment, I had divorced a few months before, and there was a lot of uncertainty and tension.

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The reason for the sudden emergence of an emotional bottom, in addition to all of the above, appeared to be simple - fatigue. I had been working and worrying a lot. In addition to that, I regularly went to bed late. My nervous system began to malfunction and give me depressive breakdowns.

A strong emotional collapse occurred after about a week of regular sleep deprivation. I was so immersed in work and worried that I didn't notice the connection myself. A short daily memo where I wrote that I was tired and didn't sleep enough helped.

The depression did happen in fits and starts, with more good days than bad.

When I understood, it became easier. I began to understand that everything was normal and it wasn't depression. It became easier to control my emotional states - I just had not to let them get to me. If you are exhausted and have another bout of depression, it's easier to go through a slump because you understand that life doesn't go to hell. Just sleep, eat, and everything will pass.

What is its cost?

The app is free, but there are paid options. The paid version allows you to download a pdf file with statistics. The paid version has more icons. You can customize mood names and enable locking with a PIN to keep the confidentiality of records. The free options are enough for me.

A pity that there is no possibility of recording audio. Sometimes it is difficult to collect thoughts and type in the evening; you get incoherent fragments, but it is also useful.

If you doubt whether or not to write, write - either way. A few words help you get the picture from the perspective of the week and month. Also, while you're writing, you're thinking and getting some interesting insights.

Why can Daylio help in your case?

Help Daylio in your case

I haven't found any other similar application. Others are more complicated to use, with more features, and are designed specifically for keeping a diary. If you don't have time to insert photos and write texts, you just want some feedback - Daylio is perfect.

An emotion tracker is a useful tool, as it helps you study yourself, understand what events cause mood swings, and also understand what is going on in your life. What is positive, and what is destructive.

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