RCA Viking Pro reset: how to reset an RCA tablet to factory settings

Updated: June 01, 2023
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RCA Viking Pro reset: how to reset an RCA tablet to factory settings
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Once in a lifetime, everyone has experienced technical problems with their devices. Today we will take a look at technical issues with RCA tablets.

Before we start

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Let's begin by acknowledging RCA's renowned reputation for engineering exceptional products, ranging from cutting-edge TVs to sophisticated tablets that have stood the test of time with unparalleled reliability. RCA tablets are fast and durable. However, it is inevitable that the most robust technology can fail.

If you find yourself with a problem with RCA Viking tablet, like failing to restart a device, experiencing a frozen screen, and more, keep reading the article for handy tips.

Before the start

Any tech difficulty can perplex any user. Hence, if you experience some glitches do not rashly reboot the tablet. You need to understand the root of the problem and then you will know how to RCA tablet.

Before you start, it is necessary to back up all your data so you do not lose all the important files. Try to transfer the files to an external service, like a USB or a hard drive.

Another crucial moment to consider is the fully-charged battery. If the battery is low, plug the RAC tablet in to avoid any power-related issues during the reset process.

Please, note that a reset button on RAC tablets is on the back. It is deep-set so you would need a pin or a clip to press it and reboot the tablet.

Method 1: Reboot an RCA tablet through the menu (runs on Android)

RCA tablets are popular devices that come in various models and sizes. It's essential to know the operating system running on your RCA tablet to ensure a successful reset. If your tablet from RCA operates on Android, the process of resetting it to its factory settings is straightforward. Firstly, reset the device with this instruction:

  1. Go to the Settings app on the home display or in the app drawer
  2. Scroll down until you see Backup & Reset and tap on it
  3. Choose Factory data reset. You may see a note that warns you that this process is irreversible.
  4. Pick Reset tablet → Erase everything.

Once you’ve done this tablet start the resetting process. All data will be deleted permanently, so prepare a copy of crucial data on the cloud. After this, your device will have nothing of your personal data. It also will be rebooted to the settings of a fresh device out of the box, and you will have to configure it all over again, just as you did when you first got it. Resetting your device can help solve issues and enhance its performance, so it's a great way to give your tablet a fresh start.

Method 2: RCA tablet reset via recovery mode

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When your RCA tablet is not working or you can’t reach its settings, reset it with this system trick. In comparison with the first approach, this method is more complicated. However, it can bring more results in the final outcome.

To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off the tablet. Press Power for 5-10 seconds until the screen gets dark.
  2. To start the recovery boot hold the Power and Volume until you notice the RCA logo.
  3. Release the Power, once you see the logo. Keep holding the Volume Up until you see the Android Recovery menu. Use the volume keys to guide.
  4. Find the Wipe data option.
  5. Press the Power key to pick it.
  6. Choose Yes and confirm the reset by selecting the Power key.
  7. Once the reset is done, select Reboot Now.

This action also restores the tablet to the defaults. This technique is handy in the following situations, a lost passcode or failure to enter the settings menu.

Method 3: Reset an RCA Windows-based tablet

Use this guide for a Windows-based RAC tablet:

  1. Tap on the Windows logo.
  2. Go to Settings Update & Security Recovery.
  3. Under the option Reset this PC choose to Get Started.
  4. Click Remove Everything to reset the RCA tablet to the default settings

Now, your RCA tablet resets to the default state. Such a straightforward method can be done fast and just in a few steps. Even though it is speedy, you need to be careful. Such a rebooting method will erase all the data, delete applications, and change settings to their default state. To avoid losing essential information, it is recommended to back up all vital files.


What should I do if my RCA tablet doesn’t respond to me?

Hold the Power key for 10-20 sec to force the tablet to restart. Charging the tablet for a few hours and then attempting the restart again.

If the problem continues to appear, try resetting the tablet using the methods described above or contact RCA representatives for further assistance.

Can I factory reset my RCA tablet with the device settings menu?

Yes, you can do it both on Android and Windows-based tablets. Android users can do it via the Backup & Reset menu from Settings. Windows-tablet owners should open Settings and go to the Update & Recovery menu.

What should I do if my RCA tablet does not reset?

Try using a small pin or a paper clip. Press the reset button on the back of the device. If that doesn't work, charge the tablet for a few hours before trying the reset again. Reach RCA representatives if the issue remains unsolved.

Wrapping up

Resetting the RCA tablet is an efficient solution when you need to fix software issues, improve performance, or even resale the device. You can use the built-in settings of Android and Windows settings to reset the device. If they don’t work, launch recovery mode to reset your device that way.

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Noah Thompson
Invalid Date
Hey, what happens with my installed apps when I reset my tablet?
1 reply
  1. Alexander
    Invalid Date
    Noah Thompson, Resetting your tablet will delete all apps and data. Don't forget to back up everything you need before resetting.
Invalid Date
I am having the same issue. Did anyone manage to solve this?
1 reply
  1. Henry Baker
    Invalid Date
    SyncopatedScatman, I can't even get my rca to turn on.
Mia Clark
Invalid Date
Great post! I appreciated the comprehensive steps you included for each method of resetting. Your thoughtful attention to detail in breaking down the process for both Android and Windows tablets was super helpful.
Invalid Date
Tried to reset my rca but it's still not working. Anybody else dealing with the same issue?
1 reply
  1. Alexander Lee
    Invalid Date
    BluesyBassMaster, If the problem persists even after these steps, you may want to reach out to rca's support. They helped me out with a similar problem.
Invalid Date
Had no idea about the reset button on the back of rca tablets. Learned something new today.
Invalid Date
Great guide! Now I feel like a tech wizard! 🧙‍♂️
Amelia Reed
Invalid Date
I tried these methods, but still can't seem to get my RCA to work properly. Anyone else?
Invalid Date
Excellent guide! Thanks a bunch for the help 😇
Invalid Date
Hmm, these steps didn't work for me. My rca tablet still has issues 🤔
1 reply
  1. Samuel Myers
    Invalid Date
    CyberRacer, I had the same problem, but I tried charging it for a few hours before resetting. That seemed to do the trick.
Invalid Date
I did everything as described and my tablet is still stuck on the RCA logo. This is frustrating 😠

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