My Xbox controller is blinking – what to do?

Updated: February 23, 2023
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My Xbox controller is blinking – what to do?
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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Xbox controllers are among the most reliable gaming gadgets on the market. Although they are durable, they sometimes don't get along with other devices. While playing, you can see your Xbox controller blinking. There are a couple of likely reasons for the never-ending twinkling, starting from web difficulties to the latest firmware changes.

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This article will discuss a few potential reasons for the Xbox controller blinking and share some working solutions to this issue.

Why is your Xbox сontroller blinking?

If you are reading this article, you may have discovered that the LED on your controller frequently flashes. This issue may arise because your controller tries to link up to a console or computer. Sluggish glowing is typically a sign that the battery system is malfunctioning.

Here are the most common causes of your Xbox controller blinking:

  1. The battery is dead or damaged and has to be replaced.
  2. A newly defective update is installed, or you have an Xbox controller without the most recent software.
  3. Issues with the electricity, cords, connectors, or Xbox controller synchronization.
  4. Some interferences block the connection (from cell phones to other wireless controllers).
  5. Your Xbox gamepad is damaged.

Perform a battery test for your controller

Controller battery test

Ensure the battery isn't the issue if your controller flashes slowly and doesn’t react on you.

Take your Xbox Kit, insert the battery pack into your game controller, and charge it with the charger adapter.

You can also plug the controller and charging cord into any USB power supply to reload the electric battery. The line cord's indicator will glow orange while the rechargeable battery runs and turn white after the charging is finished.

The battery has to be changed if it fails any of the following measures:

  • Your unit for converting a power supply is not charging while the console is linked to it with a USB wire.
  • The controller could perform well only with some other wattage or AA batteries.
  • After cleaning the contacts of the rechargeable battery with a cotton ball or a dry washcloth, it continues to fail. Attention! If you want to clean the contacts, avoid using chemicals or liquids since they might harm them.

Reconnect your blinking Xbox controller

banner 3

The duo switches on the Xbox are commonly known as bind buttons. Apply pressure on the duo button on your Xbox console, let go, and in 20 seconds, keep pressing the equivalent couple button on your gamepad to prevent your controller from gleaming and secure it to your system.

The controller may blaze more quickly before turning on a steady light. When this occurs, it is linked.

Connect your Xbox controller to the console with a USB cord

Connecting an Xbox controller to a console using a USB cable

You may synchronize your controller with your console via an actual micro USB cord if you'd rather avoid the Xbox controller blinking issue. To do that, use the matching micro USB cord that was included with your console. This is a method for charging your Xbox controller as well. Thus, it could also work to stop the controller from flashing.

Update your controller or reboot your console

Updating the controller or rebooting the console

You may need to update the software on your controller or reset your system:

  1. Press the start button for ten seconds to reload your Xbox console if you're linking your controller and test the batteries that don't work.
  2. Restart it, then make another attempt.

Additionally, you have to think about changing the controller's software. All Xbox controllers can be updated using the USB connector that came with your system, but only controllers produced after June 2015 may do so via Bluetooth.

Check if the power supply and console are overheating

Checking PSU and Console Overheating

The ports in your console could heat up due to the internal cooling system. Ensure your console and electrical supply are correctly ventilated. A hot console can break controllers and cause hardware problems which also may lead to an Xbox controller blinking issue.

banner 6

Your Xbox may need to be repositioned, or anything blocking the vents should be removed. Place the console in a spot with a suitable ventilation system that isn't too warm. The console area should be cleared of any items left on or near it.

Prevent Xbox controller problems at an early stage

You shouldn't allow a damaged Xbox controller to stop you from playing. Would you like to prevent future cases of your Xbox controller failing and trying to connect? Try some of the following advice to avert forthcoming difficulties:

  • After a while of playing video games, your controller has some wear and tear. To keep the controller working, recharge and replace the batteries on a regular basis and sanitize the contacts.
  • Inspect your cables if your controller is wired. Make sure all slack wires are adjusted before moving forward.
  • To prevent bugs, consistently look for new versions and changes for your controller.
  • Be sure to turn off your wireless controller before attempting to connect it to your console.
  • Try rebooting your controller or contacting Xbox support if the matter persists.


Now you know why your Xbox controller is blinking. To fix this, charge the batteries in your controller or replace them if they are low or if the controller flickers and does not light up. Re-sync your controller and console if they are out of sync.

However, if you still have questions, let Howly experts inspect your problem with the controller and provide you with the best solution to this issue!

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