My Nest Guard disconnected — 9 useful tips to get it online back

Updated: February 23, 2023
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My Nest Guard disconnected — 9 useful tips to get it online back
by Rostyslav Vieliiev
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Nest Guard users sometimes encounter the problem of the system not being connected to the network. This article contains the best 9 tips to help you deal with this problem quickly and efficiently.

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Why my Nest Guard is offline: possible reasons

Nest Guard is a very convenient alarm system for your home. It makes life easier and lets you know what's in the house that needs your attention. There are times when Guard users may receive a notification of something that needs your attention. Sometimes users may get a notification in the app that their Guard is offline. Why does this happen? The problem is connectivity issues. Here are possible technical problems that could have caused the Nest detect offline problems:

  • You are having problems with your home Wi-Fi network. Your ISP or router might be having problems.
  • Your Guard cannot connect to the network because of the slow or intermittent signal. If the network is unstable, the system will not be able to connect to the network.
  • Technical failures in the application or service. These are temporary difficulties that may occur in the system as a result of technical maintenance of the service.
  • Your software is out of date. Sometimes connection errors can occur if you haven't updated your software and application for a long time.

If you receive a notification about connection problems, it means that your Nest Guard system is disconnected from the Internet. The following steps will help you fix the ATD cameras offline problem and get your Guard turns back online.

Nest Guard Offline — 9 working methods to fix it

Nest Guard disconnected

Make sure your home Internet is working

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The first thing to do, in case your Nest Guard is offline, is to check the system's connection to your home Internet. If there is no connection in your Wi-Fi, then Nest will not work either. You can check your Internet connection with any gadget (laptop, computer, tablet, or phone). Try to load any page on the Internet, if you get an error, it means that your home Internet is not available. Then you should contact your provider and find out the reason for the lack of Internet, and if necessary, call a technician to repair it.

Check the status of the service

The reason why the Nest service down may be due to service failures. In this case, you will receive a notification that the service can't be reached right now. Therefore, you should check the status of the service. In order to do this, follow the link. If the status check confirms Nest malfunctions, you should wait for the service to resume its operation. This usually takes a short time, so you don't have to worry.

Update the application version

If you are having trouble connecting to the Nest app or if ADT app offline, you should pay attention to the version of the app. It is probably out of date. Check if there are any updates available and update.

Reboot the Guard system

Nest Guard disconnected

If you realize that the ADT system is offline and Nest is unavailable, then we suggest you reload Guard. If the problem was caused by a network connection interruption, it is sufficient to simply restart the Guard. After restarting, check if the problem has been fixed. If you have an unstable network connection or low speed, then be prepared for the error to  occur frequently. That's why it's worth contacting your ISP and fixing your home network problems.

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Restart the home Wi-Fi router

Often the problem with connecting Guard and ADT camera offline issues is that there was a technical failure in the router. Such a failure is temporary and can easily be solved by rebooting the router. This can be done very simply and quickly. Unplug the router and wait a minute. Then reconnect the power wires to the mains. Wait a few minutes for the connection to stabilize. If your router has LEDs, wait until they stop flashing frequently. Then reconnect to Nest Guard and see if the problem is resolved.

Checking for technical issues

If your Nest Guard is still not able to connect to the network and the ADT door lock is offline, you should look for interference. Check to see if there is anything obstructing the Wi-Fi connection. For example, if there is something big and bulky near the router that might be obstructing the correct Internet signal. Also, check whether the Nest Guard and ATD system are too far away from the Internet access point. If the radius of the router is small, there may be problems with the connection. Also, if there are 2.4 GHz devices running in parallel in the house, you may experience connection problems. Turn them off and try again.

Lower your firewall security

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Now let's do a little work on your Wi-Fi router settings. For example, some of your router settings may prevent Nest Guard from connecting properly. If the firewall protection level is too high, it will block Nest Guard and ADT doorbell offline from connecting to the network. Try lowering the security level to correctly connect to the network without interference. Also in the settings of the router may be a parental control, which can also conflict with Nest Guard, resulting in ADT door lock offline. Try disabling parental controls and try connecting again.

Find a place in the house with better coverage

If Google Nest Secure does not have a stable network connection, it will appear as not connected to the network. Therefore, you should find a place with better coverage where the network is set up perfectly. To do this, first, connect the backup for Guard, and then disconnect it from the network. Move the Guard to a location that you think has the best coverage. Wait a few minutes and see if it comes back online in the Nest app using the cellular backup. Test several places in your home and find the one with the best connection.

Factory reset

If all the previous steps didn't help and the ATD security panel offline problem still persists, then try resetting everything to factory settings. This should only be done when you are sure that there are no problems with your Wi-Fi. You will need to go into your Nest Guard settings and reset all settings to factory defaults. Then log in to your account and see if the problem is resolved. You will also need to reconnect all Nest Detect devices in your home.


Users of the Nest Guard notification system can sometimes encounter the problem of disconnecting. This application comes to your phone and notifies you that you need to connect the system to the Internet. You can fix this problem on your own. This article describes the 9 best ways to help you deal with this problem. Save this article to have it handy. If you encounter the problem of disconnecting an ADT sensor offline, use these helpful tips and use them to fix your problem.

To solve the Nest Guard disconnect problem, you must:

  • Make sure your Internet is working and there are no broken lines.
  • Check that there are no technical problems with the service. To do this, follow the link you will find in this article.
  • Update the application to make sure that the problem is not an outdated version.
  • Reboot the Guard system to remove possible technical problems.
  • Reboot your router to get a better Internet signal.
  • Check your system for possible technical problems.
  • Find a place in your home where you have the most stable network signal.
  • Do a complete system reset and reconnect it to the Internet.
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