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State University of Trade and Economics | Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts


  • Android and iOS
  • macOS and applications
  • Microsoft Windows
  • 5G and other cutting-edge tech
  • Home networks
  • Wi-Fi
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Ross Vieliiev | Tech Expert & Writer | Kyiv, UA
Hello, I’m Ross, and I want to introduce myself.
I’ve been educated as a web designer and worked as a project manager. However, in these jobs, I lacked communication with people. I understood that what I needed was interaction with customers directly and giving them immediate help. That’s why I do right now as a part of the Howly superhero team.


I always was interested in tech. However, my first choice of education was only scarcely connected to it. The decision to become a web designer came naturally to me. Then it seemed that being a developer sounded a bit boring, while web design offered a dose of creativity.
However, I was wrong. As a 3d year university student, I tried myself as a help desk specialist in an IT company and understood that this sphere had many more interesting things than I’d ever imagined.
A year ago, I decided to change my job and move back to the idea of being a tech specialist. There were many benefits I received with this job, but the most valuable was the chance to assist others, be helpful, and to some extent, bring people joy. Yes, it’s not always easy, and you must keep learning and growing as a specialist, but it’s definitely worth it!

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