What is Paddle.net

What is Paddle.net and why do I have charges from it?

Updated: March 15, 2023

If you see in your accounts that Paddle has withdrawn money from you, you shouldn’t panic. In this article, you can learn what a Paddle is and why you pay money for it. The Howly team will tell you how to figure out exactly what you paid for, how to cancel your subscription, and get your money back. 

What is Paddle net?

Paddle is a convenient and practical payment service that most often works with software companies. The service is widespread in European countries and is also active for users from America and Britain. This service can be compared to other, more famous. For example, Payoneer, PayPal, and many others. Numerous software companies use this service in order to make it convenient for users to pay for subscriptions. So if you find a Paddle payment in your bank account, it is probably a subscription fee for some software tools. More often than not, companies that provide services for subscriptions do not notify the customer that they are using the Paddle service for transactions. It’s worth carefully reading the subscription terms to see which service will be used to pay for the subscription. 

Paddle.net charge — why do I have it?

If you see a line in your bank bills for Paddle net charge, don’t get scared or think about a scam. Most likely, you have been charged for using the tools from one of the software companies. Remember if you have taken out any such subscriptions recently. If you still can’t remember which services you subscribed to with payment through Paddle. net, you can find out directly. Here’s a handy tutorial:

  1. First, go to the official Paddle.net website.
  2. Open a chat with support and enter your email.
  3. The support chat operator will help you understand what service you were charged for. 

That’s how easy it is to find out exactly what and how much they’re charging you. If you don’t agree with the subscription, you can cancel it. Below is a handy guide to help you.What is Paddle.net

How to cancel Paddle net subscription?

If you want to unsubscribe from a service that charges through Paddle, it’s easy to do. You can cancel your subscription directly through the official Paddle website in just a few clicks. Here are handy and simple instructions to help you do it:

  1. First, open the official website and start a support chat. 
  2. In the chat, indicate that you want to Unsubscribe and leave information about yourself, such as email or transaction data that you have in your bank account. 
  3. Then follow the instructions that the support chat operator tells you. 

Please note! If you have several subscriptions at once, which pass through the Paddle, you should immediately write about it in the support chat and specify exactly which subscription you want to cancel. What is Paddle.net

Paddle.net is safe or a scam?

In fact, the Paddle is completely safe to use. You should not think that it is a scam or a fraudulent company. Many people think that Paddle is unsafe because they do not fully understand the rules of using the service, which caused them to have unpleasant consequences. You can trust this service, but initially find out all the details from the software company and carefully read the rules for using the service. This way you can protect yourself and payments on bank accounts for using Paddle.net will not be a surprise to you. 


Can I get a refund after canceling my subscription?

Whether you can get a refund depends on the policy of the company you signed up with. If the company’s policy allows for refunds, and you are entitled to this, then you can rest easy and get your money back. If not, you should contact the software company directly.

Why is my subscription paid through Paddle?

Many software companies use the Paddle payment service to make transactions to pay for subscriptions. So don’t worry if you see a line about Paddlenet in your bank accounts, it’s a subscription for the software company’s tools.


The paddle is a convenient service that software companies use to make users pay for their subscriptions. If you see that you’ve been charged for Paddle.net, it’s payment for the subscription you’ve been subscribed to. Don’t worry, if you weren’t prepared for this, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back.

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