Selected SD card by your key input

The screen of my phone has been saying “Selected SD card by your key input”, and I don’t know how to fix it: 4 methods you can try

Updated: October 7, 2022

Sometimes users of Android smartphones or tablets face an error saying, Selected SD card by your key input”.

If you see such a message on the screen of your device, it means that it has some problems with the SD card. Here are a few methods to fix it.

SD cards don’t work

What to do if you see this error on the screen of your Android device? 

You can fix this problem in several ways.

Method 1. Ensure your SD card is working 

To do this:

  1. Take the SD card out and insert it into another tablet or phone.
  2. If the card does not work, replace it with another one.
  3. If the card works smoothly on the new device, proceed to the next step. 

Removing the SD card

Method 2. Restart your phone 

Then, try restarting your phone. Most of the time, this helps. If that doesn’t help and you still see the error message, try holding two buttons at the same time: the power and volume down. After that, press another two buttons: the power and volume up. This action will help you initiate the cache flush process.

Method 3. Erase everything from the card 

If the recommendations mentioned above don’t help, and you know that everything is OK with your SD card, try formatting the card. This action deletes all data from it, including buggy files that may lead to this error. To do this, insert the card into another device and go to Applications > Settings > Memory.  Find your SD card and choose Format > OK.

Method 4. Replace the SD card or take your phone to the service center 

If the “Selected SD card” error is still bothering you, replace the card. Maybe you just need a new card to fix this error. 

None of the methods above helped you fix this issue? Unfortunately, sometimes a system error in the phone is behind the inability to recognize the card. In this case, the user must contact the service center.


What is the SD card, and do I have it on my phone?

This is a card where your phone can download media files or information without slowing down the device. As usual, it doesn’t exist in the device by default. 

What should I do if the phone does not want to work due to the SD card error?
  1. Check whether the card is working or it is a phone error;
  2. Reboot phone;
  3. Replace card.
I want to stop notifications from the SD card. How can I do that?

Block notifications on your phone in the Notifications section.

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