Roomba not charging

Updated: May 06, 2023
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Roomba not charging
by Vitalii Yovko
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Regardless of the series, the iRobot Roomba charges its battery at the base station. Sometimes the battery may fail to recharge. Let's take a look at the most typical causes of this failure.

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And now, let’s get down to the point.

Reboot your Roomba

One of the main difficulties why Roomba not charging on dock is the software. So start with rebooting. Rebooting restores the settings to default, so any software defects will evaporate.

  • Reset the vacuum cleaner with the Reset or Power buttons.
  • However, if your Roomba does not have a Reset button, you can reset it by holding the Home, Spot clean, and Clean keys. Hold them down until you hear a beep.

Clean the wheels

Roomba not charging

Another possible problem is the wheels are stuck with debris, dust, and fiber. To get rid of the Roomba battery not charging, clean the wheels as follows:

  1. Open the Cleaning Head Module door, pushing the tab on the right.
  2. Remove the side brushes and clean them of fiber and debris.
  3. Clear the trash from around and under the bearings.
  4. Place the central brush on the bearings back. Inspect the brushes at least once in seven days, and every three days if you have dogs.

Clean the contacts

Roomba not charging

Contacts are the third most popular reason why Roomba isn't charging. To correct this, you should:

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  1. Check the home base. If there is a lot of dust, use a wet towel to wipe it down. Then, clean the base.
  2. Inspect the caster wheel of your Roomba. If you detect a lot of grit and grime on the wheel, it's time to clean it. The rubbing alcohol and microfiber towel will suffice. This should solve a lot of charge issues.
  3. Try rubbing contacts with a piece of sandpaper. It includes the contacts on the robot and on the base too.

Replace the battery

Roomba not charging

If your new Roomba won't charge on base, the battery may have been damaged during delivery. Additionally, check that your battery is properly inserted.

If rebooting doesn’t help, try new batteries. Remember, new batteries need some time to charge, so don’t be surprised if it’s not working immediately.

If you don’t see sudden failures and insatiable work recently, you may buy a new battery. Always opt for original spare parts and batteries included. It will elongate the lifetime of the device.

Move the charging station

If the Roomba won't charge, the charging station may not be correctly turned on. Try a different outlet for a test. The electricity supply must be on for sure.

Place the Roomba correctly on a flat surface. Put a pencil under the underside of the robot to lift the case and make the contacts of the base and the device touch securely.

Contact iRobot customer support

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If your Roomba is not charging after everything, the last resort is customer support. Contact it, specifying the life period of the device and the warranty, if any. Then the specialist will assist you with further actions.

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