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“ is charging me, and I don’t even know what it is” – a quick expert solution from Howly

Updated: October 14, 2022

You have received a letter that your money was debited, but you didn’t buy anything, didn’t make any transactions, and didn’t withdraw cash? It seems like the scammers got your card or its data. One such company involved in the scam is Read the information below to find out what to do if you have received a message that is charging you $48.99 and how to return the stolen money.

Detect unauthorized charges

You may get a warning via your email that is charging you. However, don’t rush to click on the suspicious link they provide. 

If you detect credit card charges that are unauthorized, you should immediately block your bank card. Contact the issuer of your card and inform them about is charging you $48.99 a month. Then you will need to write a statement of the cardholder’s disagreement with the operation at the bank office. If you followed the rules for using the card, then there is a great chance to return the stolen money.

Detect unauthorized charges

Report a suspicious charge

It is the bank’s liability to return the money, if the two conditions are met:

  • You reported the theft of money from the card to the bank right after the bank notified you about the suspicious transaction or several transactions. 
  • You followed the security rules for using the card. In particular, you did not tell fraudsters your bank details or provide access to your account, did not keep the PIN code attached to the card, did not write the code, and did not distribute photocopies or photos of the above. If the bank proves that you violated the security rules, it will not return the stolen money to you.

Review the contract you signed with the bank before reporting that is charging you. You can do it by phone or at the bank office. In order not to waste time, it is better to immediately call their office and discuss the procedure with the bank assistant. But in any case, you will have to go to the bank office to write a statement of disagreement with the operation demanding a refund. Keep a copy of the application with a note that the bank has accepted it.

Then the bank will conduct an internal investigation. The payment system will also take part in it. Based on the results of the investigation, a bank employee will contact you and inform you of the decision. The bank will refund the money that charged you if you confirm that you have not violated the rules for using the card.


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