What to do if your Samsung account keeps stopping

My Samsung account keeps stopping, and I cannot use any of the “do it yourself” fixes. How to fix my phone?

Updated: September 26, 2022

It’s always frustrating to see your phone freezing and glitching. But what to do if you regularly see the “Account keeps stopping” error? Try the following solutions.

Clear the cache to get rid of the “Account keeps stopping” notification

How to clear the cache on Samsung phones

The cache clearing process will remove temporary corrupted files that may be a source of the problem. Stick to this path: Settings Apps → (Name of the app that freezes)Storage. Wait for 10-20 seconds until the app calculates how much memory this app takes on the device. Tap the “Clear Data” virtual button

After this, restart the phone. It could help refresh its working memory. Then relaunch the app. You can recreate similar steps with other buggy apps. Also, it will clear up some space.

Reset your phone

Try this if you still see the “Account keeps stoppingerror. There are a few types of resets: soft (removes temporary files), settings, and hard (removes everything from the device).

The first option is an ordinary reboot or restart. Hold both the Volume Down and Power buttons until you shut down your phone. Wait for 10-15 seconds. Then turn it on. This action restarts all processes on the phone and helps to get rid of the “Samsung account is stopping” message.

Try more severe actions if it hasn’t helped. Settings reset switch the settings of your apps to basic. Note that you will need to log back into all apps, but all your data will still be there.

But if the above solutions couldn’t fix the “Account keeps stopping” issue, consider a hard reset. It will delete all information from your device and remove corrupted files. Save your photos and videos on the cloud or MicroSD card, and back up messages and crucial information, too.

Then stick to this path: Settings Backup Factory Reset Device. This action is the most severe thing you can do with your phone, but it helps with most software problems. An annoying “Your account keeps stopping” notification is one of them.

Log out of your Samsung account and log in again

The next thing you can do is to re-login to your account. Follow this instruction:

  1. Open Settings Clouds and Accounts.
  2. Look for Samsung Clouds and tap on the “More options.”. In most Samsung devices, it looks like three dots.
  3. Select Remove Account.
  4. Log back into the service.

All these actions help you remove corrupted data. Try it one by one to get rid of glitches and fix the annoying “Samsung account keeps stopping” issue.


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