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“I got a charge from Google WM max LLC, and I don’t know why” – a quick answer from Howly

Updated: October 7, 2022

WM max LLC is a subscription to WarnerMedia, the owners of HBO. If you received a сharge from Google WM max LLC, it means that you paid for the HBO Max video service. So the answer to your question is that you was charged for your HBO subscription. If you can’t remember when you subscribed to HBO, don’t panic – there are a few thing you can do to learn more about this situation and get your money back. Let’s discuss them.

What to do if you got a charge from Google WM Max LLC but never subscribed to HBO

If you think an error has occurred and do not want to purchase this subscription, you can try the following methods.

Restart the subscription or unsubscribe

Go to your Google account and check your subscriptions. 

Restart or cancel subscription

You may have accidentally subscribed to WM Max LLC while using the HBO app on your device. In this case, unsubscribe from the service by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button in your Google account on this page: https://myaccount.google.com/payments-and-subscriptions.

Cancellation of a subscription to a service

If you subscribe to another plan, try unsubscribing and subscribing to the desired program, and check the subscription period. Then go to the HBO website and check your subscription. Also, check the access in the app’s menu. Maybe someone used the app without your knowledge.

Check your unauthorized transactions 

If you didn’t subscribe to Google WM max LLC, but someone withdrew the money, check the Unauthorized transactions category. There you will find all information. Contact Google and HBO support if you see that the money was debited for using the service. They will refund your funds upon request. Also, go to your bank app and prohibit making payments without a confirmation process


How to understand which application is debiting the payment?

To find out, go to the payment history in your bank account. There you will see which apps are taking money from you. So, for example, if you see Google with a code in the list, go to your Google account, go to subscriptions and find the application with this abbreviation.

How to cancel an app subscription?

Go to your Google account, select Subscriptions, and then unsubscribe from the app you don’t want to pay for. Also, turn off auto-pay to avoid such situations in the future.

Will Google Pay refund my money if it was debited illegally?

Yes, Google Pay can help you get your money back. Go to your account and write to support.

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