iPhone 12 sound issues: Tips & tricks you can try

Updated: February 26, 2023
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iPhone 12 sound issues: Tips & tricks you can try
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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Since the iPhone 12 speaker issue may arise due to various problems, finding the solution might be difficult.  Those can be hardware problems or sound settings on your iPhone. Even when a problem has been identified, it takes time to resolve.

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For your ease, we have broken some complex issues into individual problems. Continue reading, and we’ll walk you through each option, so you can get your iPhone 12 speaker working again.

Check audio levels and volume of the phone system

Naturally, when your iPhone 12 sound is not working, you should inspect the volume. Don’t be shocked if you unintentionally reduced it. The volume management keys on your phone may be accidentally pressed by movements in your pocket or bag, which may lead to increasing, decreasing, or even muting.

To adjust the volume:

  1. Press the phone’s side-mounted volume button.
  2. Check out the volume indicator. You can find it at the top of your device’s screen. If your audio is low, use the volume up button to increase it again.

Note that you could have turned off this function if the audio didn't change when you adapted the volume. Ensure the Change with Buttons option is turned on by going to Sounds & Haptics in the Settings menu on the iPhone. Swipe the Change with Buttons slider towards the right to enable it under the Ringer and Alerts column.

Checking the sound level and volume

Disable the Do Not Disturb mode

Here is another method to fix the iPhone 12 problem. The Do Not Disturb setting mutes a lot of noises and notifications. If there is no sound, try turning it off. Select Do Not Disturb in the Settings app, then change the toggle to the Off location.

Check the Ringer Slider on the side of the phone

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Maybe your iPhone 12 speakerphone is not working simply because of the Ringer Slider? There are two positions on the Ring/Silent control, often known as the Mute button. The orange color demonstrates that the toggle is calm when it is moved toward the back of the gadget. To turn on the audio, move the switch toward the display.

Checking the ringer slider on your phone

Check the third-party app's settings

Third-party applications can also impact the sound parameters on an iPhone 12. Different volume settings and tuners are available on music applications like Spotify and YouTube Music. Other applications, such as Zoom and Instagram, have their mute controls.

Typically, these options only affect the noise the app produces. Some of them, however, can occasionally have an impact on the whole iPhone 12 sound.

You may adjust the sound parameters in many apps using the Settings menu or wheel icon.

The volume may be decreased when watching videos on some apps, such as YouTube. In this case, the volume of the app is controlled by the keys on the side of your device.

Turn off Bluetooth

When your iPhone is paired with a Bluetooth device, audio is transmitted directly to it rather than the iPhone’s speaker. You should turn Bluetooth off, so the iPhone can play music and receive notifications.

Turn off Bluetooth

Update iOS

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Although frequent iPhone upgrades might be inconvenient, they provide access to additional features, better security, and sometimes even bug fixes. The iPhone 12 speaker issue might be caused by failing to update your device.

Update iOS

Reset all settings

Another way to fix the iPhone 12 volume issues is to reboot the iPhone setup. This restores the iPhone’s factory defaults for the audio, screen, and network settings. The reset of all settings won’t impact your documents and media. However, it may still affect a few essential factors. It may change your network configuration, Apple Pay cards, geographic area and privacy preferences, keyboard dictionary, and homepage design.

Therefore, even if resetting won’t result in data loss, it’s still wise to back up your data. In this way, you may quickly return to how things were if the reset does nothing to fix your sound problems.

The stages for backing up your files are as follows:

  1. Access the iPhone’s Settings. Tap the Name Banner button.
  2. The iCloud choice will become visible when you click on the Name Banner.
  3. Choose an iCloud Backup from the iCloud menu.
  4. To make the last backup of all the information on your iPhone, turn on iCloud Backup and select Back Up Now.
Reset all settings

You can reboot every configuration on your iPhone if you’ve already created a backup by taking the following actions:

  • Go to the iPhone Settings. Choose the General option.
  • Find the Reset option in the General section. To choose it, tap on it.
The Reset option in the General section
  • Click Reset All Settings on the following tab. There will be yet another option to Reset All Settings. Choose it to begin the procedure.
Click Reset All Settings on the following tab

Check whether the speakers are clean

Choose Sounds & Haptics under Settings. Increase the volume by dragging the toggle to the right beneath Ringers and Alerts. The iPhone's microphone is functional if you hear sound. The gadget could require a hardware adjustment if you don’t hear anything.

Check whether the speakers are clean

Use an official service program to fix “no sound” problems

banner 9

Apple launched a new sound servicing program to restore faulty sound components at no cost.

You only need to bring the damaged iPhone to the original store, and you’re good to go.

There will be no fees associated with fixing the iPhone 12 speaker issues. Apple claims that this problem only affects a “tiny percentage” of its iPhone 12 models.

Some other methods

  1. Examine the speaker’s outlet to check whether it’s clogged or dusty.
  2. If required, use a tiny, soft-bristled brush to wipe the speaker or receiver hole. Ensure that the brush is tidy and clear.
  3. Try an iPhone call and use the loudspeaker feature if you can't hear audio. Initiate a FaceTime call on your iPad or iPod touch. If the problem persists, or you hear static or popping, it may be your connection or transmission. Call once more, preferably later or from a different place.


How can I find out if the microphone on my iPhone 12 is broken?

Check to see if the toggle beside Change with Buttons is switched on (it should be green). If you increase the volume to the max and still only hear an extremely faint sound, your microphone is broken.

Can I fix my iPhone 12 speaker free of charge?

For iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, Apple has found a bug that might result in sound issues that prevent the speakers from functioning. Apple should repair your device for free if this problem arises.

Why is the sound on my iPhone 12 so poor?

The reasons for that may be muffled speakers or incorrect settings, an adjusted volume within some app, or an unusable OS.


Have you discovered a workable remedy for the sound problems with your iPhone 12 speaker? Hopefully, that won’t occur again. But even if it does, you already know what to do. And don’t forget to contact the Howly support team in case of any additional questions.

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