How to use AirPods Pro?

Updated: June 08, 2023
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How to use AirPods Pro?
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Started a few years ago, AirPods Pro is a popular and useful headphones, which have gained extreme usage and nice feedback. At that time it was the latest version of earbuds from Apple. At a glance, headsets are smaller than your finger. People, who are not aware of the features baked into AirPods Pro, may regard earbuds as only small plastic pieces. However, it is a wrongful thought.

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To take advantage of all services the AirPods Pro can offer, you have to be aware of the functions, algorithms of tooling, and special opportunities. How to properly use AirPods Pro? To use the device properly, find the list of its functions, make setups, and use it.

You will find all of the information you need to know about how to use AirPods in this review, from setting the earbuds' name to how to charge them. How to set up AirPods Pro on Android? How to use AirPods Pro as a hearing aid? The review that follows includes even more details. Learn the fundamentals of how to use the AirPods Pro by reading this step-by-step guide.

Select the proper tips of AirPods Pro

AirPods Genius has a few silicone tips for the ear. The developer made the tip sizes customizable, allowing users to select the optimal size that will always produce a good seal. You can change the size at any time by removing the silicone tips.

How to exploit Apple AirPods Pro Tips? By using the earbud, you can find out if the tip is comfortable for you. Utilize different sizes to figure out which one turns out best for you. You can select your ear tips and complete the sound check with the Ear Tip Fit Test. The following steps will help you complete the check:

  1. Put headphones into your ears and associate them.
  2. On your device, tap the Device icon first, then Settings.
  3. Tap the AirPods Pro Name that you have selected.
  4. To begin the test, tap Ear Tip Fit Test and press the blue button labeled Play.

The result of listening to a variety of sounds is: green button — the Great Seal or the yellow button. Regardless of whether you're accustomed to utilizing tips, this valuable test will just assist you with choosing whether to keep the tip or supplant it. You have a chance to create a good seal if you use the right accessory.

AirPods Pro: how to use it to change the name?

To rename the AirPods Pro, make a few taps. The presence of AirPods Pro next to the device is not as important. Follow the next steps:

  1. Unblock the paired device and open Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the AirPods Pro name.
  3. As the information about the device will be opened, tap the Name to change it.
  4. Enter the New name.
  5. Press Done to save the results.

As the name will be changed, the new one will appear on all added devices.

AirPods Pro: how to use them to start playing and pausing music

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Paying attention to music is the significant justification for why individuals are purchasing AirPods Star. The headphones let the user both: start and stop listening to music whenever they want. One-of-a-kind feature is automatic ear detection, which lets you play and pause music as soon as the earbud is in or out of your ear.

The following steps on the device must be completed in order to activate the function:

  1. Put on AirPods Pro and activate them on the device.
  2. Open Settings and find the AirPod name.
  3. Activate Automatic ear detection.
  4. Turn on the media to listen to the sound.
  5. Take out your earbuds to pause playing.

Only Apple devices support the aforementioned algorithm. Because Android systems don't have automatic ear detection, you have to use touch controls to control the media playing and pauses.

How to use AirPods Pro

Fix the volume on Apple AirPods: how to use it?

Apart from providing users with rapid noise reduction and responsive clarity, AiPods Pros have other useful features like adjusting volume just by swiping. Swipe the AirPod to make the sound louder.

To change the volume, hold to the following steps:

  1. Start listening to something with headphones.
  2. Put the pointer finger on one of the earbuds and swipe down on the force sensor.
  3. The short sound effect will confirm the sound change.

The other way to adjust the volume is to switch on Siri work and make commands only with your sound.

Apple AirPods Pro: how to exploit noise canceling?

There are two present day ways of diminishing the clamor around you while utilizing AirPods. You have a choice between two modes: directing the Transparency or Noise Reduction modes.

  1. You can access the extra menu with settings by touching and activating the volume slider.
  2. Tap the Commotion Control symbol.
  3. Select by pressing Off, Transparency, or Noise Reduction.

How to use noise canceling on AirPods Pro? Adhere to the guidelines above and the capability will be initiated. You can turn off all of the sounds around you with noise cancellation, allowing you only to hear the sound coming from the headphone. This capability is critical during telecommuting, calling somebody significant, or holding down from environmental factors.

How to exploit spatial audio AirPods Pro?

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Enhance your experience while using the option of spatial audio. This option is not essential, but it helps users to relax and enjoy video games and movies. The spatial function follows the turns of your head and adjusts sounds to your movements just to make the bigger effect from watching. For instance, when you watch a film and turn your head left, the sound will appear in front of you.

How to use AirPods Pro 2 spatial audio? Follow the next steps:

  1. Open the case with your AirPods and put it closer to the paired device.
  2. Open Settings and choose the name of your AirPods.
  3. Press Personalized Spatial Audio.

Apple AirPods Pro: how to use to alter openness settings?

To make the accessibility settings, you have to determine the next steps:

  1. Open Settings on the paired device and then Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the Accessibility button.
  3. Update accessibility features due to your needs.

Talking to Siri

“Hey Siri” is the value function for those, who do not have time to type any requests and searchings. Ask the system rather than type the request. To enable the function on AirPods, you have to enable it first on your device.

  1. Find the Settings icon, open it and go down.
  2. Tap Siri & Search.
  3. Activate Listen for Hey Siri.

As soon as you have activated the setting above, you can form the request and tell it directly to the headphone. As the request is accepted, you will hear the short sound. How to use AirPods Pro with Android to activate Siri? Using Android in pair with AirPods Pro, the Siri function is not available. Thus, you cannot activate it on that operating system.

How to use AirPods Pro

Share with other AirPods users

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How to listen to the same audio together with your friend? The system is simple and you do not need to use the additional systems. Simply interface more than one set of AirPods Expert to one iOS gadget.

To use this option, follow the next steps:

  1. Put your headphones into the ears and activate them.
  2. Your friend has to put headphones on the case and bring it close to the iPhone or other device to connect.
  3. The bottom Temporarily Share Audio will appear on your screen, so tap it.
  4. Press and hold for a minute the pairing button on the down part of the case.
  5. Press on the pop-up window.

After that, open the audio track for listening and enjoy the process.

Enable adaptive transparency

Adaptive transparency is the function, which strengthens voices and puts out loud sounds. To activate this function, you have to make the next steps:

  1. Open the Settings of the device.
  2. Choose AirPods settings.
  3. Scroll down, find Adaptive Transparency, and turn it on.
How to use AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro charging and battery level

There are two methods for determining the AirPods Pro's charge status:

  • Check the light's color in the space between the headphones after opening the case. The green one demonstrates that the case is fully charged. The red variety implies that you need to charge the earphones.
  • Put the case nearer to the matched gadget, then open the case and the degree of battery will be displayed on the home screen.
How to use AirPods Pro


How to use AirPods Pro to answer calls?

To answer the call you have to tap twice the headphone. In the same way, you may cancel the call. The quality of call sound will be the same as without headphones. How to use AirPods noise canceling during calls? You can launch this function, following the instructions above and it will be immediately running during calls.

How to use Apple AirPods Pro as a hearing aid?

To strengthen the environment around you, use AirPods Pro instead of special hearing devices in some situations. How to set up AirPods Pro as a hearing aid? Find the Control Center icon in the iOS device. After that add the Live Listen option. The AirPods Pro can be exploit as a special hearing equipment with the function of Live Listen.

How to use AirPods Pro as a microphone for video?

There are no free apps that allow you to use AirPods Pro for video recording. MoviePro and FilmicPro apps are special programs, which you can use to make a video with the AirPods.

How to use AirPods Pro on an airplane?

To use the AirPods on the airplane you will need the special app, which is named AirFly. With this app, all the AirPods features will be available. Put the adapter into the port of the device and make a Bluetooth connection. How to apply AirPods Pro as a hearing aid? Follow the same setup process and connect the special airplane equipment later.


To sum up, this article is a brief guide through the main functions of the AirPods Pro. AirPods have the functions of transparency and noise reduction, can replace hearing aids for a short period of time, and give the chance to answer calls in a few clicks.

The article is detailed and well-made as all the steps are written, while possible problems are predicted. How to exploit AirPods Pro as a hearing aid? Find the instructions in the paragraphs above. If you still have some problems or misunderstandings with the settings requirements, get in touch with the supportive professionals from the UNKNOWN TAG — ins company. They will be grateful to help you with any kind of issue you may collide with during setting up the AirPods Pro. Make your user experience better without difficulties with setups.

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