How to Solve Problems with Prime Video Charge?

Prime Video is a popular video service from Amazon operating since 2006 in many countries. However, subscription options and pricing may vary by region. Therefore, users often experience various problems with Amazon Prime Video subscriptions. This article describes the most common issues and solutions to them.

Do I Have a Prime Video Subscription?

If you notice that some payments from Amazon are being debited from your card, try to determine the reason yourself before you panic. Perhaps you subscribed to some services or, after the trial period, did not cancel the subscription. How can you see Prime Video charges? 

Log in to your Amazon account, click on Account & Lists, and select Memberships & Subscriptions

All information about the possible services that you use is available there. With filters, you can view current and past subscriptions.

Prime Video Subscription

What If It Is Not Me Who Subscribes? 

If you wonder, “Why do I get charged for Prime Video?” the answer is quite simple. No one can connect you to any subscription unless they know your debit or credit card details, so several options are here:

  • Think about who else could know your bank data – a child, a relative, a friend. Most likely, one of them bought you a subscription.
  • If you are sure that no one did this, and the Prime Video charge on the credit card is still working, scammers may have access to your financial information. In this case, simply deactivating the service will not be enough. You need to contact your bank, report fraud, and reissue the card with new data. Thus, all other subscriptions are automatically reset if fraudsters use your card somewhere else. Note that you should also change the password to Amazon.

How to Cancel Prime Video Subscription?

If you do not want to use these channels, you can cancel your subscription by following a simple algorithm of actions. First, hover your mouse over Account & Lists in the top right corner and select Your Prime Membership.

Unsubscribe Algorithm

You will see a new window with the details of your subscription. At the top, you will see a line in red letters “Update your settings.” Click on this column.

Update your settings

Then click End Membership. Do not mix up the order of clicks. Otherwise, your subscription will not be canceled. Also, note that you will no longer have access to the rest of the Prime benefits after completing it. Therefore, the system will ask you to confirm whether you want to opt-out of these services. If you are sure, then click Cancel My Benefits.

Cancel My Benefits

Until you see information like the following picture, your subscription has not been canceled yet. 

Information that the subscription has not yet been canceled

If your customer period has not yet ended, the services will be available but will not automatically renew. Therefore, pay attention to how long your subscription will be active.

Why Am I Getting Charged If I’m Not a Prime Member?

If you have already canceled your Prime Video Membership or never have it, you may be charged because you bought or rented a video. If you access a video on one of your Amazon-connected devices, the platform has the right to charge you for it. To avoid such situations, be more careful. In any case, check with the support service for any questionable payment to know for sure.

Conclusion: What to Do with an Unexpected Prime Video Card Charge

Remember simple algorithms:

  1. Check your subscriptions – if you have them, you may cancel.
  2. Check your subscriptions – if you have not, contact the support team and your bank to know more about the charge. 

Be attentive and do not share your personal information with other people.