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How to reset the Amazon Fire tablet

Updated: November 21, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why do you need to reset the Amazon Fire tablet?
  3. 3 ways to reset your Amazon Fire
    1. Soft reboot
    2. Reset via Settings
    3. Reset via Recovery mode
  4. Conclusion

Rebooting the Amazon tablet helps you remove various glitches and return the device to a default state. It can be helpful when you want to give it to another person because you can be sure that the tablet won’t contain any sensitive information.

Howly experts have explored all the ways to reset an Amazon Fire tablet and gathered them in user-friendly guidelines. Please note that menu items’ names may vary depending on your Amazon Fire tablet’s generation. But general instruction stays the same.

Why do you need to reset the Amazon Fire tablet?

Factory reset is an action that deletes all information from the device and brings it to default settings. It can resolve most software-based issues. We recommend considering a factory reset of the Amazon Fire tablet when you’re going to give it to other people.

Please back up valuable information before resetting. You can transfer files to the PC using built-in google tools or some external app.  

If you want to try the built-in backup option, follow this path: Settings Device Options Backup. Switch the toggle to enable regular backups.

Don’t worry – all your Amazon digital purchases are synced to your Amazon account. When you log back after resetting, you will still have access to all the content you bought. 

3 ways to reset Amazon Fire 

There are a few ways how you can reboot the tablet. It depends on the goal that you are setting for yourself. If you want to get rid of minor glitches, a soft reset will be enough. But if you need to delete everything from your device, consider a hard reboot. If you remember the PIN, try to do it via settings. If you don’t remember your PIN, consider booting in Recovery mode and restarting the device from there.

Soft reboot

Frankly speaking, it’s not a reset. This action removes only temporary files from the device. All settings, apps, and personal information remain the same. But we added it to our list of working ways because it solves some software problems that corrupted temporary files may have caused.

Keys to perform a soft reboot on Amazon Fire

Press the Power + Volume Down combo for 20-25 seconds. Release the buttons and let the device restart. At first, it may boot slower than usual, but don’t worry. The device doesn’t have cache files, saving time to load different pages. After a few hours of usage, it will have enough temporary files to load used apps as fast as possible.

Reset via Settings

It’s the simplest way to factory reset the Amazon Fire tablet. It’s an Android-based device, that’s why you can run the same reboot guide as you do with other Androids:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Find Device Options.
  3. Look for Reset to Factory.
  4. Confirm your intentions by tapping on the Reset option.

Reset your Amazon tablet to factory defaults

The device will reset in a few minutes. After a successful boot, you see the startup screen. You will have 2 options: set up a new user or login with your account to back up the data from the cloud. 

If you are going to sell your tablet, you can shut it down. And when the new owner turns it up, they will see the startup screen and will be able to set the tablet as they want.

Reset via the Recovery mode

It’s another universal Android feature you can use to reboot your Amazon Fire tablet. You can run it even when you don’t remember the pin code.  Adhere to this guide, and everything will go nice and smooth:

  1. Turn off the tablet as usual.
  2. Hold Power + Volume Up until you witness the Amazon logo.
  3. Use the Volume keys to move inside the Recovery menu and Power to confirm.

Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset → Delete all.

Reset Amazon Fire via Recovery mode

It will allow you to factory reset your tablet without entering the PIN. But you will be required to enter the device’s login and password (Google or Amazon – those you used when you set up the device). If you can check the tablet’s login and password before entering Recovery mode, write down this information in your notes.

These actions will also bring the software to its default settings. Your tablet will even have the same Android version as it had at the date of release. So be ready to update every app and the system manually.  

Lifehack: if the glitches are the result of that you trying to run modern versions of some apps, you can stick with the original old version of the app.


The two most popular reasons you may want to reset the Amazon Fire tablet are glitches or your plans to sell the device to another person. If you face minor glitches, try a soft reboot. It eliminates temporary files, but other data will stay in place. If this doesn’t help, consider a factory reset. It removes everything from the device, including apps, personal files, and settings.

There are two ways to factory reset the Amazon Fire: via Settings or the Recovery menu. Use the first option if you remember the PIN code. If you forgot it, stick to the Recovery menu. 

Any questions left? Don’t hesitate to ask Howly experts in chat!  

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