How to replace the screen on the iPhone 7: 20-step iPhone 7 screen replacement guide

Updated: February 27, 2023
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How to replace the screen on the iPhone 7: 20-step iPhone 7 screen replacement guide
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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The iPhone 7 — is an iconic phone that endured the test of time. But even such honorary devices are breaking down as they get older. It can be dropped or chipped on some hard surface by accident. If the display of your iPhone is broken, stops responding, or has dark parts — don’t worry, you can fix it! Find a quality matching tool kit and follow this article's recommendations on how to replace the iPhone 7 screen at home.

Before we start

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Self-repair will save up to $200-300 additional fees to the service center. But we recommend replacing the iPhone 7 screen at home only if you have the necessary repair skills. Otherwise, you can irreversibly damage your phone. If you are sure you have the required skills, continue reading!

Most common reasons for the iPhone 7 screen replacement

All devices wear out as time passes. This rule applies even to Apple devices. And one of the most common issues with the iPhone 7 is screen problems.

The most common reasons for replacing iPhone 7 screen are:

  • Shattered glass. Even though Apple says the iPhone has fall-resistant coverage, that’s not 100% true. After this, you will need to seek a new display for the iPhone 7.
  • The glass has too many scratches. Some people don’t like to use protection on their phones. So, the display catches all the scratches. The fastest way to fix this is the iPhone 7 display replacement.
  • The 3D Touch stopped reacting. There is a problem with the flexible cable or with the screen itself. Buy the iPhone 7 screen replacement kit and change your display to brand new.
  • The screen starts to flick or turn black. It’s a hardware problem that can be fixed only by replacing the iPhone 7 display with a new one.

How to prepare your gadget

Prepare your iPhone 7 for screen replacement
  1. Back up your data before restoration. Even technicians don’t have a 100% guarantee that everything goes well. So in case something goes wrong, you should be able to restore your data on another phone.
  2. Discharge iPhone battery. It needs to be lower than 30%. Otherwise, it can catch fire if someone punctures it.
  3. Discharge yourself from the static electricity. Touch any metal object in your house, so the electrons that are stuck to your body will flow out of your skin.
  4. Clean your workplace before iPhone 7 LCD screen replacement. So dust doesn’t end up on the phone’s micro schemes.

Please note that opening an iPhone compromises its waterproofness. Accept that you can’t swim with the repaired phone if it’s not in a waterproof case. But you can walk in the rain and sit next to water reservoirs. The phone will still have security for accidental drops.

Replacement parts for repairing iPhone 7 screen

iPhone 7 replacement tools

When you buy replacements, you need to understand what is exactly wrong with your phone. If it just has a flickering screen: a new screen will be enough. But if you broke the screen and the Home button simultaneously — you need to buy both. If you hear the rattle during conversations  — consider buying a spare earpiece and speaker.

banner 3

When you choose to fix an iPhone 7 screen on your own, it’s better to buy a pre-made “replacement pack”. That way, you will be sure that available replacement parts will suit each other. Here aris approximate pricing for the spare details:

  • Repair kit (Screen, screwdrivers, suction cup, prying tools) — $100;
  • Adhesive frame — $5;
  • Taptic engine — $15;
  • Earpiece — $10;
  • Speaker — $10;
  • Battery — $25-30;
  • Lightning connector — $15;
  • Camera cable — $15;
  • New front camera — $60.

As you see, the iPhone 7 display replacement is not the cheapest thing ever. That’s why we created this guide, so you can save money on paying the repairman and fix the phone on your own.

Necessary tools

Tools for the iPhone 7 screen repair

Before you start to replace an iPhone 7 screen, gather the required tools in one place. It will save time. Here is what you need for iPhone 7 screen replacement:

  • Heating device. It can be a hair dryer or portable heat gun.
  • Box where you can store screws.
  • Prying tool. Preferable to choose plastic tools. Metallic ones can scratch the device.
  • Tweezers.
  • Suction cup.

You also may need 3 types of screwdrivers: Pantalobe, Phillips, and Y-type. Here is an iPhone 7 screws size list for you:

  • Pentalobe (Star) 2x3.3 mm
  • Phillips (Cross) 1x2.7, 2x2.7, 2x2.1 mm
  • Y-type 1x1.1, 1x2.4, 1x1.7, 3x1.1, 1x1.3,2x1.0, 3x1.2, 5x1.1mm

20 steps to replace the iPhone 7 screen

After buying all the necessary items, you can start repairing your phone. Stick to our guide and do everything calmly and gradually. It will be better to spend some extra time rather than rip some cords.

1. Shut down the phone

Shut down the iPhone 7

Before you start to set a new screen for the iPhone 7— shut down device. This action will protect it from short circuits. Do next:

banner 6
  1. Press the “Power” button until you see the “Switch off” slider.
  2. Swipe it to the right.
  3. Wait for 7-10 seconds until your phone is shut down.

Wear safety glasses and gloves, so you can’t get injured with sharp objects. These glasses and gloves may cost you an extra $10-15.

2. Tape the display over

Tape your iPhone 7 over

If you have a cracked display, use tape on it before opening iPhone 7. If the glass is critically broken into tiny parts and the suction cup can’t stick to the phone, fold tape into the handle and lift the screen with this combo. This way, a broken iPhone 7 screen won’t hurt you.

3. Remove the rear case screws

Remove the iPhone 7 rear case

Find a Pentalobe 2 x3.3 mm screwdriver — it looks like a star or flower. Use it to remove 2 screws that are located near the lightning port.

4. Carefully heat the display

How to heat the iPhone 7 display

The iPhone screen is glued to the case. You won’t be able to remove the display without heating the glue. Do it gently so you don’t overheat the sensitive details.

banner 9

Place your phone on a soft and clean surface. If you want to change the iPhone 7 screen, find a hot air tool (a hairdryer or something similar). Run it over the edges of the display to heat the glue. While heating the device, touch its surface. It should be slightly warm and comfortable to touch.

5. Lift the screen

Lift the iPhone 7 screen

Once you heat the screen, place a suction cup on the bottom part of it. Put it close to the “Home” button. Then pull the cup upwards — this will create a gap between the frame and the screen.

Insert a flat tool to enhance the gap and detach the screen. But don’t insert the pick too far. It can harm the flex cable.

6. Detach the display

Detach the iPhone 7 screen

Lift the screen until it comes off the aluminum frame. Keep heating the display before you remove it. That’s how you can ensure the glue doesn’t rebound in the loosened areas.

Beware that display is still connected to the phone with the flexible cords. Don’t rush to lay it down now. Lean the display against stable object and disconnect those cords.

7. Disconnect battery and display connectors

Disconnect the battery from the iPhone7

You will need 2 Y-type screwdrivers for this procedure: 1x2.4 mm and 3x1.0 mm.

Loosen the battery connector. Remove the 4 screws which are located on the right of the battery.

Then remove the metallic tablet to get access to the battery connector. Take any plastic lever tool under the battery and screen connectors and lift them off.

8. Detach the FaceTime connector

Detach FaceTime connector iPhone 7

The FaceTime connector is located in the upper part of the device. To detach it, get a 2x1.2 mm Phillips screwdriver — it has a cross on the tip. Neatly remove 2 screws and separate the connector with a plastic spudger. Then remove the old screen and put it aside.

9. Remove the earpiece and FaceTime cables

Remove the earpiece iPhone 7

The earpiece is bound to the inner side of the screen: on its upper part near the speaker, under the bracket plate. Find 4 Phillips screwdrivers: 1x1,7 mm, 2x2.6 mm, 1x.1.9 mm,1x2.3 mm. Loosen the screws that hold the plate. Put the plate aside and bend the cable with the front camera to the side. Remove the earpiece and FaceTime cables off the iPhone 7 screen.

10. Remove the Home button

Remove the iPhone 7 Home button

Old versions of the iPhone have a physical Home button. In the iPhone 7, this detail is screwed to the lower display edge. The flex cable is glued to the phone.

Remove the plate with 2 Y-type screwdrivers: 3x1.2 mm and 1x1.1 mm. Detach the connector of the Home with a plastic spudger. The button is connected to another connector, which is mounted in the display unit. Remove it GENTLY, because it’s sensitive even to the slightest damage.

Loosen the cable by sliding the tweezers under it and lifting it off. Once the home button is released, press it out.

11. Remove the heat shield plate

It’s the last thing you need to do in the iPhone 7 screen repair before installing the new display. The shield plate is screwed to the display by 6 Y-type screwdrivers (6x1.0 mm) and glued to the flex cables at the bottom.

Remove the screws from the plate. Use tweezers to slide under the lower edge of the plate to unleash it from the cables. Take the detached shield out of the display unit.

12. Prepare a new display

Peel off the protection from the replacement screen. Check that you have glue on your spare display:

  • In the mount for the front camera;
  • In the mount for the sensor.

13. Attach the heat shield plate

It’s time for an iPhone 7 LCD replacement. The first thing you need to attach back is the shield plate. Place it right over the cable set and screw it.

Attention: The silver chip on the cable needs to lie in its primordial position. Otherwise, you’ll have colored spots on display after installation. If this happens, be ready to detach and reattach it all over again.

14. Install the Home button

Insert the button back. Press it from the outside to the inside. Reattach the connector. Put the plate back and screw it with the Y-type screws.

15. Install the FaceTime cable set

Install the FaceTime set on the iPhone 7

Put the cable set in its place (in the upper part of the screen) and press it down.

Put the microphone and sensors to their leads. Check that the microphone and sensors are correctly sealed.

16. Install the earpiece

Install the earpiece on the iPhone 7

Put back the earpiece — connect it to the new screen. Look for the golden contacts. They must be set exactly above the FaceTime cables. Place the flex cable over the earpiece and push the front camera right into its lead. Put down the bracket plate: it will secure the earpiece.

17. Attach the adhesive frame

One of the first steps in the iPhone seven screen replacement was to remove the glue. Now it’s time to put it back.

Place the adhesive on the back cover of the iPhone 7 fix screen. Remove the large protective firm, which is located at the bottom part of the frame. Place it in the cover frame and press it down calmly and slowly.

18. Attach the Facetime connector back

Attach the iPhone 7 FaceTime connector

Reconnect the display unit to the logic board: place it at the top of the back cover. Set the FaceTime connector: press it with your finger until you hear a click.

Once you attach the connector, set the display on the side of the back cover. Lean it against a stable object. It prevents the overstretching of cables.

Put the plate back on the front camera connector and set it with Phillips screws. Connect the screen and attach the battery connector. Reconnect the display and battery connector to the motherboard. Put back the bracket plate.

19. Attach the display

Attach the iPhone 7 display

Place it back on the cover frame and fold it over. Check that the silver chip on the cable is in the same position as before detaching. If you place it in the wrong position, you will see spots and discolorations in the future.

Slide the display in the direction of the Power button. Then press the display into the frame.

20. Fastening the rear case screws

Fasten screws iPhone 7

Once you install the display, you can finally say that you have fixed the iPhone 7 screen. Attach the screws near the lightning port, and celebrate the completed restoration process!

Unprofessional repair errors: how to avoid and replace the screen on an iPhone 7 properly

Novices tend to make the same mistakes when they try to change the screen on iPhone 7. And it’s a natural thing: nobody is born with master skills. So we have gathered the most common repair mistakes, so you can avoid them:

  1. Forgetting to remove static electricity from the body. It can lead to a short circuit. Ground yourself right before you start to fix an iPhone 7 screen.
  2. Constant rushing. If you try to repair the device in less than 15 minutes, you will break it again. Don’t rush. Give yourself time.
  3. Usage of the unsuitable screwdrivers. If you use the wrong-sized pin, you will scratch sensitive details.

Avoid those mistakes – and everything will go nice and smooth!

Expert assistance

If you still think you need assistance with the iPhone 7 repair or similar issues, ask for assistance. Howly experts can help you solve any difficulties you may face. Write us something about your issue – and we will provide you with an answer in less than 15 minutes.


Should I replace my iPhone 7 screen?

You can’t do without screen replacement in case of serious damage. Moreover, it will extend the life of your device. So you can save money and replace the screen yourself, or turn to the service center if you don’t have the time and sufficient knowledge to solve the problem yourself.

How long does it take to replace an iPhone screen?

Technicians need less than an hour to replace the screen. It's hard to say how long it will take you, as it all depends on your repair skills. If you want to complete the task faster, contact Howly specialists for detailed instructions.

How much does a good repair tool kit for iPhone 7 cost?

Nowadays, you can find a great variety of repair kits at different prices. So, the average cost of such a set is quite cheap and ranges from $5 to $15. Don’t forget that the tools must be suitable for iPhone 7 repairs!

Conclusion. So, how to replace the screen on iPhone 7?

It’s a heavy task to replace the screen on the iPhone 7. If you don’t have repair skills, it’s OK to go to the service center. You can ask AppleCare for free service if your phone is still under warranty. But if your device is no longer under warranty and you have confidence that you can replace the screen without authorized support, you must prepare properly.

Buy the equipment and clean a workplace. Shut down the discharged iPhone, and heat its corners to remove the glue. Disconnect details from the screen. Replace the display and put additional details back. This whole operation will require approximately 40 minutes of your time.

Good luck!

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