How to get unbanned from Tinder?

Updated: July 03, 2023
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How to get unbanned from Tinder?
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Tinder is the world-known network of people, who are seeking communication, dating and relationships. The users are thoughtfully checked and verified after the registration. To guarantee safety environment for the users, Tinder provided strict policy and checkups. From time to time the profiles are reviewed on the subject of suspicious activity. So, everyone can be banned from Tinder whether the system has any doubts in regard of your activity.

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In case Tinder banned you, deal with it immediately and try to unban from Tinder. The main purpose of this article is to show you the most popular ways how to get unbanned from Tinder. Read the details below to get more information and complete the Tinder unban procedure in a fast way.

What is a Tinder ban?

A Tinder ban is the shutdown of the account. No one will see your account and you will not be able to use functions like chatting, putting likes and reviewing profiles when you are banned on Tinder. For the other users, the unexpected absence of your profile could mean you do not want to communicate with them anymore.

Tinder ban can be appealed in the specific way, as it is described below. The Tinder unban appeal is what gets you the chance to prove you and your account are real, so you should have the chance to stay as the member of the Tinder platform.

Tinder banning for no reason: hard reset guide

The process of getting banned on the website is easy, but to get away from there you have to complete some steps. You can choose either the appeal procedure or the hard reset. The last option means you will create a fully new account history on the website and start all from the beginning.

This process is similar to the profile creation from the beginning. Hard reset will not help you to complete Tinder unban as you will register the fully new account. This way is faster than rather Tinder ban appeal, but you will loose all the previous data from your account. To accomplish Tinder has reset process, follow the next steps:

  1. Delete the banned Tinder account.
  2. Delete an app from the device and install it again.
  3. Use the new email and phone number to create the account.
  4. Complete the procedure to sign up in the website.
how to get unbanned from Tinder

How do you get banned from Tinder?

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To get the Tinder account banned you can do something illegal in the measure of the website’s Policy of usage rather the system mistakenly can regard your account as suspicious. If Tinder banned was made for no reasons, you can write to the support team and ask for help.

But, to prevent the Tinder ban for no reason, you have to be aware of the reasons why the account can be blocked. There are numerous models of behaviour, which can lead to the ban:

  • hate speech, ageism and discrimination;
  • harrasment;
  • spam;
  • violation of terms of use:
  • threatful messages;
  • inappropriate language;
  • advertisement of your goods;
  • unallowed content;
  • publishing sensitive photos.

The number of reasons to get banned on Tinder is oriented, as the website is really dynamic in work and creates something new all the time due to the system changes.

how to get unbanned from Tinder

Getting unbanned from Tinder If you violate the terms of use

The policy of usage and Terms of use is the compulsory documents you have to review during the registration. In the mentioned documents you will find the information about abandoned and allowed actions. To end the registration you have to agree with the terms of use. Whether you have agreed with it, the system regards you as the user, who knows all about the policy of usage and uses the platform only in accordance with it.

Hence, to not become banned, try to remember the most important clauses from the terms of use. The terms of use are available on the website all the time, so you may check it when it is needed. If you think you were banned from Tinder for no reason, check the policy of usage, as the true basis for banning can be hidden there.

Inappropriate photos or message

How to get around the Tinder ban? The answer is simple. You do not have to send abusive messages or photos. The Tinder community is over 18 years old, but inappropriate sexual photos or bad words can lead to a ban. The other user can report the violation and you will be banned.

Spam account

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You may see the message on the forum with wording like: “I got banned from Tinder for no reason”. Unreasoned bans are widespread when users are turning on the VPN to use the platform. The traffic system can regard the activity as suspicious and sort it out like spam.

Fake profile

A platform with a million audience cannot be without fake profiles. When one person comes to the community to stay in touch with the same-minded people and find someone for closer interactions, the other follows the purpose to get someone’s personal data. Thus, fake profiles are those whose main idea is not to socialize and communicate, but to get personal advantage.

Fake profiles can be identified by the system as suspicious. Sometimes users can report to the support team about strange profiles. The system will ban the account till all details will be brought to light.

Racist comments

Tinder welcomes people from all over the world, as one of the key principles is communication without limits. The other principle declares the equity of all members. Thus, comments about differences in nationalities, cultures, colour of skin or age are unacceptable on Tinder and can bring you to the ban as well.

Being a homo

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Tinder is a modern platform, which accepts different types of relationships. So, in case of any offensive messages about your type of sexual orientation, your profile can be banned.

How to appeal a Tinder ban?

Once you became banned from the Tinder community, you can file an appeal to cancel the blocking and return your previous account with all information. The platform officially declares that no appealing processes are available in the community. However, you can appeal the ban, by following the next steps:

  1. Open Tinder’s official website.
  2. Scroll down and find button Help.
  3. Choose an option Submit a request.
  4. Swipe drop down the list and Select Trouble with account login than Can’t log in, my account was banned.
  5. Describe why the problem with your account appeared.
how to get unbanned from Tinder

How long does a Tinder ban last?

The ban on Tinder is permanent and the period depends on you. The faster you will apply the information about banning to the help desk, the faster you will get the answer about the real reasons for it. When you do nothing, the ban will not disappear on its own. With that in mind, take care of the ban and follow the steps described above to return to normal profile usage and ongoing communication with members.


To sum up, everyone can get into the Tinder ban and simultaneously get away from there. Sometimes the process of unbanning can take a longer period of time, so people tend to the hard reset algorithm. If you want to turn to your primary account, but cannot make it, it is time to ask the qualified Howly specialists for assistance and fast problem-solving.

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