How to Fix the “No Password Provided for AOL” Error on iPhone

Updated: September 23, 2022

AOL Mail is a free email service created and provided by Verizon Communications, a subsidiary of AT&T. This global telecommunications giant is regarded as one of the largest in the industry. AOL Mail is known for the following functionalities:

  • POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols are supported;
  • Different email accounts from other providers can be linked;
  • Embedded links and ads attached in emails are disabled by default and may only be activated by the recipient of the email;
  • Protection against spam;
  • Virus removal; 
  • Supports After login, use TLS/HTTPS.

Bear in mind that if an AOL Mail account has not been used for 90 days, it will be terminated and will return any emails sent to it. If you are inactive for 180 days, your account may be deactivated. Even though AOL provides its users with many additional services, it is known for possible issues that some Apple users might face. One of them is the problem of getting mail access on the iPhone or/and iPad.

The point is that the phone is still asking for a password, even after you’ve entered the correct one.

The error message seen in the AOL Mail application is, “No password provided… Go to Mail Account Settings and enter a password.” You may also see similar messages in other email services.

What causes that error message on iPhones?

AOL has its own sign-in procedure. But some applications do not fully support it. If you are using your Mail app via iPhone – you first need to set up the account by choosing AOL as the account type. 

If your account was set up using “other” or you are required to supply some additional info like incoming mail servers, it means that you aren’t using AOL’s sign-in method. If the application does not want to accept your password or does not show you an “AOL sign-in box,” visit your AOL account and request a completely unique app password.

However, resetting the password or re-adding your AOL account does not fix the AOL error on your iPhone. This method usually works excellent on the PC but not on the iPhone/iPad. So if your device continues telling, “Cannot retrieve email, no password supplied for AOL,” just try other methods to fix this error presented in our guide.

How to fix an issue of your AOL not working on an iPhone without a password

If your AOL profile already has a two-factor verification option, you’ll have to create and use a unique password for the proper work of the AOL Mail application. Such a password is usually a lengthy, procedurally generated passcode that grants access to your AOL account from a non-AOL app. To sign in to your email app, you’ll only need to enter this code once and link it with your device.

To create a password for the app, follow the instructions:

  • Open the AOL Security main page from your computer;
  • Sign in to your personal AOL account;
  • Click on the “Generate app password” link.
Open the AOL Security main page from your computer
  • Enter the needed application’s name in the field;
  • Tap on “Generate password”;
  • Follow the guidelines;
  • Click “Done”;
  • Sign in to your email app with this password and your email.

To reset a password for an app, you need to:

  1. Open the AOL Security main page from your computer or laptop;
  2. Sign in to your personal AOL account;
  3. In the Account, Security menu, you should select “Generate and manage app passwords”;
  4. Search for the application’s password you want to delete;
  5. Click “Delete” to confirm.

To activate your new app password on the iPhone, open the account settings and write down a new password:

  1. Scroll down and tap on Mail-in on your iPhone’s Settings; 
  2. Choose an AOL account; 
  3. Enter the created password for the email services instead of your old, regular AOL password.
Enter the generated password for email services

Another simple way to fix your iPhone AOL account error is to delete and create the AOL account once again: 

  1. Visit the AOL webpage from your PC or laptop;
  2. Go to the Settings menu;
  3. In the Account, Security menu, you should find the “Delete account” option;
  4. Create a new account;
  5. Then take your smartphone and open the settings. Here navigate to Mail → Accounts → Add Account; 
  6. Finally, open your AOL account. 

One more solution is simply to update your Apple device’s operating system (either iPhone or/and iPad) to the latest version. This may help to fix any technical errors.

No password provided for AT&T

AT&T mail subscribers may go to their account page and get a unique key to use with the email, just like AOL users do. To fix your AT&T account error mail on your iPhone, do as follows:

  • Visit the AT&T webpage; 
  • Sign in to your account; 
  • Navigate to “Settings” → “Mail,” and click “Accounts.” Click your AT&T account picture and search for the “Delete Account.” Then, click on this link; 
  • Return to “Accounts” and search for the “Add Account” option. Tap “Other” → select “Add Mail Account”; 
  • On that screen, enter the information needed. This includes a password – which is considered to be your new secure key, not just your typical email password;
    • Username: your email
    • Host: 
    • Outgoing Host Name: 
In the “Account type” field, you should choose the IMAP
  • For any appearing “Server Identity,” click “Continue”; 
  • Save the changes.

Alternative ways to fix the error “No password provided” for iPhone email apps

Alternative ways to fix the error “No password provided” for iPhone email apps

No password provided for SBCGlobal

There are few options for resolving your iPhone’s inability to sign in to SBCGlobal. The first thing to try is to reset your password. AT&T systems require users to update their passwords regularly for better security and to maintain their data updated. You may accomplish this by going to My AT&T.

AT&T systems will need users to update all of their passwords regularly for better security and to maintain their updated information. You may accomplish this by going to my AT&T:

  1. Go to Sign-in information;
  2. Change the password option;
  3. Fill out and save your password information

No password provided for BellSouth

To resolve this issue, you should first delete and re-add your account:

  1. Open your iPhone settings;
  2. Open the Mail tab;
  3. Choose the BellSouth email from the list;
  4. Select the “Remove” option;
  5. Go back to the Mail tab and tap “Accounts,” → “Add account,” → “Other”;
  6. Type in the BellSouth credentials and save the changes.

Secondly, you need to generate a security key:

  1. Navigate the AT&T web page and sign in to your BellSouth account;
  2. Open your account and tap on the “Sign in info”;
  3. Here you will see the list of all the AT&T email accounts you have. Choose the one needed to generate the key;
  4. Go down the page and search for the “Secure Mail Key” → “Manage Secure Mail Key”;
  5. Again choose the BellSouth email you need;
  6. Select “Add Secure Mail Key”;
  7. It’s worth giving the nickname for that key in the field. It will make it easier for you to find the key later;
  8. Click “Create Secure Mail Key”;
  9. Save both the created key and all the changes.

No password provided for Comcast

Don’t forget that using third-party apps to access may potentially lead to your Xfinity ID and password being at risk of fraud and other security issues. We recommend you to visit Xfinity Connect, then click “Email” to access Comcast email.

  1. Open Settings from your Home Screen; 
  2. Open the Mail bar;
  3. Tap “Accounts” on the “Add Account” screen; 
  4. Add Mail Account” → “Other”;
  5. Type credentials on the “New Account” page and click on the “Next” button;
  6. Once your information is checked, the email will be configured automatically. Next, save the changes; 
  7. After that, you will be able to use your iPhone to link email accounts with

Useful tips

  • If you don’t use AOL or AT&T, it’s also will be helpful to check if your email provider offers “app passwords” or “mail keys” and use that created application password for your email.
  • If you still see this error message, delete your account and then recreate it. 
  • You may need to double-check your account’s settings. We recommend asking your provider for additional support or following these instructions:
    • First, ensure that the email username you want to use is available. Check your computer or connect to your webmail account;
    • Open Settings → Mail → Accounts on your iPhone;
    • Choose your account from the drop-down menu. Then click “Delete Account”;
    • Settings → Mail → Accounts → Click “Add Account”;
    • If your provider is displayed, select it. If not – select “other.”;
    • Follow the onscreen steps and fill in the spaces to create an account.



Taking into consideration all the facts mentioned above, we can come to a conclusion that in order to fix the issue with your AOL not working on an iPhone, you should follow these steps:

  1. Follow the AOL security page instructions to generate a new password;
  2. If needed, you can reset an old password. To do so, visit the AOL security page → personal account → security menu → “generate app passwords.” Then, search for the app`s password you want to delete;
  3. Activate your new password. Open your iPhone settings, find AOL mail, and enter the created app password instead of the regular one that you previously used;
  4. Don`t forget about an alternative way – delete your AOL account and sign up one more time;
  5. The final possible solution is choosing the account type and entering credentials on the AT&T web page.

We hope this article was helpful to you. You may have successfully repaired the iPhone/iPad that kept asking for password errors using the mentioned options. Try the above techniques if your Apple ID password isn’t functioning, such as you can’t sign in to Apple ID, iCloud won’t allow you to log in, and so on. Also, try other alternatives described in the article. You can also leave your comments and responses below. We will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.

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