How to fix a phone with water damage

Table of Content:

  1. How to fix a wet phone? Quick steps:
    1. Remove your phone as quickly as possible.
    2. Wipe water away.
    3. Turn off the water damaged cell phone
    4. Remove all the details you can. 
    5. Leave the phone to dry completely.
    6. Repair Centers 
  2. Сontraindications
  3. Summary

Some people can easily repair phones damaged by water. They just pick them up, clean and dry them out – and their devices work. At the same time, many people claim that the water-damaged phone does not switch on anymore. 

When you pick up your submerged smartphone, you quickly enter rescue mode — how to repair a waterlogged phone?

Much has already been written about fixing a phone dropped into the water, but we will try to give new helpful advice for you. Only effective ways and clear guides because you need to act fast. We will do it step by step.

1. Quick steps:

Remove your phone as quickly as possible.

Remove your phone as quickly as possible

We know it’s obvious, anyway, the more you leave your phone in the water, the more damaged it will be. Therefore, pull it out of the water immediately. Remember, even if you drop your telephone in the water and it seems fine, do not be frivolous – take some action.

Wipe water away

Wipe water away

To wipe down your phone, use a fluffy microfiber towel or rag, like the one you would use on your glasses or a DSLR camera, to wipe off the liquid. Using this type of fabric will be the best choice because no villi will get into the device.

In a stressful situation, ordinary clothes will also come in handy. Use any fabric to remove as much humidity as feasible from the phone. But be careful! Make sure no water gets into the recharging port, headset jack, or card slot.

Turn off the water-damaged cell phone

Turning on a wet phone for even a brief moment can generate a flicker that is significantly more difficult to restore. Let your phone remain off if it was turned off when you dropped it in the water.

After removing the liquid, it’s important to switch off your phone quickly if it is turned on. 

Turn your phone back on only when you’re sure it hasn’t been scorched. 

A long press on the power key turns off Android devices. If you have an iPhone, press and hold the side button or Sleep/Wake button (depending on your model), then drag the slider.

For iPhones with a Face ID – press and hold the side button and volume button simultaneously until the sliders appear, then drag the Power Off slider.

Remove all the details you can

When the phone is turned off, you can try to carefully remove some details to see what damage has been done. If possible, pull out the SIM card, the battery, and the memory card from the waterlogged phone. Don’t worry – no electrical impulses will occur inside the smartphone, and you will not damage it without a power source.

Also, you can wipe the SIM card and memory card with alcohol. If your smartphone has a case, you need to remove it immediately so that the moisture evaporates faster from the device.

Leave the phone to dry completely

Leave the phone to dry completely

After dropping a smartphone into liquid and squeezing out the moisture, the owner must make sure the phone is completely dry before charging the battery from the mains. A tiny drop of water inside the device can cause a short circuit when the phone is turned on. The best option is to wait at least 24 hours before bothering to check and see if the device is dry.

Repair Centers

Contacting an authorized service center for professional repair is the best option to mend a phone that has lost control. Please take it to a service center near you and let the professionals do their magic. Since they understand the device in and out, they know what it takes to preserve your waterlogged phone. 

The price of repairing a sunken phone depends on the type of liquid and your reaction speed. However, even a quick removal of the battery and drying the device for several days does not guarantee the return of performance and the absence of problems in the future. The reason for this is the electrochemical corrosion of the board’s components.

It is possible to say how much the repair of the waterlogged phone costs only after a thorough diagnosis. In most cases, diagnostics are free, even if you refuse to repair them for any reason. So don’t waste your time saving your phone’s life – trust it to professionals.

2. Сontraindications

Do not charge your submerged smartphone

When a smartphone dies, most people try to reactivate it somehow. However, as the water spreads across the motherboard, it might cause even more damage. Turning it on from the battery will likely result in a short circuit, damaging the entire board. And do not turn it on until you get to the service center.

Do not put your phone in rice

Do not put your phone in rice

The ‘rice lifehack’ is the most popular on the Internet. In theory, the rice will absorb the moisture from the phone, and your phone will be greatly restored. But the truth is that rice is not a ‘cure’ for such a serious problem as a phone falling into the water. So we advise you not to bother with the ‘rice lifehack.’ After evaluating rice and other solutions, scientists discovered that rice is the least effective at absorbing fluids.

Do not blow-dry your waterlogged phone

It leads to closure. In addition, the heat will damage your phone. 

Do not press any key and shake your wet phone

This will cause the water to penetrate deeper areas of the phone.

Do not soak the wet phone in alcohol

Because alcohol is a solvent, it can disintegrate the phone’s plastic components. In addition, the adhesive that keeps the interior parts together can also be dissolved by alcohol.

Do not put a water-damaged phone in the freezer

According to the theory, when the phone freezes, tiny amounts of liquid inside the phone turn to ice. But when the ice melts, your problem is back. We hope you realize that this solution will not help you fix a phone that fell into the water. Instead, it may worsen the device’s condition.

Do not dry a phone in the microwave

Do not dry a phone in the microwave

I feel sorry for your phone if you have thought of this method. This is a bad idea. It is impossible to repair a cell phone damaged by water in this way, as it could burst into flames.

3. Summary

It is strictly forbidden to swim with a phone and drop the smartphone into the water because it can break forever. Moreover, a phone screen that has been shattered by water most frequently stops working.

Drop smartphone in water

We can definitively say that speed is of the essence in this situation. Therefore, you must act as quickly as possible. You should remember the following five basic rules: 

  1. Remove it as promptly as possible 
  2. Wipe water away
  3. Turn off your water-damaged cell phone
  4. Remove all the parts you can
  5. Leave the phone to dry completely

If your smartphone still does not work, you can bring it to a service center.

It is also important to know if the manufacturer of your phone convinces you that your model is waterproof, it usually means that your phone is waterproof in fresh water, not in saltwater.

And if you’re worried that the situation with the waterlogged phone may repeat, you should consider buying a waterproof phone case. There are many options for all kinds and models of phones, and they are not as bulky as you might think. Many of them are also impact-resistant, providing additional protection against accidents.

We hope we could help you and that you found our tips helpful. If your smartphone still does not work, you can go to a service center. 

A professional repairer can remove an iPhone’s battery and fix your cell phone. However, if they say that your phone won’t work anymore, you should know that you have done everything they could. Look at it as an opportunity to buy a new phone.