How to Fix a Black Spot on the Phone Screen: 5 Easy Steps

Updated: April 04, 2023
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How to Fix a Black Spot on the Phone Screen: 5 Easy Steps
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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You use your phone for at least a few hours daily, so seeing a black spot there is unpleasant. You can’t comfortably watch movies or write messages because you see that annoying black spot in the corner of the phone. The good news is that you can fix it! Read our troubleshooting guide on how to remove black spots from the phone screen and follow the expert advice we share.

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We’ve gathered all of the possible solutions in one article. So you can save time and spend it on the fun instead of puzzling over tech issues.

1. Possible reasons for a black spot on your phone

There are two groups of reasons why the phone screen is turning black: software and hardware. If it’s a software problem, you can quickly fix it. You don’t need to go to the service center.

But you should change the screen if you have pressure problems or broken LCD components because it’s a hardware case.

Dead pixels

It is the most common reason for black spots on LCD phone screens. The only way you can fix it — change the screen to brand new. Every LCD screen had thousands of pixels. Each one has three tiny bulbs: green, red, and blue. And when some light bulbs refuse to work as intended, you get a “dead” pixel that looks like a black spot on your phone. There are two main sub-reasons for this screen issue:

  • Pixels burned out. Most LED screens work for 5-7 years. After this period, pixels start to burn out. It’s a natural process.
  • Some external impact damaged the display. It can be water, sun, or another powerful light source.

This issue doesn't spread out. It’s just a burnout bulb. If the black spot is getting bigger, it’s not a “dead pixel” case. That means you need to take more severe measures to prevent a display failure.

Stuck pixels

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Pixels also can get stuck. It’s a software issue that leads to a black spot on the phone screen. Your phone gives instructions to the screen to turn on these tiny bulbs in the proper order. Sometimes software messes up, and pixels get the wrong color.

Here is an example: your display needs to turn some pixels white. To do this properly, it should turn on all three bulbs. But for some software reason, it turns on only two bulbs: red and blue. And this pixel turns out violet, but not white as it is supposed to be.

Sometimes the phone “forgets” how to turn on all three bulbs in the pixel. That's why it can be black. Stuck pixels look like tiny dots that keep their size without growing.

Excessive pressure

Displays can struggle with external pressure. If you push your finger too hard, you can see the color distortion on laptops or old phones.

Modern phones have a thick screen, so you don’t need to worry about pressure in ordinary situations. You can use your hands and stylus freely. But beware of other objects. If they are big or heavy, they could damage the display. So don’t lay massive things on your phone.

The phone can get a few new dark spots if someone sits or steps on it because such actions create excessive pressure in some screen areas. That’s why you can have a black spot on your iPhone screen. Android devices tend to have the same issues. Moreover, your phone can break due to excessive pressure if you own an ultra-budget (below $200) Android device. You should realize this threat.

Sometimes phones have internal pressure: from swollen batteries or other broken parts. It also could lead to black pixels. Find the source of the problem to fix it. If you don’t have the skills for this, go to the nearest service center. But be ready to pay $50-100 to repair your device.

LCD components

Broken LCD screen

LCDs have a slightly different construction. They are made from tubes that hold the crystals. That is why your LCD is never totally black. It has a mild illumination that you can see in a dark room.

These tubes can break and lose the liquid, so they can’t illuminate. That leads to dark spots that you can see even at night. And they are signs that you need to hurry up to fix the black spot on the LCD phone screen.  This liquid will continue to spill and contaminate nearby pixels, and this spot will get bigger with time. The approximate time of contamination of the whole display varies from 3-5 days to 2-3 weeks. It depends on the size of the amount of spilled crystal liquid. So change your display as soon as possible.

2. Easy steps to fix a black spot on the phone screen

Damaged phone screen

If you face a software issue, you can fix it in 1-2 hours. If it’s some hardware problem, take 2-3 hours out of your schedule. You will need more time to fix a black spot on your phone. In some cases, consider visiting a service center.

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But, first of all, try home solutions. If your device doesn’t have severe physical damage, they should help.

Use the “Stuck pixel fix” free video tool

If you deal with a software issue, you can quickly remove black spots from the phone screen. Go to Youtube, search for “Stuck pixel fix,” and open one of the videos on this topic. You will see constantly changing colors and shapes: from solid green screen to violet and beige stripes and dots. It helps the phone to hack the mechanism that leads to a stuck pixel.

Turn on the brightness of your screen to the maximum level, lay it on some stable surface, and wait until the video ends. Check out your phone shortly after. This action should help to fix a black spot on your phone.

Attention! If you have epilepsy, don’t look at your phone while it plays this video. It could lead to seizure attacks.

Restart or reset your device

Try another software hack if you are confident that you have a “stuck pixels” issue. First of all, restart your phone. This action often solves minor software conflicts, one of which is stuck pixels.

If this didn’t help, do the hard reset of the device. It will delete all data and settings from the phone. So don’t forget to make a backup. This action removes corrupted files and major system conflicts.

If you have the iPhone, follow the next path: Settings General Transfer or ResetErase All.

After 10-15 minutes, your phone will be as clear as brand new. You can log back with your AppleID.

Android users may have different settings, but in most cases, the course will look similar to Settings General Backup Factory Data.

Relieve the pressure

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Find what could be the source of the pressure. If it’s something external, stop using it. Don’t carry the phone in the back pocket. It could lead to a black spot in the corner of the phone because it’s the source of extra pressure too.

It also may be an internal problem like the swollen battery. If your device runs out much faster than it used to, replace the battery.

If the battery works as it should, the damaged components could be the reasons for malfunction. Find what may cause the problem and replace this piece. If you don’t have the skills, go to the nearest service center. The specialists will advise you on how to remove black spots from the phone screen.

Repair dead pixels

Black spots in the corner of the phone screen

The easiest way to fix dead pixels  is to replace the whole screen with a new one. Technically you can replace pixels, but it would be more expensive and time-consuming than just getting a new display. The cost of the screen depends on the phone. Approximately you need to spend $50-150 for the spare parts. If you go to the service center, be prepared for a $50-100 repair fee.

Fix the screen damage

Damaged screen on the iPhone

When you see your phone screen turning black, you catch screen damage. Consider buying a new display for replacement. If your phone is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer’s support. Tell them everything about the issue: in some cases, they replace the screen for free or cover a significant part of the repair.


Do I need to change the screen if a black spot appears?

Replacing the screen is the simplest but at the same time, the most expensive option to solve the problem. It won't be good for you if the screen costs a little less than your phone. So try to fix the black spot with useful video tools or a simple phone reboot.

Can a black spot appear when I carry my phone in my bag?

A black spot may appear due to dead or stuck pixels and strong external pressure. If the phone is placed in your bag along with many other objects, you may encounter not only black spots but also scratches. It’s better to keep the device in a separate, loose pocket.

Can a black spot appear on the screen after the phone is dropped?

LCD displays have a crystal liquid that can leak out due to a hard bang. In this case, you should seek professional help as soon as possible. Otherwise, the liquid will continue to leak out, causing the black spot to spread all over the screen.


When you find your phone screen turning black, inspect the device to find the source of the problem. If it’s a software issue, use the “pixel fix” tool, restart the phone or do the hard reset of the device. If it’s a hardware issue, change the broken component. It will fix your screen.

You can contact Howly experts, and we will help you to find the source of the problem and fix it. Open our main page and describe your situation in the chat window. We will provide you with an answer in less than a minute. Howly is your 24/7 tech assistance!

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