How to cancel Now TV subscription with Howly

Updated: May 05, 2023
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How to cancel Now TV subscription with Howly
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Now TV is one of the most prominent streaming websites in the UK, being home to the latest blockbusters, must-see movie releases, the biggest live sports, and award-winning shows. But since there are so many similar services available today, it’s pretty easy to end up subscribed to numerous platforms which can promptly add up to an enormous amount accumulating each month. And saving pennies is crucial for many of us nowadays. That’s the main reason why customers are looking for ways to cancel Now TV passes. Some people also decide to break ties with the service as they cease to watch it, and others terminate their memberships to get better deals.

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And since a Now TV subscription comes without a contract, its cancellation is far from confusing. We’re going to break it out into easy steps to make the process as simple as possible for you. In fact, you can cancel a Now TV pass from any convenient device, it depends on the way you’ve subscribed. So, let’s figure out how to cut ties with the platform online and through third-party membership providers.

How to cancel Now TV membership via website

This method fits any occasion, whether you’re willing to cancel Hayu, Sports, Entertainment, or any other plan. And even though you can terminate your sub using a smartphone, it’ll be much more convenient to complete this task via a computer or laptop. Wondering “how do I cancel Now TV quickly?” Check out our easy-to-follow steps:

  • Visit the UNKNOWN TAG — ins, hit My Account in the top corner of the page, and sign in by providing your login info.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • Tap My Account once again and pick Manage Account.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • Pick NOW membership to access all your subscriptions.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • If you have several Now subscriptions, you’ll see all of them listed here. And you need to cancel each package separately (there’s a blue button next to every sub). So, find the plan you want to remove and hit Cancel membership.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • Move to the very bottom of the page and pick I’d still like to cancel.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • Get ready to repeat the same procedure a few more times, as Now provides you plenty of chances to change your mind. But let’s move on – tap the box asking Still want to cancel? to confirm your desire.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • Scroll through the perks you’ll miss and select Continue canceling. Pick the same button on the next page.
How to cancel Now TV subscription
  • Hard to believe, but that’s all. No more identical buttons, congrats! You’ve managed to cancel Now TV auto-renew and can subscribe again whenever you want. And there’s one more step left – check out your mailbox to find the confirmation email.
How to cancel Now TV subscription

How to cancel NowTV subscription through third-party providers

If you’ve subscribed to Now through other providers, like Amazon, TalkTalk, Google, Apple, or BT, you must reach out to them to cancel a Now TV membership. Thus, if you’re a BT or TalkTalk user, contact your provider over the phone. In case you’ve signed up through Amazon, open the Memberships and Subscriptions tab in your account and terminate your Now TV pass or voucher there. And Google or Apple customers need to break ties with this streaming platform via Play Store or App Store correspondingly. Since the last option is the most popular, we’ve puzzled out the instructions you should follow to cancel a Now TV free trial or prepaid monthly plan via your smartphone:

For Android:

  1. Go to Play Store and tap your avatar.
  2. Open the Payments&Subscriptions section -> opt for Subscriptions.
  3. Find Now TV and click on the sub -> hit Cancel.

For iPhone:

  1. Go to the Settings app and tap your avatar.
  2. Open the Subscriptions section.

Find Now TV and click on the sub -> hit Cancel (you may need to scroll down a bit).


Will I pay any fee if I cancel Now TV free trial?

Now TV membership termination comes without any fees. But you’ll hardly avoid monthly charges if you cancel Now TV after the free trial ends. So, make sure you complete the procedure in advance.

What is the easiest way to cancel NowTV broadband?

The easiest method to cancel Now TV broadband is to call them at 03300 412 473. Keep in mind that their support can accept your request every day from 8 am to 8 pm. The line is free for Now Calls members.

How to cancel my Now TV subscription and get my money back?

Now gives refunds only in certain circumstances, and you should contact their support to leave such a request. In case they charged your card unfairly, fill out an online form to solve the issue.


Now TV is a great way to plunge into the world of entertainment and get contract-free access to your favorite movies and shows. However, as lovely as it may sound, you may want to cancel NowTV one day, and your craving is understandable. The number of streaming platforms is overwhelming, so your choice is huge. If the process seems tedious to you or you suddenly encounter any issues when you cancel a NowTV account or sub, contact Howly, and we’ll fix that for you! Our experts are well-versed in tech matters. We can also provide you with simple guidelines on how to cancel a Eurosport Player subscription or break ties with any other service.

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Invalid Date
My friend told me about that trick to cancel and get a better deal, I clicked cancel until I got a message saying that my account is canceled. What a pity! I’m going to try again.
Mildred Beck
Invalid Date
I left Now TV because they started to show ads, a lot of ads, everywhere…
Scott Love
Invalid Date
Quality is terrible on Now TV. I expected 4K but that’s not even close.
Taya Heath
Invalid Date
I lost my discount, it simply didn’t work for my sports package. Be cautious everyone.
Dan Pratt
Invalid Date
I've never paid the full membership price for NowTV and I've had entertainment and cinema for about 2 years. Does anybody really pay full price?
Invalid Date
A moneysaving tip for you! I share accounts with my friends as a trade. I give them access to my NowTV in exchange for HBO, Netflix, and the like.
Invalid Date
I was terribly annoyed that all the payments occur on different days of the month. What’s more, I had to cancel each of my packs separately – it’s so fuming.
Jim Booms
Invalid Date
Should I pay for Now? Is Sky still a thing? What’s better?
Lena Schaefer
Invalid Date
I’ve just gone through tons of ‘are you sure’ pages and here I am on the final page and they offer me a 60% discount!! You win, Now TV. I’ll take it.
Invalid Date
There’s also a day pass and it’s really convenient to watch a game, for example.
Invalid Date
Now is a great service, to be honest, I used it to watch Formula 1 and was fully satisfied!
Hayden Phelps
Invalid Date
I want to watch a show for maybe a couple of weeks and have no other use for Now. Can I just cancel the service after the end of the show without paying a fee?
Invalid Date
I tried to cancel and they offered me an over 50% discount for 6 months. But I left anyway.
Invalid Date
I do not care too much about having streaming platforms or not, so I watched Now TV for perhaps 3 months and canceled it with no regret.
Jenny Farley
Invalid Date
I’ve canceled via the website; it’s easy to do.
Invalid Date
I'm being charged for boost membership but there's no option to cancel anything on the site. How to do it?
Drake Pitt
Invalid Date
How long is a Now free trial?
Invalid Date
too many steps to cancel, if I wanna cancel I just wanna cancel... so annoying
Ned Mullins
Invalid Date
I appreciate Now for their offers. I often received various membership packages at a discount.
Josie Ramsey
Invalid Date
They better you with beneficial offers to stay, but leaving is truly simple.

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