How to cancel Disney Plus subscription

Updated: May 15, 2023
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How to cancel Disney Plus subscription
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The popularity of Disney Plus is hard to put into words. This streaming giant offers an ever-expanding media library and has fans among both adults and children. However, the subscription price is constantly rising, and the content is limited to only those movies and shows for which the company has streaming rights. So the disappointment when looking for something to watch makes people sever ties with Disney+. Whatever your reason is, you know for sure – it's time to cut ties with my Disney Plus subscription. And we’ll show you how to do it using different devices and platforms.

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Common Disney Plus how to cancel issues

It happens that something goes wrong when unsubscribing from Disney+, and such a seemingly simple process becomes a hassle. Howly has been helping users deal with their subscription issues for years now, and here are some of the challenges our customers face most frequently:

  • failures to cancel Disney Plus on Verizon;
  • errors when trying to re-subscribe to the service;
  • Disney+ payment/refund issues;
  • Disney Bundle membership fails to cancel;
  • account cancellation problems.

Whether your problem is listed above or not, we’ll handle it! So don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for whatever questions you have.

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription through desktop

Terminating membership via the website is perhaps the simplest way to finish up with Disney Plus on TV, PC, or any other device. The guidelines are given below:

  • Visit the website through your PC or phone browser and log in.
  • Hit the circle icon with your profile avatar in the upper corner of the page.
  • Pick Account.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription
  • Open Billing details (blue link next to Monthly).
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription
  • Then tap the blue Cancel Subscription link and start the multi-step membership cancelation.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription
  • Hit the red button to finish the cancellation procedure.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

How to cancel Disney Plus on iPhone

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It’s possible to discontinue Disney Plus subscription on iPhone if you used iTunes to sign in. There are just 4 steps to make it smooth:

  1. Open your iPhone Settings and hit your name.
  2. Move to Subscriptions.
  3. Spot and hit Disney Plus.
  4. Click on the highlighted Cancel membership button at the bottom.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

How to cancel Disney Plus membership quickly on Android

The procedure of subscription termination on Android-running devices is as easy as on iPhones. This is what you should do if you subscribed via Google Play:

  1. Run the Play Store app and hit the circular profile icon.
  2. Head to the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Pick Disney+.
  4. Hit Cancel to say goodbye to your membership.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

How to cancel Disney Plus on Roku

It’s worth canceling the Disney Plus subscription on Roku in case you make payments via Roku Pay. The instructions are easy and take just a minute to carry out:

  1. Start by pressing Home on the remote.
  2. Use the directional pad to reach Disney+.
  3. Press * to view the options .
  4. Tap Manage Subscription to get access to more options.
  5. Pick Cancel subscription and do the same in the next window.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

How to cancel Disney Plus on Amazon

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Steps to cut ties with Disney+ through Amazon are no less simple. The procedure is done directly on the website:

  1. Visit the official Amazon site and sign in if you haven't done that yet.
  2. Open Account&Lists in the upper corner of the page.
  3. Select the Memberships&Subscriptions tab on the list.
  4. Find and pick Disney Plus.
  5. Click the button to Manage your subscription.
  6. Complete the procedure by hitting End membership.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

How to cancel Disney Plus through Verizon

If you signed in through Verizon, use its website or application to cancel Disney Plus Verizon subscription. We’ll show you the easier and more accessible option:

  1. Open your browser (any you like), head to My Verizon, and sign in.
  2. Tap Account -> hit Apps&Add-ons -> choose Apps&Add-ons overview.
  3. Hit Manage.
  4. Unsubscribe by clicking Cancel and finally tap Continue.
How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription


Is there a solution to end Disney Plus Bundle but keep Disney Plus?

The way to terminate Bundle membership while keeping Disney+ depends on how you’re billed for the service. If you pay through Disney, head to the Disney+ page and unsubscribe from Bundle. If you’re billed by Hulu, do the same by visiting the Hulu website.

I’ve just ended my Disney+ subscription but then changed my mind. How to uncancel it?

Unfortunately, Disney Plus no longer provides users with an opportunity to uncancel terminated memberships. So you’ll have to go through the subscription process again from scratch.

How to cancel my Disney Plus account forever?

Please note that you won’t manage to remove the Disney Plus account until you have any active subscriptions. So once you’ve terminated all memberships, visit the Company's Privacy website and head to Communication Choices. Scroll until you find your account type, log in, and hit Delete (you have a 14-day period to reactivate your account).


No matter how great Disney Plus is, avid moviegoers, watch their favorite series and films very quickly. So the logical question arises: why pay for a service if you don't use it anymore? But now you know the clear instructions on discontinuing Disney Plus subscription and can handle it with ease. If you haven’t found an answer to your question in this guide or bother with any other issue, reach out to Howly – we’ll solve your problem in no time!

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