Error codes: 70245 70164

Updated: June 19, 2023
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Error codes: 70245 70164
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Imagine the situation when you had chosen your favorite product, selected all the criteria, and added it to the online basket. The next step is the payment. When it comes to transactions, error codes: 70245 70164 and payee_account_restricted 70350 may appear. What can you do in that case?

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You can find and review a lot of forums and advice from different people. However, it is also possible just to turn to qualified specialists or read the article below. Spend two minutes reading the article and you will be able to solve the problem in a few clicks.

Payee account restricted because of error codes: 70245 70164 70350

When you want to complete the payment via PayPal, but the errors like 70245 70164 70350 occur, turn to your payment system. Often, banks or other virtual payment systems may have some problems with the network connection. Sometimes the issues can be caused by your account. For instance, the sum of money in your bank account can be less than you want to withdraw.

In each case, it is recommended to turn to your bank and report the problem. The specialists should be aware of different kinds of problems and can resolve them in a short period of time.

Error codes

Sellers can't accept payments right now

Sometimes the error codes can appear due to system problems on the Seller’s page. The reasons can be different. In case of that, you can renew the page and see what will happen after it. But, it is better to report to the support team about this case. Use contact methods like email or online forms to contact the support team. In most cases, such an issue is caused by a system malfunction.

To make it better, check the payment details, the number of your card, and its balance. When you are sure the problem is not connected to your payment card, contact the Seller’s support team.

Error codes

How to fix it?

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To fix the PayPal problem you have to contact the support team. Follow the steps below to make it:

  1. Open the official website of the PayPal system.
  2. Scroll down the page and find the button Contact us and click it.
  3. Choose the button Resolution Center and choose the type of connection you need.

After reporting the problem, the support team needs some time to accept and resolve it. If your card is issued by the other bank or system, contact the specialists there to fix the issue and get feedback.

Error codes


What to do with eBay error codes 70245 70164?

The service can show an error before completing the transaction. You have to understand what is the nature of error and what has caused it. When the reason for the problem is connected with your bank, contact the specialists to fix the issue.

Why you could not make the payment?

Check the limit of your card in the settings. If the limit is exceeded, the payment cannot be made. Double-check the number of the card and other details you inserted.

Is it hard to resolve the error code?

The resolving process is not as hard, as it could be If you turn to the specialists.


Error codes appear all the time on the websites like eBay and others. Sometimes it is hard to decide on the type of error code and find out the problem. However, you have to deal with it, as in the other case the problem will exist and the payment will not be done. Contact the support team and wait for their reply. If something goes wrong and you want to speed up the process, contact the active Howly support team. They are online all the time, so your question will be fastly considered.

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