Common problems with Samsung tablets and solutions

Updated: April 19, 2023
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Common problems with Samsung tablets and solutions
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Periodically it occurs that you have problems with Samsung tablets. This topic will help you to repair your Samsung Galaxy Tab problems as soon as possible. Our tutorial consists of 12 explanations that can tell you why your Galaxy Tab is troubleshooting.

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The tablet doesn’t activate

If your Samsung tablet doesn’t turn on, it doesn't mean the device is totally cracked and unrecoverable. There are some steps to try to get it working again.

Charge your device: use the original charger and connect it. Give it some time and try to turn it on. If there is any physical damage, you should also try to use another charging pad or different cable and notice if the situation fades. This approach will support you in identifying the troublesome part.

Test the temperature: make sure you charge the tablet when it isn't very cold or very hot. Also, make sure the tablet has been out of direct sunlight for some time.

Reset your tab. A lot of users have documented that this practice functioned for them. There are these steps:

  1. Disconnect the source of energy from your gadget.
  2. Hold the power key and the volume up for half a minute.
  3. Go on to hold it for another 30 seconds.
  4. Unleash only the turn-on button and then keep the volume regulator pushed.

Apps in the backdrop

Applications utilize your device’s battery and your datum. Stopping attachments from refreshing can assist in preserving your battery level and information for when you actually require them. Applications in the background can cause tablet issues. To avoid this matter, you should do the next steps:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Choose the apps you wish to stop.

Sometimes it can aid you in resolving troubleshooting Samsung tablet.

The device does not charge

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It happens that your notepad isn’t charging. But it doesn’t mean you should panic. Google this issue. We have prepared several ways you can use to troubleshoot this case:

  • Check your charger. The first point you should test is whether the case is related to your charging cord.
  • Test your port. Sometimes dust or mud can be inside, which can avert your cable from appropriately connecting.

If the accumulator loses boost rapidly or doesn't charge in general, it might be time for a new one.

In addition, you should test your device for water damage. Firstly, they should ensure that the device is dry.

There are a lot of methods to save gadgets. For example, leave it in a bowl of rice, or try different techniques.

Common problems with Samsung tablets and solutions

The device can not identify an SD card

First of all, you should scan if your device’s software is updated to the latest edition. Then, we advise users to do the next steps:

  • Pull the SD card out and make sure it isn’t damaged.
  • Format your memory stick, but to avoid losing your information, guarantee to have a backup before the procedure.
  • Deactivate the SD card in the Android configurations after this, renew your gadget, and inspect if you can launch the thumb drive typically.
  • Update the memory card driver.

Actually, it can assist in repairing your tablet problems.

The device can’t play sound through headphones

Sometimes users want to listen to music or watch a movie with headphones, but it happens that their device doesn’t play audio. Firstly, you can try to switch off your Samsung Galaxy tablet. Secondly, is to test your headphones for damage. If the previous pieces of advice don’t help, remove all supplements and renew your tablet.

The tablet stopped working

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The first step is only to push and keep the Power key for a couple of seconds. Also, when your Samsung 18" tablet is frozen, the device may have too much data. You should back up the content and delete it from your tab. Also, you can try to close the application by opening Settings and tapping Force stop. If none of these steps help, click the power, volume up, and home buttons together. You can extract the battery from your notepad in order to make it shut down.

The gadget always re-launches

Samsung's tablets can have unexpected reasons for restarting. Firstly, you should inspect the temperature level. Let the gadget cool off for a minimum of 30 minutes before utilizing it again. Next, you should clear the cache, which can be overfilled. If these things don’t assist, update your software. These tips should aid in fixing Samsung tablet.

The tablet doesn’t play audio from loudspeakers

There are a number of troubleshooting possibilities that can support you in repairing your Samsung device’s no-sound issue:

  • Check your audio settings. Probably, it can be turned off.
  • Use the Safe mode. This is a special status that allows you to push the device to run the necessary operating system and disable a lot of background applications.
  • Clean the loudspeaker of dirt and dust.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. This ensures that you’re not joined to external audio that is stealing away your Galaxy tab 18 sound.
Common problems with Samsung tablets and solutions

Device can’t connect to Wi-Fi

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If you have some Galaxy Tab problems with Internet connections, it takes to ensure that the wireless signal is set appropriately and functioning. Maybe the situation isn’t with the device entirely, but rather with the web. Certain Internet connections have a rental period, after which your gadget might be disconnected. It often solves the case.

Once you have web connection issues with your notepad, the easiest method to fix them is to restart the instrument. Also, you can try to forget the network. You'll need to open Internet customization, select the pinion sign near the name of the web, and click Forget.

The tablet does not get e-mails

Your tab is able to open all the applications but can’t receive electronic letters. Some actions can fix this problem:

  1. Launch the App Manager.
  2. Find the Cache.
  3. Clear it.

If that doesn't work, try to open the Email app, tap Menu, then Settings, and delete your email accounts. Thereafter, return them.

Tablet can’t update

Like all modern devices, Samsung tablets have to regularly install renewal in order to keep themselves performing at top capacity. So, there are some Samsung problems and solutions to why your device doesn’t update.

You have a poor network connection to complete the system upgrade. Check the Wi-Fi and try again. Unfortunately, the old version of your device can’t provide new versions of software updates. In this case, you'll have to buy a more recent device to modernize your tablet. You should have enough battery level because this process can take a long time. The other case is the lack of free storage space. Try to delete some programs you don’t use and try again.

Common problems with Samsung tablets and solutions

The tablet is frozen on the boot screen/boot mode

Occasionally it happens that Galaxy tabs get stuck on the boot screen. The matter typically appears when applying for a new renewal or setting up a utility from an unidentified source. There are some answers:

  • Charge your tablet.
  • Pull out the battery.
  • Delete cache data.
  • Open Safe mode.

If your tablet is stuck on the boot screen, look at the explanations we detailed above. We hope that they can help you resolve this bothersome trouble.


Can Safe Mode remove my downloads?

This mode won’t delete any individual files, it will only deactivate third-party applications that you have lodged. This method is mainly for troubleshooting any errors that you may be encountering.

Does a hard reset fix touchscreen concerns?

A factory reset can help if you are participating touch screen issues. If you want to hard reset your tablet, realize that this can probably wipe all data in your device. So, before doing it, you should download and save your information. Inspect your gadget manual to understand how to hard reset it.

What should I do to repair the gadget charger?

Ensure that the adapter is clean, and inspect the cable if there are cracks on it. Since you have done it and the concern isn’t solved, try to restart it or better yet buy a new charger.

Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 turn on?

Push and hold the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time for more than 7 seconds until the gadget restarts.


Now you can see common tablet problems and solutions you can run into on your Samsung device. But all these typical sideways may or may not function. That’s why, if you don’t desire to encounter the annoyance of methods, simply use Howly. This service will support you in fixing the issue in a couple of minutes. Our experts won’t only help you to figure out the reason and solve the problem but also respond to all your extra questions.

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