Oleksandr Lazariev
Tech Expert and Writer
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National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”


  • Laptops
  • macOS and applications
  • iOS applications
  • Electronics & Household
  • Routers
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Alex Lazariev | Tech Expert & Writer | Kyiv, UA
Hello, I’m Alex, a Howly Tech expert and writer, and I want to tell you a bit more about myself.
I am an engineer who loves tackling problems and helping people. I strive to see customers’ perspectives on their problems, not a score-chasing agent’s perspective. I enjoy learning lifehacks & shortcuts, and I leverage that interest to help Howly customers out of their issues.


To write this part about myself, I’ve been trying to remember when I decided to become a tech expert. And the situation that came to my memory was when I watched another specialist fixing the screen on my phone. He was attentive and concentrated while trying to remove all the tiny particles. I was watching him, mesmerized by the process and enchanted by all his moves. Back then, I thought, “Well, becoming a tech sounds right for me,” – and I was right.
Since then, I have spent each day studying the ever-evolving tech world. What I adore most about the sphere is that it keeps developing, and so a tech expert keeps developing, either. Being a good professional means unstoppable work. Even when you don’t work literally, you must keep a curious mind and set yourself tech challenges.
So if you have any questions, I’m online in my chat. The answer may be easier than you think.

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