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Xbox apps not working? Have problems accessing Game Pass on your computer? Your XGP Ultimate subscription fails to work? Being an affordable and advantageous service for players, Xbox Game Pass has millions of subscribers all over the world. Although Microsoft does nice work on its products, many users still report problems with their consoles and Game Pass in particular. If you’re among these lucky gamers, Howly is your best option to fix XGP. 

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Howly experts offer well-thought-out solutions to troubleshoot Game Pass issues on any generation of Xbox consoles. They understand your craving to access hundreds of the best video games right away, so they repair any glitch in the fastest possible time 24/7. In addition, our certified specialists have excellent troubleshooting skills and can also handle problems with user accounts in XGPU as well as the XGP app for PC and mobile.

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People who assist you

People who assist you

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Bothering Xbox Game Pass issues Howly fixes

Game Pass subscription is equally popular among owners of different Xbox series. However, the problems users experience with the service occur irrespective of console generation or the device where they play. If you’re seeking professional help with your issue, you may want to know what bugs and glitches Howly techs fix. Consider them below:

  • sign-in/registration glitches;
  • Xbox game pass pc not working;
  • games fail to launch;
  • game pass fails to start;
  • Xbox app crashes;
  • troubles installing games;
  • game pass bugs after updating the OS;
  • too slow load speeds;
  • Xbox one purchased games not showing;
  • game pass refuses to respond.

There are frequently-encountered XGP and XGPU malfunctions Howly customers report. Your issue may be different – and we’re happy to fix it too!

Why is your Xbox GamePass not working?

While a number of Xbox Game Pass are easy to diagnose, others may be rather confusing. Since determining the cause of a problem is of paramount importance, we’ve prepared a list of the most common culprits of Game Pass malfunctions. 

  • weak Internet;
  • server outages;
  • wrong Microsoft account usage;
  • subscription has lapsed;
  • wrong date and time settings;
  • obsolete OS/software.

Doubt whether any of these causes fit your problem? Ask Howly for help to know it for sure! 

Easiest way to handle Xbox Game Pass problems

It’s little wonder you’re seeking a prompt way to get the Xbox Game Pass glitch fixed. Any console owner wants to enjoy impeccable gameplay without bothering about irritating and strange bugs. And so, Howly experts can provide you with immediate solutions to address your issue and prevent possible problems in the future. Indeed, we work online which makes Howly easily accessible to anyone and troubleshoot Game Pass as quickly as possible. 

However, that’s far from all the perks we offer. Most importantly, our technicians suggest only reliable, proven, and time-tested Game Pass fixes or come up with individual repair methods to fit your case if there’s such a need. Just follow easy guidelines step by step while a proficient specialist assists you. As practice shows, it all takes a minimum of time, so you’ll restore access to the best Xbox games real quickly.

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These are the most common questions about Game Pass Xbox not working bugs from our customers. Failed to find a solution to your Xbox Game Pass problem?

How to deal with a sign-in error when trying to enter Xbox Game Pass on my computer?

Make sure you’re entering the right account and your login and password are valid. Also, keep your Xbox app and PC system up to date. Otherwise, a mere glitch may prevent you from entering XGP.

My Xbox app keeps asking me to join Game Pass even though I’ve already done this. How to fix the bug?

Try to refresh the system cache. Access the Xbox guide and open the Settings menu. Once you’re there, pick System -> choose Console info -> select Reset keeping your apps & games.

What should I do when my Xbox Game Pass loading speed is too slow?

First of all, check the stability, speed, and performance of your internet connection. If the internet is stable, update your Xbox app. As a result, the outdated version may be unreliable and cause Game Pass to load very slowly or crash.

How can I check the state of my XGP subscription?

Sign in to the Microsoft Service webpage using your profile for Microsoft. Hit your avatar and pick My account. Move to the Subscriptions tab and check the status of your XGP subscription.