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In order to verify the cause of the Microsoft Surface issue, you need to run diagnostics before taking any action. If you visit the official Microsoft website, you can contact their support directly, but they won’t be able to fix your problem right away. So instead, you will be asked to follow simple steps to ensure the error is serious. It’s very reasonable, but if you want a quick solution to the problem, it’s worth looking for more prompt help.

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The Howly team consists of the best experts in their fields with many years of experience and constant professional growth. You just need to describe the problem and follow simple instructions. You will not be forced to wait an hour, a day, or a week. Within a minute, a specialist will be connected to you who will cope with correcting the problem. Any doubts left? Let’s first figure out what errors can occur and what exactly we can help you with.

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People who assist you

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With what Microsoft Surface problem Howly can help?

Howly can handle any problem you come across. However, there is a list of the most common hardware and software problems that experts solve most often.

  • Power cord failure. In this case, the specialist can only point out the problem, suggest which cord you need to buy, and tell you exactly how to replace it.
  • Pen failure. The solution to the problem depends on the nature of the error. Experts will help you figure out what’s wrong, but more often than not, it’s just not connected to Bluetooth, or the battery needs to be replaced, leading to the next common Microsoft Surface problem.
  • Battery failure. Before advising which battery is best for you to buy, our experts will help reset the battery driver.
  • Display failure. This issue can also have two event scenarios – a problem with the drivers, and you need to update them, or the screen itself.

What should you do before requesting Microsoft Surface help?

It’s a good idea to ensure that resolving the problem needs more knowledge. Therefore, you have to diagnose the problem before contacting the Microsoft service or googling it.

Run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. It grants access to IT administrators. They conduct research quickly and find faults and problems with equipment, programs, etc. If this is within their competence, then an icon will appear next, where you need to confirm the launch of the fix for problems and problems.

Howly experts advise not to carry out such diagnostics for prevention to prevent the least risks to the system. If the diagnostics didn’t give any results and the Microsoft Surface fix didn’t work, you should seek help. Also, save the check screenshots to provide the expert with a detailed description of the error and independent steps to fix it.

How can you get a service for Surface?

Yes, the official representative can also provide Microsoft Surface help. But the problem is that consultants have certain communication patterns with the client. Therefore, it is quite possible that, at first, you will be asked to repeat the actions that you performed on your own. It will take a considerable amount of time, and there is no guarantee that the issue will actually be fixed.

Howly has an individual approach to resolving each client’s situation. The consultation will not stop until the problem is resolved. Another advantage of our team is speed. You will have to wait at least a day for an official response from Microsoft. Our consultant will respond within a few seconds!

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Look at the most common questions about Microsoft Surface issues our experts answer every day.

What are the most common reasons for the Microsoft Surface fix?

You can notice an error due to:

  • A problem with the cable charging.
  • Climate problem – Surface may freeze or overheat.
  • The device is in Sleep Mode.
Will restarting the device fix the problem?

Sometimes restarting can help to repair a Microsoft Surface problem. The solution is to press and hold the power button for 10-30 seconds or until it restarts, then press again to turn it on. The screen should then light up.

How quickly can Howly fix a Microsoft Surface issue?

If you call the master, they may not come immediately, but only after a day or weeks. However, an online consultation will not keep you waiting long and will help you resolve any problem immediately after it is discovered.