What is Ryobi floating speaker and how to use it

Updated: May 04, 2023
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What is Ryobi floating speaker and how to use it
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If you like fun parties or quiet relaxing meditations by the pool, then this article will be useful for you. You will find out which speaker is suitable for music and light on the water. The Howly team will tell you about a handy waterproof speaker that can also put on light shows.

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What is Ryobi one plus floating speaker?

Ryobi is a quality and well-known brand that annually presents new and unusual devices that make your life brighter. One of the company's developments is a Ryobi 18v one+ p3520 that will make any party awesome and fun. It is a modern waterproof speaker that also is waterproof and can put on unforgettable light shows. The trick is that you can use it on the water, in the pool. You can synchronize your phone with the device and control it. So you can turn on your favorite music in the pool and turn on the light show. But you can use the speaker, not just for parties. For example, you can play calm music when you relax in the pool. Or you can play music in the pool during meditation, or yoga practice.

Pairing via Bluetooth instructions

The process of pairing devices is very straightforward. Even a child can connect the speaker to the phone. Here's a simple tutorial that will help you pair the two devices in just a few steps:

  • First, turn on the speaker. The Bluetooth function will start simultaneously by default.
  • Open the settings on your smartphone or tablet and go to the Bluetooth tab.
  • Open the list of available devices and find the device in the list. Tap it and wait for the devices to sync.
  • Try turning on the music on your smartphone to see if the syncing process works.

What can Ryobi pool light speaker do

What is Ryobi floating speaker and how to use it

The device has several functions that you can easily activate or deactivate according to your mood. For example, after pairing the device with your smartphone, you can play any music from your playlist. You can adjust the volume using the volume buttons on the side of the speaker.

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At dark times, you can add a backlight to the Ryobi pool light and speaker. The LEDs are located along the top half of the speaker cover. And on the bottom are flashlights with round lenses. Thanks to the set and arrangement of different flashlights, you can put on an LED show. The lanterns are turned on with a button on the side panel.

How to use Ryobi one floating speaker in the pool?

For your speaker to last you much longer, you should know how to use it properly in the pool. Here are a few recommendations left by the manufacturer to help you:

  • Before you place the speaker in the swimming pool, make sure that the housing is securely and hermetically sealed. Check all latches on the device enclosure.
  • Do not drown the device in water, throw it in water, or pour water on it. Just gently place it on the surface of the water.
  • Do not disassemble the device while it is in the water. Take it out of the water, let it dry, and then open the latches.


Is it safe to use the device in water?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use the Ryobi pool speaker light in water. The case consists of two parts, which are firmly fastened by snaps. The battery is reliably protected from water and moisture. It is important to make sure that the housing is securely closed before diving.

Can my children play with the device?

Before letting your child use the Ryobi water speaker, it should be explained that it is not a toy. The child can adjust the volume and turn the lights on or off. But you should not throw the product, use it as a ball, and disassemble it into parts.


This article is a quick guide to using the Ryobi pool speaker. Here you can find information on how you can use the device, how to connect it to your smartphone, and rules for using the device in the pool. Share this article with your friends who also like to listen to music by the pool and watch beautiful light shows.

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How long can it work without charging?
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Very fascinating article!
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I was worried that this speaker would be dangerous for children. But your article made me realize that it is perfectly safe to use the speaker in the pool. Thank you!
Hawaiian Ryan
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How is the sound though??
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Very interesting article, thank you! I was just thinking of buying this speaker. Leaven Kevin: We want to have a kids' pool party and were looking for something to add brightness and fun. This speaker is just what we needed. Your article helped us realize that we needed one.
ScHoolboy Q
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Wow, I didn't know this speaker was so functional! I'm going to try it out tomorrow during my workout at the pool.
Fall Hall
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I did not know how to synchronize the speaker. I found instructions in your article and it turned out to be very easy. It worked for me.
Nicole Edwards
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Cool, thanks!
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Thank you! My husband bought this speaker and I didn't even know what it was. Your article helped me and I got it all figured out.

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