Why can’t your iPhone see Bluetooth devices?

Updated: April 13, 2023
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Why can’t your iPhone see Bluetooth devices?
by Jolene Haston
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Usually, iPhones do not see Bluetooth devices due to the use of non-original wireless headsets or connection problems. Lack of access does not always indicate a hardware problem, which a qualified technician should address. Before sending your iPhone in for repair, perform a network setup, and check that the connection is available.

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Professional repairs are required if you can't connect wireless headsets or activate Bluetooth due to worn or broken internal components.

Why is the wireless connection not responding

The wireless network is not working properly if an iPhone does not see a Bluetooth device. Most likely, Bluetooth has stopped turning on for the following reasons:

  • Wireless network search does not work properly
  • The settings in the setup menu are incorrect
  • Cell phone hangs up
  • Headphones and other accessories are faulty
  • The Bluetooth module is damaged

Pressing the button may also produce an error due to the iPhone overheating. Any temperature fluctuations cause all applications to fail so the wireless connection detection procedure may be slow.

Also, you won't be able to connect a headset or speakers if you use non-original accessories. So always choose the devices that Apple recommends for your model.

How to reset all settings

How to reset all settings

When the iPhone hangs up, there can be problems with wireless technology. To get your smartphone back up and running, restart your gadget. After restarting, your iPhone will close all applications, repair any damage, and clear the RAM.

If Bluetooth stops turning on, try disconnecting and reconnecting it. Restart the system completely on both the accessories and the gadget. In more complicated cases, it is recommended to reset all network settings of the cell phone.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the "Basic" category from the "Settings" menu
  • Find the reset tab
  • Press the "Reset Network Settings" button

Content is not deleted during a wireless settings update, but we still recommend you back up your data.

If the available wireless networks cannot be connected after resetting, disconnect the connection to the unresponsive device. To do this, turn off synchronization in the network settings. After a few seconds, try again to find the connection.

In some cases, Bluetooth may not respond due to the transmission of files containing viruses. To remove all malicious applications and documents at once, restore the software.

Stages of downloading new software:

  • Turn off the gadget
  • Launch iTunes on your PC
  • Connect your smartphone to a personal computer
  • Select a gadget in the program
  • Click the "Restore" tab
  • Confirm action

You can restore the software on your iPhone via PC and mobile Internet. The latest iOS version is always available on your smartphone.

Troubleshooting hardware problems

If the wireless connections still don't work properly after rebooting, the reason can be faulty internal elements. Modem, motherboard, or antenna failure can occur due to mechanical damage. So if your iPhone still can't set a wireless connection, it's better to address a professional.

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