SIE PlayStation network charge: how to manage it

Updated: March 16, 2023
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SIE PlayStation network charge: how to manage it
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Has SIE PlayStation ever billed you a sizable sum just out of the blue? Yes, if you are unaware of the numerous PlayStation charges, this could happen for various reasons, which we will discuss in this article. The term SIE PlayStation charge also appears to be unfamiliar to many users. So, here's what you need to know if you've recently been charged without your permission and are concerned about your security.

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Unknown payment or email regarding your account?

Let's take a look at the most popular situations that often happen to console users who experience Sony payment services charge and their solutions:

1. I own an account but don’t recognize a payment

To fix the problem, determine what is causing it first:

  • First, check your payment settings to see whether this is the reason for the SIE PlayStation charge. Maybe you have just been billed a continual subscription price.
  • Was your card charged two or more times during the month? In order to determine whether you have repeatedly bought the same piece of content, review your account's transaction information.
  • Although child profiles don't have their own bank accounts, they can spend money up to a certain limit from the wallet of the parent administrator. When a kid's account is opened through the parent administrator, the spending limit is automatically set to zero. However, a minor can get to the PlayStation Network free of parental controls if they have an adult profile, which is against the rules of use.

Take the following steps if PlayStation Network charges still don't make sense, and you think your account may have been threatened:

  1. Reset your email password. Get in touch with your email service right away if you experience any issues doing so.
  2. Through the PlayStation Online Assistant, you can change your SIE PlayStation Network username and password.
  3. Reach out to PlayStation Support.

2. A mail about a change to my profile is unfamiliar to me

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Another person may be attempting to get into your account if the email doesn't explicitly mention that PlayStation was the one who made the change. To preserve your profile, we advise that you take the following actions:

  1. Update your email app's password. Get in touch with your email service as soon as you can if you have any issues doing so.
  2. If you are capable of changing the password for your email platform, use the Sony Online Assistant to reset the password for your SIE PlayStation Network account.
  3. If you are unable to change your account password, get in touch with client support right away.

3. I don't own an account and don’t recognize a charge or email

If you have no PlayStation or PSN membership but PlayStation Network keeps charging your credit card, your card information may have been stolen and misused.

  • It's reasonable to think that somebody may have used your credit card to purchase a game from the PlayStation Store. You might choose to negotiate the payment with your bank if you discover a SIE PlayStation charge on your account that isn't connected to any purchases in your transactions history (or any renewals you anticipated). In order to report fraudulent use, get in touch with your bank that very minute (the contact information is on the card's reverse side). If your card was used with another PSN Account, discussing the payment will result in a refund to PSN and the suspension of the PSN Account that performed the purchase (until the charges are paid back). After that, if it continues, you might want to go a little beyond and register your card as missing, deactivate it, and have a replacement one sent to you that includes a new number.
  • It also may be that another person put up an account going by your email address. Reset your email password right away and get in touch with us if you see a PSN email that you don't recognize. Please get in touch with your email service if you're having trouble accessing your profile. If you are unable to enter your account or reset your password, contact client support for assistance in securing your account.

4. My PlayStation system has been stolen

If your PlayStation system has gone missing but SIE PlayStation purchases continue, you should change your PSN credentials with the help of the PlayStation Online Assistant and delete all payment options from your system:

  1. Log into Account Management first.
  2. Choose Payment Management.
  3. Click Delete a payment option.
SIE PlayStation network charge

Disable PlayStation auto-renewal on your computer

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The simplest way to get rid of PlayStation Network charges on your computer is to cancel automatic renewal:

  • Use a web browser to look up PlayStation, or go to the original PlayStation website by clicking this link.
  • To stop auto-renewal, sign in to your PlayStation system.
  • Access Account settings by selecting My Playstation in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Access media, and on the final page, scroll to the bottom to see PlayStation Plus/PlayStation Now.
SIE PlayStation network charge
  • Find Cancel automatic renewal from PlayStation Plus/PlayStation Now.

How to cancel your subscription

By now, you must already be aware of what is SIE PlayStation Network charge and how you are required to pay it. But if you want to stop monthly payments, just follow these steps:

  • Access Settings.
  • Opt for Account Management.
SIE PlayStation network charge
  • Choose Account Information.
  • Opt for PlayStation Subscription.
SIE PlayStation network charge
  • Choose the membership that you want to end.
  • To stop auto-renewal, use the Turn Off button.

You will then be able to cancel your membership. If you don't activate it again, it won't extend on its own. After that, you may always modify your PlayStation payments.

How to set up a PlayStation default payment option

PlayStation charges your credit card, but it was the wrong one? There are only a few steps you need to take to add a default payment option to PlayStation. You can follow the instructions below to add a form of payment:

  1. Access the PlayStation Store.
  2. Choose your Online ID.
  3. Visit the Payment Management window.
  4. Select Add a Payment Method.

As soon as you type in the payment information, you will stop receiving PlayStation charges.

How to access the PlayStation Store with no credit card

SIE PlayStation network charge

For a lot of people, PlayStation will immediately activate your auto-renewal anytime there is a PS4 software upgrade!

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You could attempt to receive compensation if this happens, but doing so will take up time and effort, and there is an easier method to prevent it from happening.

There is a method to access the PlayStation Store and subscribe to PlayStation Plus with no credit card! How do you go about it? Purchase pre-paid cards!

The next best thing to endlessly remove and change your card info anytime you buy games is to use the vouchers, which secures that PlayStation won't ever bill your card. Sure, they may be a little more expensive than using your bank card, but buying the cards guarantees that Sony won't have your credit card info.

Contact client support

If you've followed all the aforementioned solutions and are convinced that all information has been entered properly, but you're still getting an error notice that reads anything similar to "Invalid Credit Card Information," you should get in touch with Sony.

There are times when there is simply nothing you're able to do, and that is when Sony payment services charge must intervene. There are many ways to get in touch with them, including their official Twitter page and live help chats. Sony has a pretty good history when it comes to client service; therefore, most of the time you'll be able to fix your problem.


What to do if PlayStation keeps charging my card?

PlayStation charges indicate that Sony itself has billed you if you receive a fee for them. They might automatically charge you for different reasons at various times monthly, and your current account will show the payments.

Can you use a prepaid card on the SIA PlayStation Network?

Yes, indeed. Using gift certificates (PSN cards) or putting money on a confirmed voucher gift card, you could use gift vouchers and credit cards simultaneously on the PlayStation Store.

Is it possible to add a payment option to PlayStation?

To access payment methods, go to Account > Payment and Subscriptions.

How to set a default PlayStation Store payment option?

  1. Log in to the PlayStation Store by clicking Sign In in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Under your Online ID, go to Payment Management > Add Payment Method.
    Type in your credit card details.


We know how frustrating it may feel to receive a PlayStation charge you know nothing about. It may be just a simple mistake on your part or a lag in Sony system. Either way, don’t start to panic just now, because, with the help of this article and our Howly specialists, we are certain you will be able to get things fixed and go back to enjoying your Play Station time.

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