Kindle charger cord troubleshooting

Updated: April 17, 2023
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Kindle charger cord troubleshooting
by Oliver Maslou
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Seeing Kindle charging issues is not the best life experience for those who like to read. It lowers overall usability, causes unexpected issues, and provides stress. That’s why we gather the most common Kindle charging port problems with resolutions to them.

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Two main reasons why your Kindle may not charge

We can split all causes for this issue into two big categories: software and hardware. You can easily fix software glitches at home. Hardware problems are more complicated: the troubleshooting process often requires buying spare parts or visiting a repair station.

Software factors why your Kindle doesn’t charge

Sometimes, a tablet may not recognize a cord. It mostly happens when you change the old wire or adapter to a new one. Make sure that it suits your Kindle version.

Check the reader’s battery. It may be too low, so the system refuses to charge the device. It also relates to the “Critical Battery” message. Plug your reader to power and leave it for 30+ minutes. It needs time to charge to the minimum acceptable level.

Hardware factors why your Kindle is not charging

Kindle charger cord troubleshooting

Sometimes, your Kindle may not charge because your cord won’t fit US power system requirements. If you bought a Kindle charger on your Europe trip, it may not work when you get back home. Make sure that you use an Amazon power adapter for the US power system, or connect a USB cord to your computer and charge the reader that way.

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Try to charge your Kindle with other cords. If the reader works with other wires, you have a broken cord. Replace it.

If the wire is charging other devices except for your Kindle, you have port issues or a dead battery. In both cases, the solution lies in repairing broken detail. If you see a clogged or loose socket, you are facing kindle fire charger port problems. In other cases, it’s a dead battery.

If you are confident in your repair skills, contact Howly experts for step-by-step repair instructions tailored just for you. If you are not confident in your hard skills, visit the nearest service station.


Why is my Kindle not charging?

It can be a software glitch, inappropriate power adapter, damaged cord, loose charging port, or dead battery. Run our troubleshooter to find the source of the problem.

How can I find out that I have a loose Kindle charging port?

Find a new spare charging cord and plug it into a Kindle. If the device refuses to charge, you have issues with a charging port.

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