Factory reset of Echo Dot: a detailed walkthrough on how to reset Alexa Echo Dot

Updated: June 12, 2023
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Factory reset of Echo Dot: a detailed walkthrough on how to reset Alexa Echo Dot
by Mykola Diakun
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Worry your Echo Dot speaker doesn't react to your commands or start acting in an unexpected way? It can be a software issue, that is easy to fix with a factory reset. You can do it by yourself within a few minutes — just read this guide! We’re about to explain to you how to reset Echo Dot to its default factory configuration. So, keep with us to learn how to quickly fix your device.

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What is a factory reset and why is it needed?

Factory reset refers to setting your device back to its original defaults. All your personalized settings will be erased from the device you reset. It may be advisable to factory reset Echo Dot in case:

  • A speaker doesn’t work properly (doesn’t respond to you, react to your commands, etc.).
  • You want to sell your smart speaker and need to clear all your data from it.
  • You want to fix the bad connection of the Echo Dot with your other devices.

If you have some of these problems, take a look at the instruction below to fix them.

How to factory reset Echo Dot: 2 methods

There 2 ways to clear all information and configurations applied to your Echo Dot. You have the option either to use the Alexa mobile application to factory reset Echo Dot or utilize a button on your device. Take a look down below for more detailed information on each method.

Get back to the original configuration through the Alexa app

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Here is a guide on how to reset Echo Dot utilizing the Alexa application:

  • From the menu bar navigate to the Devices section → Echo & Alexa.
Factory reset of Echo Dot
  • Pick the Echo speaker you need to restore.
  • In the right corner at the top choose Settings. Find and tap the Deregister option.

You’ll need to wait a little for the device to finish the reset and then it’s ready to go.

Echo factory reset with a function button

If you want to factory reset Alexa without the app, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Action button on your device.
Factory reset of Echo Dot
  • Hold it for approximately 15-20 seconds, until the device tells a factory reset is started. Note, that after holding for 5 seconds, the device will switch to the setup mode, but you should keep holding for another 10 seconds.
  • The speaker will finish the restoration process in 1 minute.

The instruction is slightly different for the 2nd Generation devices. You need to hold 2 buttons instead of the Action button: Volume Down and Microphone Off.


Both methods described above work well, so it’s up to you which way to choose. Just make sure you follow each step in the guide and you’ll reset it without any problems.

And if you face some problems while resetting your speaker, don’t hesitate and contact Howly experts. They will guide you via online chat on how to reset an Alexa Echo smart speaker. They’re available 24/7 and answer quickly to make sure you’ll get help without delays.

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