How to redeem Xbox code: on the console, Microsoft Store, and any other device

Updated: June 09, 2023
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How to redeem Xbox code: on the console, Microsoft Store, and any other device
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It’s pretty common to present a gift card as a gift. That way a sender can be sure that the recipient can get the desirable game for free or with a big discount. But how to redeem an Xbox gift card and can you use it or any game in the store? There are two of the most popular questions on Microsoft-related forums.

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Another one is the possibility to redeem Microsoft code and spend it on more office things. It becomes a relevant question to freelancers, who need to buy tools on their own.

And today we want to share all ways to redeem the Xbox code safely, so you can use every opportunity that a gift card offers you. Stick to our instructions and everything will go perfectly.

How to identify the Xbox redeem code

Xbox redeem code

Look for a long string of code. Usually, it’s 25 characters long and split into five equal blocks. You can find this code on physical or digital gift cards. You can download a digital card on the Microsoft site or at authorized resellers.

How to redeem Xbox gift card: 4 prompt ways

You have 4 different options to redeem a card from Xbox. You can do this from your web browser on the official Xbox site, on the Xbox mobile application, on the console itself, or in the Microsoft application store. Some may say that it’s the way to redeem codes for Live, but it’s just a rumor. Steam and Xbox are two different application stores, so they can’t sync.

From a PC or mobile web browser

Xbox redeem code

One of the easiest ways to redeem the Xbox code is to go to the browser and open the official Redeem Microsoft page. Enter your account credentials to sign in and choose Next to confirm.

banner 3

Once you landed on the redeem page, ensure that your Xbox console is synced with this account. Click on the Devices button. Press Backspace or click on the back virtual button to get back to the redeem page.

Enter the redeem code and choose Next → Confirm. From now on you can use all card benefits. If it’s a money gift card, you can spend it on any app in the store. If you have a code for a specific game, install it and use it for in-app transactions.

On Xbox

Xbox redeem code

If you want to redeem the Xbox gift right on the console, use the instructions from this section. It’s easy to implement:

  1. Press the physical Xbox key on the controller. It’s the big X button right on top of the controller. It will launch a menu.
  2. Choose the Store and press the View button. It looks like multiple opened app windows. This button is located right below the Xbox button.
  3. Once you see the Redeem button, choose it with direction pads.
  4. Enter the Xbox code using the on-screen keyboard. Pick the Check code option.
  5. Once you check the corresponding email and everything works fine, choose Close.

Congrats! You’ve just redeemed the Xbox gift card, so you can use it in the app store to buy what you want. If it’s a card for some game, you can use its benefits only there with in-app purchases.

In the Microsoft Store on Windows

Xbox redeem code

If you want to buy a new game with the gift card money on your PC, we recommend you redeem your Xbox card on the Microsoft Store. Here is your instruction:

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Look for the Microsoft Store in the app’s list.
  3. Click on your profile icon and choose Redeem in the menu.
  4. Write the code and choose Next.

Once the system confirms your Microsoft Store redeem, you can use that money on any app in the store. If this is a card for a specific app, use it there.

In the Xbox app

Xbox redeem code

You can even redeem Xbox on your phone or tablet. Install the official Xbox app and use this instruction:

banner 6
  1. Launch the app and sign into it with the same email that you use in the Xbox console.
  2. Tap on the three stacked lines on the left part of the screen.
  3. Look for the Store menu and pick Redeem.
  4. Write the code and tap on next.

Wait for a few moments until the system redeems the Xbox code. Go back to the app and use your money on what you want in the store. If it’s a code for some app, you can’t use it on other applications, but you can use it for in-app purchases or upgrade it to the Premium version available in Microsoft Store.


How to redeem an Xbox Game Pass on my browser?

Sign into your Xbox account, open the account menu, and choose the Redeem option. Write the code into the service and wait until the system registers this code. From this moment, you can use it on any app from the Xbox store.

How to enter codes on Xbox One?

Press the physical Xbox button on the controller to launch the menu. Select Store and press View. Use the direction keys to finding the Redeem option. Type the code and choose Confirm.

Is it possible to redeem a Microsoft account?

Yes, you can buy many Xbox-available games from the Microsoft Store. Just ensure that you sign into the same account both on the computer and console.

Wrapping up

You have 4 ways to redeem the game pass code on Xbox: right on the console itself, from any web browser, via mobile app, or in the Microsoft Store. They all have similar guidelines, so it would be easy to stick with them.

Open the Xbox-related service, sign into it, click on your profile picture, and choose Redeem. Type the code into a new window and wait for a few moments until the system syncs with the code with your account. That’s all! We hope that you’ll get the best time enjoying all benefits of that game card. Good luck!

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