How to fix a frozen iPhone 11

Updated: April 13, 2023
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How to fix a frozen iPhone 11
by Oliver Maslou
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iPhone, like other phone brands, can freeze. The reasons can be different: from the fact that you forgot to charge it to more complex functional issues. If you notice that your iPhone 11 has a frozen screen, don’t rush to take it to a technical service for repair. Our guide will help you get your iPhone working again.

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Charge up your iPhone

Your phone may be simply discharged and that is why you cannot restart it. Therefore, the first step in order to fix a frozen screen is to connect the phone to power. When the device is low, the phone tries to reduce the load, so the processor frequency decreases. The system starts to slow down or freeze. Also, turning off power saving mode helps save your iPhone's battery, but also slows down its performance.

H2: Force reboot your iPhone 11

The iPhone can hang on the apple icon for various reasons:

  • incorrect iOS update;
  • the poorly conducted jailbreak process;
  • problems with the processor, poor repair;
  • dropping or contact with moisture.

The reason that your iPhone is frozen can also be If your phone has been physically damaged, you need to take it to a service center. If you cannot restart the iPhone when frozen, the option will be forced to reboot.

How to fix a frozen iPhone 11

Push and release the volume-up button

If you want to fix your iPhone when the screen is frozen, you need to press and release the volume-up button. This feature works with older iPhone models. To restart your iPhone 11, hold the volume down button for a while until the phone turns on. The next step is described below.

Push and release the volume-down button

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Hold the volume up button. Without releasing it, press the volume down button. After that press the Power button. Check that you have followed the steps in the correct order.

Press and hold the side button until the screen is reset

Remember that in addition to the usual procedure for properly rebooting the phone, you can enter the so-called recovery mode. To turn off iPhone 11 when frozen, you need to hold down the volume up and down buttons for a while. Then you should hold down and hold the Power button. After a couple of seconds, the iPhone should connect to iTunes, and there will be a notification on the screen about the problem. Click the “Update” button.

How to fix a frozen iPhone 11

Use online tools, such as DrFone

How to fix a frozen iPhone 11

If you have tried all the methods described above, but your iPhone 11 screen is frozen and can't turn off, use a program such as Dr.Fone. If you want all the features, you will need to purchase them. The software eliminates all types of screen lock.

To restart the phone when frozen, do the following:

  1. Download Dr.Fone from the official website and install it on your computer.
  2. Run the program and click on the Repair icon.
  3. Click on the Standard Mode button.
  4. Connect iPhone to computer.
  5. Wait while the application detects your smartphone model and finds the latest version.
  6. Click on Start and wait for the firmware to install.

Reset your phone via iTunes

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If you restarted your phone, but it hangs again when you turn it on, try a software recovery. For this:

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer.
  2. In Settings > [your name] > iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  3. If iTunes asks you to provide a password or make this computer trusted, follow the program's instructions for solving the error.
  4. When the device is displayed in the program, select it in the panel on the left.
  5. On the Overview tab, go to the Restore iPhone option.

Restore iPhone to fix iPhone stuck in DFU mode

Putting your phone into DFU mode is the solution to fix serious issues on your device. For example, when your iPhone is frozen and the image is stuck on the brand icon. Check if your device is backed up your device to your computer or iCloud before using this version of the solution. TFollow the steps below to enter the mode:

  1. Connect your smartphone via wire to a computer or laptop where iTunes is installed.
  2. Click on the volume up button.
  3. Click on the volume down.
  4. Hold the lock key for 10 seconds, and wait for a completely black display.
  5. While continuing to hold the side button, hold the volume down button for a few seconds.
  6. If everything is done correctly, the indicator will be the remaining completely black screen. If you make a mistake somewhere, some text or logo (Apple or iTunes) may appear.
  7. It remains to open iTunes on the computer. The program screen should display the notice “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. There will also be an offer to restore the iOS operating system on your device.
How to fix a frozen iPhone 11

Contact Apple Support if needed

Don't forget that you can turn to Apple for quality support. Specialists usually answer on the official website, where you can also find brief instructions for solving any issue. In order to get basic knowledge on how to fix a frozen iPhone, go to the “Support” section and enter keywords in the search box in order to find the article you need. For the convenience of obtaining technical support, we advise you to install the appropriate application.


Can I use the instructions in the article to reboot older iPhone models?

No, since older iPhone models have different functionality, rebooting them has some differences.

I followed the instructions, but the phone did not recover. What else can be done?

To unfreeze iPhone 11, not only the instruction but also other solutions can help. For example, if your phone is overheating, leave it in a room at room temperature and in the shade.

Is it safe to enter DFU mode?

It is safe to use this method, but you need to be aware that your data is likely to be deleted. If your phone is frozen and won't do anything, try to reboot it first and restore it.


Our guide will help any iPhone 11 user to reset and restore it. If you have taken all measures, and your iPhone 11 is frozen, contact Howly specialists. We will help you understand the causes of the problem step by step and offer the best and most effective solutions to the problem. Do not wait for a trip to the service center — contact our chat right now!

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