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How to cancel Netflix subscription with Howly

Updated: February 3, 2023

Netflix offers a variety of unique shows and movies, providing high-quality content to its fans. However, the service lost nearly 1.4 million subscribers last year, and the tendency to cancel Netflix account still keeps going. The reasons are simple – living costs are rising and so do subscription prices, password sharing will soon become impossible, and numerous annoying ads appear. But the most popular reason lies in the fact that people subscribe to see new movie/series releases and then quit the membership when there’s nothing more to watch. Luckily, Netflix made it simple to get rid of premiums. In this guide, Howly sheds light on the process to make it simple. You’ll learn how to cancel Netflix subscription on iPhone, PC, Android, and other services.  

Can’t cancel my Netflix account – issues users report

No matter how simple the process of subscription cancellation is, no one is immune from trouble. Howly knows that for sure since customers are coming to our experts for help with a whole variety of requests concerning the inability to cut ties with Netflix. These are the issues we solve most frequently:

  • recurring bills after membership cancellation;
  • inability to log into the account of the subscription holder;
  • no option to cancel a Netflix account;
  • troubles when suspending payments.

We’ll help you with these bugs and problems with ease. Moreover, Howly specialists will handle any other subscription issues for you.

How to cancel Netflix membership on PC

If you use your smart TV or PC to stream Netflix content, we offer you to explore the most efficient solution to cancel Netflix on TV or directly on your computer. Everything is simple. The presented guidelines with come in handy.

  1. In any browser you like, open Netflix and sign in.How to cancel Netflix
  2. Move to the Account section by tapping the menu icon in the corner of the page.Cancel Netflix
  3. You’ll spot the Cancel Membership button easily – it’s located at the top of the page (in the Membership & Billing section).Netflix account

How to cancel Netflix on iPhone

If you watch Netflix on your Apple phone and signed up for the service via the same device, you can unsubscribe effortlessly through your profile in Settings. Check out the steps:

  1. Access Setting and tap your account name.
  2. In the next menu, hit Subscriptions.
  3. Find Netflix -> tap it -> pick Cancel.

Netflix iphone

How to cancel your Netflix account via Android

If you’re willing to cancel Netflix subscription on phone with Android OS, this is just as easy as on iPhones. The algorithm is similar, but you should unsubscribe via Google Play Store.

  1. Tap on your account picture and pick Payments & Subscriptions.
  2. Open the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Find Netflix and terminate your membership by hitting the button.

Netflix android

How to cancel Netflix on app

The Netflix app is just as popular as the web version of the site. Millions of movie fans use it to access top-notch content conveniently. The great thing is that the app is available and well-optimized for various mobile operating systems. Therefore, both iPhone and Android holders can stream Netflix on their devices. To complete the process with no hustle, do what’s said below:

  1. Launch the app and hit your account icon.
  2. Pick Account.
  3. Get down the page, spot the button to end the subscription, and hit it.

Cancel Netflix membership


It seems that my Netflix account is hacked. What should I do?

If you have concerns about your account being hacked, check it out on the Account page. Find the section called Security & Privacy and tap Manage devices & access. If you see a suspicious device location, change your login details right away.

How to cancel Netflix on Roku?

Start by hitting Home on the remote. Highlight the Netflix channel and press “*” to get to the menu of options. Pick Manage subscription and then confirm your decision to cut ties with the service by tapping Cancel.

I can’t find a button to cancel my Netflix subscription. How to deal with this problem?

There may be two reasons for your problem. Firstly, you may have entered the wrong account – check the credentials you’ve used to log in. Secondly, you may be billed via another service – check the billing info on your Account page.


Whether you’ve decided to save your money and get rid of the burden of paying another Netflix bill, or you’ve just ended your favorite series and your subscription no longer makes sense – you can cancel it easily. Your options vary, primarily depending on the way you subscribed. So, you can break ties with Netflix via PC, smart TV, phone, Roku, and many other devices. Feel free to use the guidelines presented in this article, and you will succeed. If you need instant expert help or direct instructions on any possible issue – Howly is the best place to go. Our technicians know all the tricks and solutions concerning the cancellation of the Netflix plan. Thus, we’ll help you in minutes remotely or via a convenient live chat!  

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    I am disappointed. They renew only ridiculously bad shows, all the good stuff is canceled!
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    Finally, I canceled my subscription.
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    Too many shows get canceled so I have decided to sever ties with the platform.
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    I tried to terminate my subscription but had problems logging into my account. Howly helped, thank you very much!
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