How to cancel Massage Envy with Howly

Updated: May 09, 2023
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How to cancel Massage Envy with Howly
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Although the service provides customized skincare services operating as a nationwide wellness franchise with a good reputation and thousands of satisfied clients, many want to cancel the Massage Envy membership. And it turns out to be a hot topic for hundreds of consumers. Based on real-life testimonials, people start thinking ME punishes them for their desire to quit. The process may become tricky and confusing for those who don't know the right way.

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Do you feel lost playing guessing games? Don't worry. Howly is here to help you stop paying for irrelevant services, whether you have bought a 3-month, a 6-month, or an annual pass. Our experts are well-versed in similar contracts. They will easily sort it all out. So, keep reading to be aware of how to cancel a Massage Envy membership.

How to cancel my Massage Envy membership in the store

Getting in touch with the nearest ME service is the right step. However, you should understand that it is about a franchise, meaning a bit different processes depending on the store. That's why please take some time to listen to the manager's instructions and take into account the rules. But generally, the main algorithm looks as follows:

  1. Request the company to cancel the Massage Envy contract in written form. Please remember to specify your first and last name. Besides, add contact information like phone number, postal address, and the date you made the agreement.
  2. Bring the letter to the ME facility in your area and hand it over to the reception.
  3. Ask the manager when you can expect your membership to be terminated. In addition, reveal details about possible fees.
  4. Require papers that prove your Massage Envy cancel membership.

After that, you may rest assured of the desired outcome. As a rule, Massage Envy representatives keep you informed about all details and provide clear explanations and instructions.

How do I cancel my Massage Envy membership with my doctor?

How to cancel Massage Envy

Just a few people know (most ME outlets don't announce that in large print) that you can cancel the Massage Envy form through your family doctor. Moreover, you have the right to appeal to your dentist, dermatologist, or chiropractor. Generally, anyone with an MD to terminate the contract. To that end, you should demonstrate the impossibility of direct contact with Massage Envy. So, it's great if you remember to bring your proof of residency. It means a rental agreement, driver's license, car insurance, or utility bill that indicates your domicile is at least 25 miles away from any ME location, including the store where you registered.

Proceed with Massage Envy cancel appointment via email

How to cancel Massage Envy

Do you want to know how to cancel the Massage Envy membership online? Nothing is easier if you head to the company's official website. After that, you should take four simple steps:

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  1. Sign in to enter your account.
  2. Please email UNKNOWN TAG — ins to request your subscription cancellation.
  3. Include all of your personal details.
  4. Wait for a confirmation notification once your termination goes into effect.

You can act in the same manner from your mobile device. Still, remember to use the service's in-browser version, since ME doesn't have a standalone app. Do you have additional questions? In this case, you can describe all issues in your email. However, we'd recommend you contact the representative in person to clarify all nuances.

Cancel Massage Envy appointment considering the 10-day cancellation policy

The ME company has a specific cancellation rule. On the one hand, it allows people to stop paying anytime. On the other hand, however, the policy obliges clients to stick to a 10-day cancellation period. How does it work? Suppose your draft is on the 15th of April, but you want to cancel Massage Envy on the 9th of April. In this case, the subscription fee for the 15th will still be in force. To avoid misunderstanding, please consider requesting to stop your membership on the 4th to prevent the draft on the 15th from processing.


Can I get a refund when I cancel the Massage Envy membership 2018?

The membership is non-refundable. Instead, clients have 70 days (60 days + a 10-day cancellation hold) to use the remaining services.

How to cancel Massage Envy with the Pay In Full (PIF) account?

A PIF account means you've paid for the entire period in a lump sum or every month with auto-renewal. In this situation, you proceed the same way described above. However, you should be in your area at the time of subscribing to cancel the Massage Envy appointment without extra fees.

How do I cancel the Massage Envy membership if I have a three-day trial?

Those buying a 3-day contract may easily terminate their subscriptions in stores, with their doctors, or via emails without penalization and additional terms.


As you see, Massage Envy may behave in different ways sometimes. For example, you may do everything correctly but run into non-responsive agents or s failed to reach an agreement over extra charges. Besides, some prefer to be proactive and reveal details before requesting cancellation. Well, Howly experts are always willing to help and provide the necessary consultations. The expert team is accessible around the clock and ready to solve your problem in the best possible way.

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Stella Kids
Invalid Date
Customer support could be better. So, I think, Howly's tips will come in handy for many people.
Invalid Date
I pay for my membership but experience difficulties with making appointments. So, I'm going to cancel.
Anita Cox
Invalid Date
My esthetician is knowledgeable and skillful. Therefore, I currently don't want to terminate my contract.
Invalid Date
Good guidelines, Howly! I followed and succeeded.
Diego Almadores
Invalid Date
A local agent rarely supports customers but advises them to appeal to the corporation.
Invalid Date
I adore the customized facial near me. So, no problems for now.
Samantha Spenser
Invalid Date
Long-term contracts are sh*t.
Jessika Broody
Invalid Date
I try to solve big issues with ME, but the representative doesn't respond.
Invalid Date
I guess they are common predators. So, I canceled based on Howly's guide and found another company.
Invalid Date
Very smart. The company gives a whopping number of prepaid services and zero time to use them after contract termination.
Melodie Branch
Invalid Date
Good advice, Howly! I just decided to cancel my ME contract. So, you are on time.
Anastasia Warner
Invalid Date
I talked to different people and saw that the client service varies dramatically.
Helga Gruber
Invalid Date
The front desk way is the easiest to my mind. You can always ask more questions and get instant answers.
Invalid Date
The ME facility in my area has been responsive and forthcoming. No problems with my subscription termination.
Billy Bradshaw
Invalid Date
Interestingly, some franchise stores ignore contracts, doing their own things.
Rich Mobie789
Invalid Date
I have dealt with that mess. Sorry not to find such clear tips before.
Invalid Date
I don't like their policy. It turns out that the service credits expire once you cancel the agreement.
Carol Smith
Invalid Date
Unluckily, the company follows the contract you've signed. However, you will barely get collection bills from them. So, you may stop paying and wait for them to give up.
Brittany Fox
Invalid Date
Thanks, Howly, for an understandable explanation.

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