How to cancel GEICO insurance subscription: 5 things that you should know

Updated: March 14, 2023
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How to cancel GEICO insurance subscription: 5 things that you should know
by Jake Jeong
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GEICO is one of the most favored insurance companies in the USA. But they are not the only ones in the market, so you may want to try the services of another company. And that’s when you ask yourself how to cancel GEICO insurance the most efficiently. Do they only work with the hotline? Is it possible to cancel GEICO insurance without calling?

Before we start

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It’s sad to say, but it’s not. You need to make an actual call and speak to the manager. There is no way to stop GEICO insurance on the app. Some forums may scare you that it may take 3-5 hours. But it’s not true! Stick to those easy Howly guidelines and you will be able to cancel your insurance with GEICO in less than an hour!

Do you need to pay a fee when you cancel the GEICO auto insurance policy?

No, you can withdraw it anytime you want. But if you are from North Carolina, you may face a small fee when you try to withdraw your subscription earlier than the specified time.

But we got great news for you! If you have renters insurance of GEICO and you still got unused months of your insurance, you’ll get a refund for the unused period.

If you miss your payment and post-deadlines, GEICO will cancel your insurance automatically. The missed payment period is nine days. If you don’t pay for the next billing period, your subscription stops automatically. But it still would be better to cancel GEICO auto insurance manually, so you can be sure you don’t have their membership.

Why you may cancel GEICO auto insurance policy: list of possible reasons

When you withdraw your membership, you should tell the support an eligible reason. Here are some common reasons which you can say to the agent for revoking your GEICO auto insurance:

  • you are flying out of the US and don’t know when you get back;
  • you can’t afford insurance;
  • you sold your vehicle;
  • you want to get a different type of policy;
  • you found insurance from another company;
  • you found complex insurance, so you want to withdraw separate GEICO home insurance and car policy;
  • you change the marital status.

You can use those reasons even to withdraw GEICO motorcycle insurance. The main thing is to be confident when you say it to the agent.

What you should know before you start to cancel insurance on GEICO

GEICO call center

As we told you before, it’s impossible to revoke GEICO insurance on the app, so you better be prepared for the phone call. That way you can stop your membership efficiently and almost immediately.

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1. Know the laws of your state

The agent may tell you that it’s illegal to cancel GEICO home insurance in advance when in reality it’s not. So, it would be better to know the legal requirements for your state, so you’ll be sure that you stick with the law. This is especially true for the GEICO car insurance policy.  You should have at least some coverage to have the right to drive a car. Consequences for driving without any coverage vary by state and even county. But everywhere you are risking:

  • You may receive a fine.
  • An officer may stop your driver’s license or registration.
  • SR-22 insurance filing requirement.

So it would be better to find insurance before you call to withdraw car insurance on GEICO.

2. Inform the company that you wish to withdraw your membership

Take a closer look at your contract. Usually, if you tell the GEICO support agent that you wish to withdraw GEICO motorcycle insurance right before your contract ends, you may get some cancellation fees. Your policy may automatically renew, so you’ll try to withdraw the new insurance instead of the old one. That’s why you get fees, even though you thought that you won’t have any.

That’s why it’s important to notify a carrier that you want to revoke the GEICO insurance policy in advance. Read the contract to find the best time when you won’t get any fees.

3. Sign for new insurance before you withdraw the GEICO car insurance policy

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If you are afraid of penalties and the legal side of the deal, find a substitute before you stop your membership. Moreover, it can be a serious reason that you may tell the GEICO support agent. It applies to the cancellation of GEICO motorcycle insurance and other types of coverage.

That way you show the system that you are a responsible client that wishes to stay safe. So you may even get some discount which eases your transition period.

4. Tell the support agent why you want to cancel GEICO renters insurance

This trick will help you if you want to change your policy to be more profitable but don’t want to change the carrier. The insurance market is competitive. Thus, many carriers are ready to make concessions just to keep you with them.

So you can tell the agent why you want to withdraw auto insurance on GEICO. They often give you highly profitable deals just to make you stay with them.

5. Consider suspending rather than quitting

Under some circumstances, it will be more profitable to pause your membership rather than look at how to withdraw a GEICO car insurance policy online. Suspending pauses the policy, so you won’t pay a penny for it. And when you’ll be ready to restore it, just make a short phone call.

Tell the agent that you want to renew your insurance. In some cases, it will be more profitable to make this trick rather than revoking the auto insurance on GEICO.

How to cancel GEICO car insurance over the phone

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It’s the only way to withdraw your GEICO membership. Follow these guidelines to cancel renters insurance:

  1. Call 1-(800)- 841-15-87. It’s a free hotline.
  2. Choose to talk to the GEICO support agent.
  3. You’ll hear a voice bot.
  4. Say “I want to cancel insurance” or something highly similar to it. After this, say “Auto” or “Car”.
  5. Tell your GEICO policy number. The system redirects you to the agent, so you’ll get further individual instructions.

That’s how you can revoke a GEICO insurance policy in less than 20-40 minutes


Is it possible to cancel a GEICO auto insurance policy online?

No, it’s not. You can’t cancel GEICO insurance through the app. The only way to stop your membership is by calling a hotline and asking for support.

Can another person cancel my GEICO renters insurance?

Only if they have policyholder rights. If you want another person to withdraw your GEICO car insurance, you should go to the attorney with them and give them policyholder rights.

How to cancel my GEICO insurance if I don’t remember the account number?

Call the GEICO hotline and provide the support agent with as much information as possible about you. Tell them your full name, address, ID card number, vehicle plate number, etc. It helps you stop GEICO renters insurance.

How to cancel the GEICO car insurance policy online?

There is no way to stop your GEICO insurance online. You should call the hotline and ask the support agent to revoke your insurance.

Final Thoughts

The insurance market is still old-fashioned. Tech and other services companies give their users a lot of ways to quit, but you still can’t withdraw GEICO auto insurance online. The only way to stop your policy is by calling the hotline.

And if you want to make it fast, you should be well prepared. Provide your full name, address, contact number, and why you want to withdraw the insurance policy GEICO. After this, the help agent will convince you to stay, giving profitable deals.

If you want to cancel GEICO home insurance they may persuade you that you need at least some coverage for the house.  Car owners may hear that it’s illegal to drive a car without coverage, so they can provide you with another deal.

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