Apple headphones' mic is not working: what will help?

Updated: April 30, 2023
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Apple headphones' mic is not working: what will help?
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Headphones have long ceased to be just a tool for listening to music. Today, with their help, you can communicate, listen to books, study, and all this on the go. But what if “Apple headphones mic not working with Skype” or you need to make a meaningful conversation on the road, and the device does not work? How to fix the mic on Apple headphones?

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Try one of the described methods to find and fix the problem with your microphone.

Make sure your earphones have a mic

Some headphone models (usually it’s wired headphones with mini-Jack) do not include a microphone. Therefore, if you just purchased a pair of headphones and cannot turn on the microphone, check if the selected model has one.

If yes, go to the next paragraph and find out why the mic on Apple headphones is not working.

Check the connection

The first and easiest thing you can do if your headphone mic or Apple Earpods mic is not working—is to check the connection of the headphones to the phone. Perhaps you accidentally disconnected and did not notice it.

If this is the case, reconnect and test the microphone. All modern iPhones have only a Lightning connection. So if you need to check your Lightning headphones, use another iPhone or iPad. Macbook doesn’t have this post.

Also, you may face mic glitches because you are using non-genuine headphones. Apple tries its best to create are equally good user experience for all users. So, they prevent the usage of non-genuine accessories on a hardware level. Ensure that you have Apple headphones or use MFI-supported devices.

Check permissions

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If you want to use the microphone in some applications, mic not working on Apple headphones, you may have previously set a ban on using the microphone in the settings. To check this, go to the Settings of the desired application, find "Permissions," and ensure the permission to use the microphone and notifications are active.

Turn off your device and reload it

Sometimes a simple reloading of the device solves the problem with the headphones. Therefore, before proceeding with more severe measures, hold the device's power button for a few seconds until you are prompted to restart the device and confirm the shutdown.

Then click the power button again to start your iPhone or iPad.

Clean the connectors

Since we usually carry a phone, laptop, or iPad in a bag or pocket, debris can get there and disrupt the connection. If the mic on Apple headphones is not working, take a thin stick and try to clean the contacts gently, as well as a microphone hole. Be careful not to damage anything. Check if there is no moisture.

Troubleshooting AirPods

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In the last 5 years, Apple released many wireless options: from basic AirPods to AirPods Pro and full-sized AirPods Max. Unfortunately, they face microphone issues as well. Here we’ve gathered simple yet effective troubleshooting options for them.

  1. Check the battery of your headphones. Maybe they are not charged. Plug them into the nearest socket or power bank for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Check your connection. If you have poor Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, you may face sound glitches while listening to someone or talking online. The problem is not in the headphones; it’s just a system glitch due to packet loss.
  3. Check Bluetooth settings. Maybe you connected to the other device. Go to Settings → Bluetooth and manually connect your phone with headphones.
  4. Delete AirPods from Bluetooth devices and re-connect them again. There may be some system glitch preventing headphones from working as intended.
  5. Check for updates. Make sure that both iPhone and AirPods run on the latest possible software. Outdated drivers are a common reason for mic glitches in wireless headphones.

Connect another pair

To make sure the problem is with the headphones, try connecting a different pair or adapter and see how they work. If everything is fine, the microphone works, and you can hear, the problem is in the headphones. In this case, you can contact the service center for replacement or repair or write to Howly, where our specialists, 24/7, will help you find and fix the problem.


Why isn't the microphone on my Apple headphones working?

If you encounter this problem, check the connection, remove anything that might interfere with the sound (garbage, plastic wrap, etc.), and check again.

How to fix the Apple headphones mic?

The easiest way is to write to Howly specialists, who will quickly help you find and fix the problem. If you're not ready to do this, check your phone's microphone permissions, ensure your headphones are intact, and reboot your device.

How to check if the microphone is working in Apple headphones?

First, you can make the inspection. Open the voice recorder, record your voice and listen to the audio. If you hear silence, try plugging in other headphones and do the same. The problem is not in the headphones if the result does not change. If, in the second option, you managed to make a recording, then the microphone is damaged, and you should contact the service center.

Last words

The microphone in Apple headphones is very convenient. And when it stops working, it can be frustrating.

But do not rush to throw out your headphones if you suddenly find the Apple headphones mic not working on Macbook or iPhone. Try the steps described in the article and write to Howly support. They will remotely help you find the problem and fix it.

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