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Compared to other laptop brands, Apple products are stable and reliable. This applies to MacBook Air’s technical components, the operating system’s functioning, installed applications, etc. However, like any tech product, Mac laptops occasionally break down for various reasons. Therefore, users seek ways to troubleshoot MacBook Air. Don’t know where to find a skillful specialist to fix your device? Howly is the best option for you!

We offer one-on-one consultations from certified professionals who can solve all your problems with Mac Book Air or other Apple products. Our experts work 24/7 and provide you with remote assistance via live chat or online connection to your device. So you can get professional help instantly as soon as a problem occurs. No waiting, no effort. Only the best and fastest solutions from top specialists!

MacBook Air Problems You Can Fix with Howly

Over many years of practice, Howly has encountered and solved more than 10 million technical breakdowns. And the number of user requests is growing every day. Thorough diagnostics, combined with the excellent skills of our experts, guarantee an effective solution to any MacBook Air problem. The most popular user requests relate to such MacBook issues:

  1. MacBook is overheating;
  2. Software installation and configuration problems;
  3. macOS won’t shut down properly;
  4. MacBook Air display issues;
  5. Swollen MacBook battery;
  6. Stripes on the screen;
  7. MagSafe charging issues;
  8. MacBook Air won’t turn on;
  9. Apps crashes;
  10. Port issues (USB, audio jack, power jack).

Keep in mind that every problem requires an individual approach. We’ve presented the most common MacBook Air issues, but your case may be different. One way or another, we’ll fix your device!

MacBook Air Common Problems and Solutions

Howly team has analyzed the most common MacBook Air failures. The study was based on the popular requests with which customers turn to our service. Thus, we managed to compile a list of the most common problems with Apple laptops, describe the typical symptoms of malfunctions, and determine the best ways to fix them. Now, you can check out the top 3 frequently asked questions from our customers.

Why is my MacBook not working and stuck on the loading screen?

Most often, a reason lies in cable issues, a failed OS update, or a failed SMC. Try doing the following:

  • Check cables. Make sure your MacBook is charging.
  • Boot into Safe Mode. Press and hold the Shift key while starting your MacBook.
  • Reset SMC. This can help if the Mac doesn’t even respond to the power button. Disconnect all cables, and then hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Check the disk. Hold Cmd + R while booting your Mac. Then launch Disk Utility, choose your system drive, and click First Aid.
  • Reinstall macOS. Enter Recovery Mode by holding Cmd + R keys while booting and selecting the Reinstall macOS option.

How to fix noisy fans or backlight not working issue?

This MacBook Air issue traditionally appears if there is a problem with the System Management Controller (SMC). In addition, your Mac may sometimes randomly shut down or refuse to charge. There is only one way to eliminate this problem – restart the SMC. Turn off your MacBook, hold the power button for 10 seconds, then release it, and turn on your Mac again.

My Mac battery drains too fast. What can I do?

If your laptop runs out of charge quickly or even refuses to work without the power grid, these tips may help you:

  • Check battery health. Click Apple → About This Mac → System Report → Power. If the Mac displays something like Service Battery in the Condition field, it’s time to change it.
  • Check the battery with third-party apps. For example, install coconutBattery.
  • Reset the System Management Controller (SMC). If the battery is in good condition, the problems may lie in the SMC.
  • Reduce charge consumption. Open Launchpad → Others → Activity Monitor → Energy and check which apps drain Mac battery the most. Launch heavy programs like Photoshop or Premiere Pro only when your laptop runs on mains. Try using the Safari browser instead of Firefox or Google Chrome: it’s more energy-saving.

Get Fast Apple MacBook Pro Support 24/7

People turn to Howly to get online consultations on all sorts of problems with Apple laptops or just ask for advice on improving the performance of their MacBook. Whatever issue you’re facing, we’ve probably dealt with it before. Therefore, you’ll get a robust solution to any MacBook Air problems. What’s more, we provide instant support and match you with an expert in minutes. If you want your MacBook Air to serve you for years to come, take care of your device with Howly!