The difference between Windows 10 Pro and Home

Updated: June 14, 2023
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The difference between Windows 10 Pro and Home
by Bohdan Kozachuk
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Before buying licensed software, you need to understand the difference between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, which edition suits your requirements, and what are the benefits of working with each of them. Both versions are popular and not significantly different in price, but some prefer the "Home" version while others prefer the "Professional" one. We offer a general guide to the most popular versions of Windows 10 so that you can decide which edition is right for you.

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The main "features" of Windows 10 Home

If you use your PC exclusively for "household" needs (surfing the Internet, working with documentation, etc.), then the "Home" version is your option. Externally, it does not differ from the "Professional" for everyday use but gives a significant advantage — free space. There is no need to overpay for functionality you do not intend to use.

It's different if you use your PC as a source of income. But even in that case, Windows 10 Home can handle the tasks of a small or medium-sized business. Even the built-in standard tools are enough to keep records, communicate with customers, do simple visual content processing, and even administer multiple computers connected via a local network.

In addition, the "Home" version has the following innovations:

  • Windows Hello is a tool that protects your device from intruders. If your computer supports this feature, you can set the system to launch by fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition.
  • Hiberboot and InstaGo are functions that provide quick recovery from hibernation and system boot. This is important for those who do not want to waste time on typical processes.
  • Microsoft Edge is the default browser installed on your system. It is an excellent analog of everyone's favorite Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, but its main advantage is that it does not need to be installed. Microsoft Edge runs on the same engine as Chrome, so it has the opportunity to develop in parallel with competitors. One of the pleasant innovations after the transition to the Chromium engine is the ability to install extensions designed for other browsers working on the same engine. Edge is easy to synchronize between different devices, as, in fact, all components of the "ten."
  • Virtual desktops — you can divide tasks by type, relevance, and other criteria and place them on several desktops simultaneously. There is no limit to their number.

When installing the operating system, remember that the listed advantages work to their full potential and optimize user experience only if you use the official version of the operating system. In pirate builds, functions are reduced, work with bugs or provide secret "loopholes" for intruders. We recommend buying an electronic key for Windows 10, which guarantees the system will work as declared on the manufacturer's website and will not compromise your data.

Disadvantages of Windows 10 Home

The manufacturer has deprived the user of the ability to select the type of update. Now the system is updated using a single branch — the Current Branch in the Windows Update node. The bad thing about this is that all the fixes in the branch are accepted automatically and immediately. It does not give any time delay, which is why quite a few updates come with bugs. Using Windows 10 Home, your system will be updated forcibly, without the ability to choose how it will be updated.

Features of Windows 10 Pro

The difference between Windows 10 Pro and Home

Windows 10 Professional is the highest version of the operating system. That means:

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  • it has the standard functionality of the lower versions;
  • the system is enhanced with unique tools.

The latter are useful for medium and large businesses. The "Professional" edition is used in enterprises but is just as suitable for home use. Here's a list of features that explain the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Home:

  • The Pro edition has no functional limitations for installing additional equipment. The "Professional" version interfaces with most peripheral devices (helpful in organizing office work), video editing equipment, external sound cards, and home-type data storage.
  • Using cloud storage. This feature saves hard disk space and offloads the system for internal tasks. It is worth noting that Windows 10 cloud storage is protected only by standard tools. It is better to worry about having a good antivirus with cloud data protection function when using it.
  • Improved protection of information during transmission over the local network. Plus, it supports the pairing of PCs with different types of LANs. Again, an excellent perk for running multiple computers in an office.
  • Remote management support. You can extend/cut user rights, set restrictions, and control their access.

If, with Windows 10 Professional, an enterprise succeeds and grows into a large organization, the "Professional" version is upgraded to "Corporate" for a small fee.

The flaw with updates in Windows 10 Professional has been solved. The system uses the Current Branch and a flexible version — Current Branch for Business. In addition, CBB is distributed through a more advanced service — Windows Update for Business. It is designed for corporate customers.

All of the functionality supplied by CBB is tested, so it is much less likely to cause the system to malfunction.

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